How to distribute shoes that shakes – there is a secret!Different ways how to carry leather shoes that are tight

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Quite often we are faced with a situation where the new
a pair of shoes perfectly sat on a leg, but after coming home
it turns out that the thing just bought is running out a little.

What to do in such cases, how to distribute shoes that shakes
in the fingers?

What is stretching required for?

So that the purchased shoes can still sit on the foot well, we
need to stretch it. Although, in fact, the reasons why
we will need to do this, maybe a few. Most often us
Need a stretch if shoes:

  • I liked it a lot, but it turned out that it was too small, and in
    the store was not the right size;

  • presses down the length, and the width of the village is good;

  • the width is cramped, but the length is excellent;

  • became close by the end of the day;

  • began to purse after the rain.

How to distribute shoes that shakes: recommendations

In order to distribute the stray shoes that you just
purchased, use a few simple recommendations:

  • no need to immediately put on new shoes and wear them for
    all day, it is better to wear it out gradually, wearing during the day
    for an hour and a half;

  • leather shoes stretch quite quickly, so for her
    almost all known methods of stretching will work;

  • before you slip a new thing, it is advisable to cover the rubbed
    leg place with a band-aid. This will prevent the occurrence of
    corns, and also make shoes much more comfortable;

  • so that the back of the shoe is less rubbed foot, you need to lubricate them
    by wetting with soap or alcohol;

  • on the inside of the newly acquired shoes need to wipe
    castor oil, so that it is less rubbed foot;

  • You can use one of the special sprays. About them you can
    ask sellers, they will certainly advise which one is better
    choose. With the help of the spray you need to sprinkle rubbing or pinching
    places, then put on shoes and walk for 5-10 minutes.

If none of the above tips helped you, then
it is worth using one of the improvised means for stretching

How to distribute shoes that shakes fingers: use
improvised means


To use this method, be very thick.
woolen socks and hairdryer. Next, you need to do the following

1) we put socks on our feet and try to squeeze them into

2) in those areas where the legs feel the greatest discomfort,
heat the hair dryer for 25-30 seconds;

3) when the shoes are well heated, leave them on your feet until
as long as they are completely cooled, if necessary,
the procedure should be repeated;

4) when you get the desired result, you need to put on the skin
special conditioner that will moisten it after a long
Drying hair dryer.

Important! Heated shoes do not need too
zealous because of the high temperatures the glue
connections may loosen.

Alcohol (vinegar)

For this method you will need to stock up on inexpensive vodka.
or a solution of vinegar, which will need to produce such

1) carefully rub or soak the inner surface
shine this liquid;

2) we put on socks more tightly and pull footwear on our legs;

3) wear shoes for at least an hour, after which
we remove;

4) wash the shoes from the inside with a solution of soap to eliminate
unpleasant smell of vodka or vinegar.

Boiling water

You can also wear close footwear with boiling water, from
which he stretches much better and gets the desired shape. But
Be careful, this method can only be used on
genuine leather. Leatherette is likely to lose its
attractive appearance.

You can raznashivat narrow shoes through boiling water

1) pour shoes with boiling water from inside;

2) drain the water and leave for some time to boiling water
has cooled down;

3) we put on shoes and wear our shoes until she
finally does not dry out. If necessary, the procedure can be


To safely carry shoes, you can use
ordinary potatoes. For this you need:

1) take a few larger potatoes and peel them;

2) put them in shoes so that they were terribly crowded there, if
they will bulge – it will be even better;

3) Leave it all night, and in the morning remove the potatoes. Not
Also forget to wipe your shoes from the inside with a damp cloth.


Wet newspapers will also help to carry tight shoes.
This will require:

1) take more newspapers and very finely break them;

2) fill the resulting mass with water so that it swollen and
got wet;

3) the resulting gruel pour shoes tightly;

4) in the end leave to dry for 2-3 days. Just do not put
close to heating appliances!


For this method, you need to take any grain or oat
flakes that may swell when wet. Next we produce
следующие actions:

1) fill with grain (flakes) shoes;

2) pour water up to the level of grain and leave overnight;

3) the grain (flakes) swollen overnight will stretch the shoes, and in the morning to you
will need to extract mass, wipe it and put on;

4) to consolidate the effect you need to wear shoes until
it does not completely dry.

Each of these methods is very simple and, at the same time,
effective enough, but do not expect any miracles like
increase in size by 3-5 cm. Using these methods you can
widen your shoes more in width and slightly in length. Therefore, stretching
It will be very useful in cases where shoes you cramped or
a little tucks in his fingers.

How to distribute leather shoes, which presses?

As for leather shoes, the most effective way to
stretch – use a liquid containing alcohol or vinegar.
For this you need to soak the inside of the liquid, put on
thick woolen socks and shoes for at least an hour. To
the skin was softer, you need to take glycerin and rub it
the outer part. To убрать неприятный запах, можно воспользоваться
soap solution, making the treatment from the inside.

Another effective and, at the same time, somewhat extreme
way to. Pour boiling water for 2-3 seconds inside, then pour it
and wear our shoes until the skin is completely cool.
Typically, this process takes about 20 minutes.

Also carry leather shoes that you can press with
special tools that can be sold in the form of foam, spray
or liquid. For leather products the most suitable option
is liquid. All we have to do is moisten.
the right places with a small amount of money, put on cotton socks and
rasnashivat shoes 45-60 minutes. With spray, as with foam, you need
will produce exactly the same actions. Only moment: if
you wear patent shoes, no foam is used

Today on the Internet quite often you can find a recommendation
that a bag of water should be put in leather shoes and
put them in the freezer. However, nothing good of it
it will not work because the skin tends to crack when it freezes,
therefore it is better not to risk it.

In fact, to distribute shoes that are too tight is not so difficult.
If you do not want to stretch it yourself, you can
go to the shoe shop where you can “fit” to your
size through special equipment.

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