How to determine the sex of the child without ultrasound – 6 externalsigns

Sun, Feb 14, 2016

As a rule, parents would like to know who they will be born.
This, however, is not a problem, because there is an ultrasound
diagnostics, which is now available to everyone. The problem is that
not everyone agrees to this procedure. Some in principle
considerations, and some doubt that the ultrasound is absolutely
harmless to the baby.

Is it possible otherwise, for example, with the help of folk signs,
determine what color to buy dowry? Reliable ways
No, but you can try. Folk omens are mainly based
on the physical features of the body of the future mother. Here are the most
common ones are:

Belly shape

The oldest and most common omen. So, if the stomach is
The form is similar to a cucumber, that is, it strongly comes forward, rather
In total, a family member will appear in the family. From the back of such a tummy
usually invisible.

And if the tummy, increasing in size in breadth, is clearly visible from
back, prepare a dowry pink. Although there are no doctors
the rationale for this theory is not found, the omen comes true very

Another feature of the form of the abdomen – it is not symmetrical.
If the tummy is sticking out to the right side is to the birth of a boy, and
in the left – girls.

Almost every pregnant woman is faced with a strip on
stomach, which also turns out to be different. A sign says:
there was a strip of hairs – wait for the boy, pigmented
strip – girl. This old folk sign will have a scientific
explanation – the effects of hormones. But this guarantee does not
gives. But, again, there are also no guarantees that
will be.


Still only the first half of pregnancy, and the breasts are already
increased? Most likely, give birth to a son. And if closer to the end
Pregnancy – honey-daughter.

Pay attention to the nipples. If a woman is pregnant with a boy,
areola usually remain light, if the girl – quickly and strongly
darken. This fact is recognized even by doctors, but explained in terms of
science cannot.


According to the old folk sign, the girl takes the whole mother’s
beauty – facial features change, pigment spots appear on the skin
and rashes. You should not be afraid – after giving birth everything returns to
their places. But the boy’s future mom just flourishes in the period
of pregnancy.

Taste preferences

There are many features based on the tastes of the future
mothers. A woman turns back from dairy products, sweets,
pears and apples? A boy will be born. The avid coffeemaker refuses
coffee, and even tea? Do not want meat and cheese? Wait for the birth

And vice versa. The girl’s mom will not give up sweets, marshmallows and other
sweets, and the boy’s mother pounces on any meat or

Emotional background

Our ancestors tried to determine the sex of the child by the behavior of the future
mothers, and considered these signs quite reliable.

Excessive emotionality

A pregnant woman does not differ in emotional balance
– then she laughs, she is already crying. But if it is too explicit,
naughty, as they say, for two, into the light to appear

Excessive calm

It probably sounds weird – how can there be peace
unnecessary? But we are talking about a pregnant woman, whose behavior
affects and physical discomfort, and hormones, and experiences.
According to folk signs, the probability of a boy’s birth is higher than
спокойнее будущая мама во время of pregnancy. No wonder
– a man, after all, controls himself and his mother.

Of course, these are just national signs. Not even an ultrasound
eliminates the possibility of error. But does it matter who is born?
The main thing that the baby was desirable and healthy. And it is in your


Oksana 11/14/2016 As for the breast aureole, in my case that’s all
cheating, I have two sons and both pregnancies halo was the color of chocolate.
Oksana 09/06/2016 I have not a single item did not match. It turns out all
vice versa.

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