How to develop a sense of humor in kids

Thu, Jun 05, 2014

For parents, ringing children’s laughter is endless joy. Only
what are our kids laughing at? Over someone’s misses or
witty jokes? And is it possible to somehow develop a feeling in a baby

A good sense of humor is a great tool to help
of life. Easy to watch as a kid with a good sense of humor.
looks confident! Children who can appreciate jokes are easy
overcome adversity and enjoy prestige among peers.

With the first toothless smile the kids give their parents a gift
month after birth. Naughty laughter in 6 month old babies cause
games “Goat Horned” and hide and seek. Children a few months old already
distinguish what happens to them for fun, and what – for real!
It is very important at this age to play with them more often, to tell
funny tales, sing humorous songs.

Kids of two or three years simply adore tales of confusion. For example,
Marshak “That’s what scattered,” Chukovsky’s “Miracle Tree”, verses
Moritz, Ouspensky, Oster, humorous stories of Dragoon and
Nosov. It is not excluded that after the first reading the crumb will not understand
because of what you have to laugh. This is quite normal, because he has a feeling
humor is just beginning to form. Sincere laughter baby can
cause only very funny stories that we, adults, can
seem silly.

Do not try to impose your point of view.
to kid. Just explain delicately why this or that moment in
the story seems funny to you. Over time, the baby will become more
sensitive to subtle humor. This is especially so
subtle reception like irony.

Watch your little one and notice that he really
it seems ridiculous. Encourage his fun, laugh with him – for
He is very important! It may happen that a child starts you
annoy inappropriate joke. Do not scold him, just explain that
so it is not worth doing and it is not funny. It is important to explain to the child that
the joke should not offend the person, but only make laugh.

How to encourage humor

  • To develop a sense of humor in the crumbs, it is necessary
    show your Joke as much as possible! Have fun with
    kid, invent funny stories, carry on with laughter
    the difficulties.
  • If the child tried to joke with you, encourage him, even if
    you and not funny.
  • Humor should be part of family communication. Spend time
    fun: play funny games, watch comedy films.

Engage with your child cheerful co-creation, invent
funny tales. Just spend more time sharing.
pastime. Believe, develop a sense of humor in kids
very simple! After all, the laughter of the children is so sincere, infectious
and carefree!

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