How to drink water to lose weight

kak-pravilno-pit-voduWithout regular water supply,
the body simply cannot function because of the fluid
slags and toxins are removed, skin condition and work improves
internal organs.

In addition, the liquid helps reduce appetite, significantly reducing
and fat reserves in the body.

Water diet has long been popular, and all because of her
simplicity and efficiency. Preferring such a technique
losing weight, a person can safely count on losing 5
kilograms, and this is only for the first month!

That’s just to achieve the desired result, man
have to drink either special cocktails and juices, or plain water
without gas, eliminating from your diet sweet and carbonated
the drinks.

How to drink water to lose weight, и существуют ли
any restrictions in terms of the use of such a technique – here
The main questions that will be answered in this article.

Is it possible to lose weight, eat drink plenty of water?

On the pros of the aquatic diet can talk for a long time, because in
unlike many other food options, a similar way
losing weight does not force a person to starve or exclude from his
The ration is all very tasty.

And yet, before using this technique
losing weight is worth knowing all about its key virtues. What about
Are the benefits in question?

  • Nutritionists have long proved that 1-2 glasses of water drunk for
    15-20 minutes before a meal, significantly reduce the appetite, which in
    the result does not lead to overeating.
  • Regular fluid intake in large quantities (minimum
    1.5 liters per day) improves muscle tone, having a positive effect on
    skin condition.
  • Due to the sufficient flow of plain non-carbonated water
    the liver begins to speed up fat metabolism in the body.
  • Water diet helps to avoid fluid retention,
    which also has a positive effect on the human figure.
  • Together with the liquid in the body enters a lot of important
    trace elements from fluorine to sodium.
  • Adequate fluid intake reduces the burden on the kidneys,
    markedly improving the urethra

The positive properties of such a diet can be listed very
long, but the main thing here is that the consumption of 1.5-2 liters
water helps to lose weight without harm to health!

Judging by the reviews that leave the adepts of water or diet, with its
With help you can easily lose 3-4 kilograms per month!
A person will be able to achieve decent results, while not
torturing himself with hunger and endless physical exercise.

How to drink water to lose weight: 7 основных правил

Is it safe to lose weight if you drink a lot of water – the question is
which many ladies ask, not believing in the productivity of such
simple and easy diet. The effectiveness of such a water diet
has long been proven, but this does not mean that you need thoughtlessly
consume liquid at any time of the day or night.

Solving the question of how to properly drink water to reset
overweight, in no case should we forget the following seven rules.
What about принципах и тезисах идет речь?

1) It is necessary to introduce into the habit of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach every morning,
since such an elementary measure helps to speed up noticeably

2) Experts recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water in
day (about 2 liters) to achieve a productive result

3) The maximum duration of the aquatic diet is 3-4 weeks,
after which you should gradually reduce the amount consumed

4) Coffee should be excluded from your daily diet.
carbonated drinks and a variety of soft drinks, since they only
slow down metabolism and adversely affect the process of losing weight.

5) In no case can one drink food, because
slows down the digestion process. Drink water for either 20 minutes
before lunch, or 60 minutes after a meal.

6) You need to drink the liquid either in small sips or through
tubule. A quick drink will only complicate the work of the liver and kidneys.

7) In the event that the daily rate of fluid intake
very high (more than three liters), should also be consumed
multivitamins that help offset nutrients
washed with water from the body.

Of course, this is not all the key principles of water consumption.
for weight loss. In this case, there are many small nuances, from
которых зависит продуктивность самой diets.

For example, nutritionists advise drinking cold water with ice,
because it increases the amount of fluid consumed, and indeed
the stomach consumes this water much faster. Also one more time
Recall that a glass of water drunk 20 minutes before eating,
helps to significantly reduce the appetite.

Experienced nutritionists and adepts of the aquatic diet do not recommend
consume liquid just before bedtime because by evening
The body’s metabolic capacity is markedly reduced. Optimal
will receive a glass of water 1-2 hours before bedtime.

