How to get an early harvest of onions: planting in the fall.The technology of growing onion seedlings: planting the winter and herfeatures

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In early spring, the body lacks vitamins, onion greens
during this period, just the way, but the first greens wait a long time.

The fact that it starts to grow in the spring, everyone knows
A gardener, but not everyone will risk planting onions in the fall.

This technology has been known for a long time, but widespread use
not found.

For an early and abundant harvest, where you can also
earn, apply it.

The benefits of onion planting in the fall

1. Early spring harvest of onion greens at no extra cost.
labor. Planting winter onions gives you the opportunity to enjoy the greens to
the beginning of the season, and after harvesting take another garden bed
culture. Thus, from one bed you can get double

2. No need to worry about the safety of small sets in winter.
Gardeners know firsthand how hard it is to keep sev small
faction before the spring, it often dries out, and all the work goes down the drain.

3. Early harvest turnip onions. Winter landing allows you to get
Onion harvest in July.

The benefits of onion planting in the fall севка неоспоримы, но в этой
Technology has its own tricks. To all went well, you need
deal with the matter wisely.

Where to get seed for autumn planting

Buy sevok in the autumn planting season is difficult, since the demand for
him in this period is low. Easier to grow quality seed
stuff yourself. How to do it?

• To get onion seed still in the spring you need to sow the seeds
black holes.

• The procedure is carried out in early spring, when the beds have just gone

• Sow seeds with a wide stripe, about 5 – 6 cm. Distance
between the stripes leave enough for weeding and care

• Depth of seeding is about 1 – 2 cm. After planting a garden bed
mulch humus.

After emergence, seedlings need regular watering and
weeding. After each watering is useful to loosen the soil. Young
seedlings do not need additional feeding.

In the middle of summer, when the onion leaves turn yellow and fall down, sevok
digging forks. After that, it is left to dry right on
garden bed Next, planting material is sorted. Sevok diameter over
1 cm is left for autumn planting, and small ones are planted in autumn.

Why for autumn planting onions use small

1. Small sevok preferably planted in the fall, it gives
opportunity to get a good harvest turnip. The fact is that small
seed does not arrow.

2. In small onions over the winter accumulates enough
nutrients that allows you to get rich in vitamins

Onion varieties for podzimniy seva

Getting a stable good harvest is possible only by growing
certain varieties of onions that are suitable for autumn planting.

• Radar;

• Ellan;

• Danilovsky;

• Stuttgarten Riesen;

• spool;

• Sturon;

• Odintsovo.

But, even acquiring the necessary varieties, without knowing all the rules
cultivation of onion cultivation is indispensable.

Terms of onion planting in autumn

First of all, every gardener must comply with the terms
planting crops. The quantity and quality of the crop depends on it.
Planting onions in the fall (towards winter) ends a month before the resistant ones
frost until the soil is frozen.

In each region, planting dates differ. Therefore experienced
Gardeners are advised to navigate the weather. If average daily
the temperature is kept at +5 degrees, then you can proceed to
planting sevka.

How to prepare a bed for planting onions in the fall

Place for planting onions choose dry, without stagnant melt water.
Too wet areas lead to rotting sev. Beds for
plantings are made high so that the groundwater does not damage the seed

The soil for growing onions should be light and nutritious. On
the same place has been cultivated for not more than two years, then
the bed change. Return the bow to its original place only after
5 years.

Potatoes will be good predecessors for this crop
cabbage, corn. You can not sow onions after garlic.

Every gardener knows how important feedings are for getting
quality turnips. It is advisable to use mature compost or

Important! For fertilizing onion beds not
apply fresh manure. This leads to the formation of juicy greens,
but the turnip will be too loose, unsuitable for storage.

Technology planting onion Sevka in autumn

A bed for landing of a sevka is made wide. Seed material
planted in grooves, which make at a distance of 10-15 cm each
from friend. Onions are planted at a distance of 5 cm, the distance can be
increase depending on the size of the future head. Depth
3 cm seeding seeding, a smaller landing will result in a seeding being exposed
in the spring.

In the autumn planting onion Sevka grooves fall asleep nutritious
ground, but not watered. Before landing frosts
Mulch with sawdust, tops, humus or foliage. If winter is worth
frosty, the beds additionally cover with snow to
lowering the temperature over -20 degrees froze

How to care for bed in spring

When the snow melts on the beds, the mulching material is removed,
so that the soil warms faster. Further care for onions
consists of regular watering and loosening the beds, making

The first time the planting is fed with diluted chicken manure,
leaves have not yet appeared. When the feather grows, the onions are fertilized.
drug “Plantafol”. Feather need to be collected from more developed
onions, giving the chance to the rest to increase leaf
mass of

Winter onion harvest time

As a rule, varieties of winter onions ripen ahead of the rest.
Terms of cleaning in different regions differ, so you need
focus on the appearance of the bulbs. Understand that heads
fully formed and ready for digging can be on the leaves and
flakes that are colored characteristic of a specific
varieties of color.

Dig onions very carefully, trying not to damage the turnip.
Dry the crop in a dry, well-ventilated place. Only
after complete drying, the head is stored.

Important! Onions, which have a juicy neck,
eat first. Such turnips are not stored.

Errors gardeners when planting onion seedlings in the fall

Since the technology of growing and planting onions in the fall
not very popular, many gardeners make a number of mistakes that
badly affect yield.

1. The recess of planting when planting leads to late shoots.
If the ground layer above the seed is greater than the allowable, then
bulbs just will not be able to break through it.

2. Failure to meet the landing dates, too late landing leads
to freeze sevka, since he does not have time to build up sufficient
root system.

3. Onion inhibits development due to planting on lowlands.

4. Without mulching beds in autumn, onions can be damaged.

5. Shoots sparse or absent – forgot to remove the mulch
material from the beds.

6. Sevok is rotting because it is planted in the wrong
a place where there is long melt water.

7. Onion harvest is too small – the bed is in the shade. For
growing onions pick a sunny place.

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