How to feed the apple in the spring: what, andwhen to fertilize trees in the garden. Fertilization rules underapple trees in spring

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Stable apple harvest is the dream of every gardener. Well maintained
the tree bears fruit regularly, the fruits are large and fragrant. If for
Apple tree is bad to care for, then gradually the yield drops. what
do in that case? Feed the tree and carry out sanitary

Is it necessary to feed a young apple in spring

Care for seedlings should be immediately after planting, in addition to pruning
trees in the garden are regularly fertilized. The first year of the young apple trees are not
fertilize if fertilizers were applied for planting.

The type of fertilizer depends on the composition of the soil. The garden on the black soil is not
requires fertilization in the first few years. Enough
regularly loosen the ground under seedlings, carry out weeding.

In the young garden it is recommended to grow green manure between the rows,
with the subsequent seal them in the soil. It will not only serve
additional nutrition to the tree, but also enrich the soil with beneficial
substances. Mustard or others are used as siderats.

The clay soil before planting is dug over with the addition of
organics. Pristvolny circle tree regularly mulch
residues, humus or compost. This procedure
significantly improves soil structure.

Когда начинать подкормки apple trees in spring

It is best to feed trees in the third year.
cultivation. At this point, the crown is growing enough,
obscures the trunk circle, and siderats do not cope with
assigned task.

The first spring feeding of apple trees is carried out with the beginning of the growing season. AT
The dates for each region will vary, roughly – the beginning
April – May.

Fruit trees fertilize several times a season. ATторую
fertilizing is made during the flowering of apple trees, and the third is accounted for
the period of formation of the fruit. It well raises productivity,
replenishes the supply of nutrients in the soil. Fertilizers applied under
root by digging a groove in a circle.

ATажно! Trees that do not bear fruit yet
The second time feed in summer and autumn.

It would not be superfluous to conduct several foliar fertilizing apple trees.
ATесной, где-то в середине мая, дерево опрыскивают по листу. This
top dressing gives not only additional food, but also protects the garden
from pests.

How to feed the apple tree in the spring

AT самом начале вегетации деревья нуждаются в азотных удобрениях.
They make the root in liquid form or granules. Apply the solution
mineral fertilizers that are watered wood. Granular
fertilizers applied to the grooves at a distance of 60 cm from the trunk, slightly
embedding into the soil. Such fertilizers gradually dissolve and nourish.
apple tree

Experienced gardeners recommend feeding an apple tree in spring
organic fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen.

• Humus 5-6 buckets are applied dry or previously insisted,
feeding is carried out with a working solution.

• Bird droppings insist and water a tree circle.

If there is no humus and litter, feed the trees with a solution
urea. Dilute 500 grams of fertilizer to 50 liters of water.

Nitrogen top dressing apple

Recipe number 1:

• Ammonium nitrate – 40;

• ATода — 10 l

The solution is used for one fruiting apple, for young
trees, the amount of saltpeter reduced by 2 times.

Recipe number 2:

• ATода — 5 л;

• Ammonium sulfate – 15 gr;

• Ammonium nitrate – 10 gr.

If you do not use saltpeter, the amount of ammonium sulfate
increase to 25 grams per 5 liters of water.

Top dressing of apple trees during flowering

AT период цветения деревья нуждается в минеральных удобрениях.
The solution for feeding is prepared for 200 liters of water, use:

• Superphosphate – 1 kg;

• Potassium sulphate – 800 gr;

• Urea – 500 gr.

You can add 5 liters of bird droppings or 10 liters instead of urea
slurry. Set the mixture for at least 7 days, then pour
garden, spending up to 40 liters per tree.

What to fertilize during the formation of the fruit

When the first fruits appear, the apple tree needs feeding with
by sodium. The solution is prepared in 200 l of water:

• Nitrophoska – 1 kg;

• Sodium HUMATE – 1 tbsp. l

Up to 4 feeding buckets are spent on one tree. Use immediately
after breeding.

Green fertilizer in the fruit loading phase:

• Green slurry – 1 part;

• ATода — 10 частей.

AT бочку складывают траву, подойдут сорняки без семян и заливают
water Insist until the end of the fermentation period, about two
of the week. Dilute the solution with water and water.

ATнекорневые подкормки apple trees in spring

ATнекорневые подкормки проводят до начала цветения и сразу после
him Urea or wood ash is used. These components
give strength to the tree, have a positive effect on fruiting.

The urea solution is prepared as follows:

• ATода — 10 л;

• Urea – 2 tbsp. l

Смачивать раствором необходимо листья, ветки и ствоl Repeat
top dressing 15-20 days after flowering.

Ash solution:

• ATода — 10 л;

• Wood ash – 1 stack.

ATоду подогреть, всыпать золу и хорошо размешать. Solution
insist day, strain and spray the tree. Feeding
every two weeks until fruit ripens. One month before harvest
top dressing stop.

Basic rules for making dressing

Fertilizing apple orchard is not difficult, just stick
основных правил по внесению dressing:

• fertilizers are applied only in wet soil, dry mineral
fertilizers are sealed before rain or after watering;

• do not use dry top dressings if the spring is dry;

• feed solutions are not used if the spring is abundant
precipitation and moisture in the soil is too much;

• Nitrogen feeds are used only in early spring, otherwise the risk
the growth of green mass increases;

• bird droppings can be used in dry form, previously

• Organic use on heavy soils to improve its

• sandy and clay soils fertilize with mullein to ground
loosen and retain moisture in it;

• on chernozem soils, nitrogen fertilizers are not used;

• для внекорневых dressing раствор готовят менее насыщенный,
not to burn the leaves;

• spraying is carried out early in the morning or in the evening so that the leaves
managed to dry before sunset;

• in rainy weather foliar top dressings do not use;

• columnar trees are fed with dry fertilizers, soil
Do not loosen, so as not to damage the root system.

With age, tree needs change, solutions make more
saturated. Mineral fertilizers are used in case of their deficiency.
Older apple trees respond well to foliar nutrition with nitrogenous
fertilizers. If a tree sheds ovaries, its leaves curl.
and fall off, then in the soil is not enough potassium. Make Phosphorus Potash
top dressing.

whatбы добиться регулярного плодоношения и активного роста
apple trees, be sure to follow all recommendations for making
fertilizer, inspect the trees in time and correctly behind them
take care. ATсего несколько ухоженных яблонь способны снабдить
seven tasty fruits until the next harvest.

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