How to do honey massage fromcellulite?

  • 1 Honey Cellulite Massage
    • 1.1 Indications and Contraindications
  • 2 Technique
    • 2.1 Slimming belly
    • 2.2 Technique of massaging the face
    • 2.3 Honey Back Massage

The result of the bees is a natural material,
which is used for cosmetic purposes and is used in
home anti-cellulite rubbing of certain areas

Treatment and prevention of many diseases falls on the shoulders
honey! The problems that women most often face are
with excess weight, “orange” peel on the hips – cellulite. AT
In aggregate, this “forces” women to be regular customers
massage rooms and conduct anti-cellulite techniques
массажа «жидким золотом» самостоятельно. Execution condition
Technician rubbing, rubbing does not exclude homemade performance.
Honey extract and its home rubbing on problem areas
skin over time will give visible results!

Anti-cellulite honey massage

Homemade honey anti-cellulite massage begins
with the identification of areas requiring special attention. Grinding Technician
a lot and they all vary depending on the part of the body:
hips, back or abdomen. AT основном, против целлюлита применяются
patting, rubbing, circular movements, tapping.

Имеется условие: домашнее медовое массирование
areas of the lymph nodes, chest and neck are prohibited.

Indications and contraindications

Homemade rubbing honey into problem areas with cellulite
can help get rid of the mass of ailments, because it is sweet
pulling substance is a product containing many
nutrients, softening and restoring the structure of the skin,
penetrating deep into its cells. But there is a condition for the application of such
method – contraindications and indications! Indications assign
anti-cellulite honey massage a lot, but the main

  • obesity (cellulitis);
  • radiculitis;
  • sciatica;
  • vegetative vascular dystonia.

In addition to testimony, there is a whole list
противопоказаний к назначению такого
антицеллюлитного массирования. The very first and
главное условие, естественно, аллергия на мед. So
же противопоказания касаются болезней вен, почек, органов
. Homemade rubbing honey is not welcome. Not

Bruises after honey anti-cellulite massage – enough
frequent occurrence and are considered the norm if you first turned to
such a procedure. ATозможно, массажист еще не разобрался, как
work with your skin type so as not to leave painful marks
on the body. Домашнее втирание так же не исключает синяков on the body.

Performance technique

Home massaging can remove cellulite. So как
it is supposed to work on a certain part of the body, it is not
it will be difficult to do it yourself. The main thing here – to comply
condition of the general method of massage, which we describe below. To start,
You need to take a shower, clean your skin with any scrub.
Performance technique домашнего медового антицеллюлитного
Massage is as follows:

  • put honey on the palm and spread it evenly on
    problem area;
  • light clapping movements “press” the substance and
    produce only light claps;
  • gradually strengthen the clapping;
  • in the end – the most intense movements. Soим несложным
    method, you can get rid of hated signs
    целлюлита буквально через несколько курсов.

The first course of anti-cellulite honey massage at home
conditions is 2-3 times a week for 10 treatments, each of
which lasts no more than 15-20 minutes.

Slimming belly

If you are assigned a honey massage for slimming the abdomen, while
there are no contraindications, then, as in the previous case,
start with a warm shower.

AT сладкое вещество можно добавить 1-2 капли любого
aromatic oil. The resulting homemade honey remedy
Apply to the abdominal area and give a couple of minutes to absorb. Now
The following condition is required – apply on your palms
a little honey and grind. It should start with weak patting
movements throughout the area. After the session, again take a warm shower and
make homemade skin moisturizing the stomach with any nutritious
cream The first session of cellulite rubbing should not
exceed 5 minutes, and later – 10-15 minutes.

Technique of massaging the face

If you have uneven tone or pale complexion,
peeling, fatness or mimic wrinkles, it is worth remembering
healing properties of honey and massage with its use.

Honey facial massage saves time and money. Not обязательно
go for expensive cosmetic procedures or go under
plastic surgeon’s knife.

How to massage the face with honey?

The process of facial rejuvenation begins with its cleansing from pollution
and makeup. Honey is applied to the clean face with a thin layer, avoiding
eye area. Leave for 10 minutes. During this time, “liquid gold”
must show on the skin its nutritional properties.

Now время самого массажа. Homemade Honey Rubbing
lies in the most that neither is easy circular movements and
pads tapping fingers along the facial massage lines.
Note that the fingers stick and the honey has become grayish.
shade! This indicates the correctness of your actions. Leather
freed from toxins and dirt. AT завершении, остатки следует
gently rinse with warm running water.

After the first time, you can see obvious changes.
Soое медовое лечение лица рекомендуется делать
systematically: 10 procedures with an interval of 1 day.

Honey Back Massage

Before starting home treatment for your back using this methodology,
should consult with a physician and nutritionist, find out if there are
Do contraindications.

As a preparatory stage, we perform a five-minute massage.
rubbing the back with dry hands is the best condition for the back muscles
warmed up. You can add a drop of aromatic (essential)

Essential oil should not be a strong concentration, so
how fraught it is with burns!

Slowly and evenly apply a liquid consistency on the back.
Move up and down and rub. Periodically slow down and
are accelerating. We continue the honey rubbing until everything is
absorbed into the skin, that is, 10-15 minutes. After that wipe the remnants
moistened with warm water with a towel.

Home rubbing ends with a nourishing cream
on the back and lower back. The result will not take long –
performing 3-4 times a week such a massage, there will be a noticeable
relief of pain in the spinal muscles and joints.

Honey massage – a technique that allows you to smooth and
улучшить состояние кожи лица и body. After the procedure cellulite
becomes less noticeable, and the elasticity and elasticity of the hips
It is impossible not to note.

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