What else you need to drink to lose weight at home

Having decided how much water to drink, a slimming person usually
begins to be interested in those options drinks that can
replace conventional non carbonated liquid.

What else can you drink to lose weight in the home?

  • Coconut water is great for this purpose because it
    significantly speeds up metabolism, and a decent content of electrolytes in
    This fluid increases human vitality.
  • Skimmed milk, which is a natural source
    calcium, has a positive effect on increasing fat breakdown.
  • Fresh grapefruit juice helps the liver,
    positively affecting the detoxification of the whole organism.
  • Green tea, which removes slags and toxins, can also be daily
    consume in any quantities.
  • Vegetable juices from cabbage, broccoli and carrots have very low
    calorie content, positively affecting the removal of toxins from
  • Yogurts and smoothies that reduce appetite can also become
    reliable assistants in the fight against obesity.
  • A simple decoction of parsley for weight loss can be
    reliable support for success in the aquatic diet, and
    все из-за мочегонных свойств подобной fluid.

What kind of water to drink for weight loss is a simple question, because the options
liquid, suitable for such a diet very much.

A variety of fruit and vegetable juices will help eliminate toxins,
while milk and yoghurts reduce appetite. But from the coffee and
alcohol is better to completely give up, since they do not
can have a positive impact on the process of losing weight.

How to drink water for weight loss: reviews and results

On average, for 3-4 weeks such a diet can lose about five
kilograms, while adhering to a healthy diet.

But!!! Water even in large quantities will not be able to help in the matter.
losing weight if a person continues to eat everything without ignoring
fast food and fatty foods.

For maximum performance, nutritionists
recommend eating vegetables, fruits, chicken and fish,
steamed. In case a person feels
insurmountable hunger, he should drink a glass of water that will help
delay food intake.

Reviews of such a diet exist mainly
positive, and here are just a few of them:

1) The water diet works very stably and helped me personally
lose 8 kilograms per month. In addition, the head has ceased
getting sick, going to the toilet has also become stable, while decreasing
discomfort in the stomach. A nice bonus was the fact that the skin
tightened, so now the consumption of two liters of fluid per day
for me it is not a diet, but a peculiar way of life (Svetlana).

2) Weight loss on the water does not turn the tongue called a diet, because
no special restrictions in the diet is not necessary.
It is enough to drink only 2-3 liters of fluid daily to lose,
at least 5-6 kilograms per month. I was able to fold five – and
it is effortless! (Maria).

3) I have been drinking about two liters of water a day for a long time, and
completely abandoned salt, even in salads do not add it.
The result on the face: 3 kilograms per month stably go. Wherein
skin tightened, digestion normalized, and I feel
I am much better than before. In addition to water, I spoil myself with yogurt.
and natural lemonade (Polina).

4) Water really helps to lose weight, but not worth it
expect too big results. To quickly reset
weight, you need to simultaneously adhere to at least the minimum restrictions in
diet, exercise and live an active lifestyle. I always drink
on an empty stomach a glass of warm water, while adding a piece of lemon to it
or a spoonful of honey. As a result, for three years now I have been able to keep my
weight on one mark – 54 kilograms! (Anna).

5) I believe that you need to lose weight not with the help of diets, but thanks to
healthy lifestyle. I consume water in large quantities, with
This is ignoring lemonade and coffee. I drink an average of 2 liters per day,
adding lemon or apple slices to it. I recommend to drink water
on an empty stomach, as well as a couple of hours before bedtime. In this case, you can
It will be a month to say goodbye to three kilograms, and without extra
effort! (Lydia).

And what do we have in the end? Water is a powerful fat burner for
women and men who not only helps support
optimal shape, but also improves the overall well-being of a person.
That’s just need to drink the liquid wisely and according to all the rules, but otherwise
to achieve the effectiveness of its aquatic diet will not be easy.

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