How to eat to lose weight: tipsnutritionist

kak-pravilno-pitatsya-chtoby-pohudetHow often dreams of
slenderness, or even attempts to find graceful forms, are
impossible due to the desire to eat something delicious …

A wide range of different weight loss, food
dietary supplements and sports techniques for slimming capable today
mislead even nutritionists.

How to eat to lose weight, can tell
only experienced professionals and lucky ones who managed to achieve
success and keep excellent results.

Diet or well-designed diet? Choosing between
these ways to lose weight, many girls stop at
effective diets promising quick weight loss.

However, already in the middle of the road, sitting on a hard, depleted
diet, they stop tolerating restrictions. Even iron will not
eases unbearable suffering for a beautiful figure.

What happens during monodiets?

The body, reducing body weight, receives a signal of deficiency
useful substances and begins to save significantly. Slowdown
metabolism, lethargy, breakdown and depression lead to the cessation of
the process of losing weight.

At the same time, any food consumed serves as a source of replenishment.
first of all fat reserves. The amount of body fat
continues to increase, and muscle mass is reduced.

Proper diet: eat and lose weight

Nutritionists consider the most optimal weight loss method
a gradual decrease in caloric intake and an increase in physical
loads. Proper nutrition helps to normalize the metabolism,
saturate the body with all vital components, but with
This limit the flow of extra calories.

Simple rules on how to eat to lose weight without
bullying your body include: 1. Daily
eating vegetables! Their number must be at least 0.8 kg per
day, more than half of which must be fresh. Preference
should be given to low-starchy vegetables
compounds: cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage (all kinds), Bulgarian
pepper, squash, pumpkin, eggplant. Carrots and beets allowed
use only fresh. Eating vegetables is necessary before
each meal as a salad or as a whole. Refuel vegetable
assorted better low-fat dressings with spices that improve the exchange
substances, or a minimum amount of cold olive oil
spin. From the methods of their heat treatment, you can choose:
boiling, steaming or stewing. Frying vegetables when
losing weight is prohibited!

2. The amount of protein in the daily diet should be at least
65-70 gr. (at the rate of 1 g. per 1 kg of ideal weight). Such
the amount of quality protein can be obtained from 350 grams. pink salmon
or other marine fish, poultry meat, 400 gr. lean beef or
cottage cheese. For a balanced diet while losing weight you can
prefer: eggs, fish, dairy products, lean beef,
chicken breast or turkey, seafood. Cereals and legumes contain
composed of plant protein that the human body
not fully absorbed, so it is best to combine it with an animal
protein (for example, cereal with skim milk for breakfast).


3. Use 30-35 gr. fiber per day. She promotes
getting rid of excess cholesterol, toxins, normalizing work
Gastrointestinal tract. To get this amount of fiber in the diet is necessary
enter 1-2 portions of porridge 150-200 gr., and also eat separately from
2-3 meals of the same type of fruit, 20-40 minutes before
food. If there are no contraindications, you can replace them with bran (1 each
tablespoons) before eating (for 20 minutes).

4. Water – the constant companion of losing weight! Its amount
should be at least 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. When burning
Fat in the body produces many toxins, the elimination of which
due to water deficiency is usually difficult. In this case, the process
losing weight stops even if you continue to balance
to eat Also, water helps reduce appetite, helping
partially fill the stomach. It is no secret that our body is very often
feeling of thirst is perceived as hunger.

5. Compulsory breakfasts within one and a half hours after
wake up! If you had a good dinner before bedtime,
in the morning the natural feeling of hunger is missing. If you
allowed themselves a light protein dinner with non-starchy foods
vegetables 3-4 hours before bedtime, then appetite will inevitably appear in the morning.
Breakfast will cause the body to activate the metabolism and normalizes
digestion process throughout the day. The best morning meal
Nutritionists consider the combination of fiber with protein (for example, porridge with

6. Fractional, multistage food in small portions 1 time per
2-3.5 hours Portions for people with a large overweight (15-20 kg and
over) usually make up no more than 1-1.5 cups, for people from 7-15
kg of excess weight – 150-200 g., for those who have excess body weight
small (3-7 kg), can be limited to 150 grams. or portion size
from the palm. Fractional nutrition accelerates metabolism, normalizes
аппетит и улучшает работу Gastrointestinal tract. 7 Treat is a pleasure not
on every day! Allow yourself to “mistake eating” can not
more than 1-2 times a week with further “working out” in the gym or on
fresh air, including aerobic exercise. amount
high-calorie food – “snacks” (nuts or ice cream) –
should be no more than 1-2 tablespoons (the size of a match
box). In rare cases, you can afford up to 100 grams.
forbidden product. However, you need to understand that this dessert will cause
Inevitable rollback in losing weight a few steps back, so
It is worth minimizing the amount of goodies. Also, if
relax and indulge yourself more often, refusing further
intensive training, the process of losing weight will stop, and the weight
will start to grow!

If today begin to eat right to lose weight, enter
these rules gradually, one at a time in 5-7 days, then soon they
become a habit. Unknowingly you will start losing weight without
suffering and harm to health.

A gradual reduction in caloric intake will rid the body of
stresses. This will not only reliably get rid of excess mass.
body, but also to keep the ideal weight for a long time, maintaining a slim
figure. Lose weight easily!

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