How to count calories for weight loss?

  • 1 Rules for calculating and distributing calories per day
    • 1.1 How to count?
    • 1.2 How to distribute a day?
    • 1.3 Calorie Calculator online
    • 1.4 Is it possible to lose weight, not counting the calories?
  • 2 Effective 1200 calorie diet

Excess daily calories cause deposits
extra pounds on the places where they are completely inappropriate.
Virtually any diet implies a reduction in volume.
food consumption.

At first glance, counting calories may seem complicated and
confusing, but nonetheless, if you stick to the calculation
calorie foods, it will lose weight and significantly
lose weight

Rules for calculating and distributing calories per day

Many are skeptical about counting calories, but throughout
world leading nutritionists recommend this method. Only
meticulous counting will help you lose weight naturally
example for 10 kg per month.

Not tormented by severe restrictions in the diet, and not giving up
favorite dishes. But low-calorie diets, on the contrary, can lead
to health and eating disorders.

So, how to count calories?

The first step is to calculate the daily rate on the main
In other words, how much the body spends energy,
being at rest. On breathing, food processing, sleep.
Based on this number, you need to make a scheme: you want to dial –
consume more, want to lose weight – consume less.

In order to calculate the base consumption per day, you need
use the formula.

Исходные данные: рост, возраст и уровень
physical activity.

How many calories need to be consumed per day to
lose weight? 


To lose weight, a woman at the age of 30 should be consumed per day around
1700 kcal. Namely:

655 + (GROWTH x 6.25) + (WEIGHT x 10) – (AGE 30 x
The resulting number is the base rate.

Now you should consider the level of activity.
Each level has its own

  • sedentary lifestyle – 1,2;
  • light loads – 1.38;
  • workout moderate – 1.55;
  • exhausting loads almost daily – 1.73.

Base consumption must be multiplied by the desired ratio and the resulting
the number will be the starting point.

Желая похудеть, нужно либо снизить потребление
Kcal, or increase costs – more physical exertion.

Мужчине, чтоб похудеть, нужно в день
употреблять около 2000 калорий
(при условии, что мужчина
about 180 cm tall, weighing 90 kg, 30 years old and has
slight physical exertion).

If you consume 1000 kcal per day, you can lose up to 8-9 kg per
month, but when choosing a diet you need to mentally prepare for
the fact that you have to very carefully count all that you

Питаться чаще: три основных приема пищи и
three snacks. Be sure to take into account the peculiarities of lifestyle
(work, travel, total employment).

How many calories need to burn per day to
lose weight?

Желая похудеть, нужно учесть один нюанс: чтобы сжечь
килограмм жира
, необходимо обеспечить дефицит в
7700 ккал
. Similarly, the situation with the set of masses.

That is, if the excess weight is 10 kg or more, you can
roughly calculate what kind of deficit you need to create to
qualitatively and permanently get rid of kilograms.

How to count?

Определившись с базовым расходом, следующим
stage you need to calculate how many calories you need to eat in
день, чтобы lose weight

Для этого пригодится таблица калорийности основных

In order for a woman to throw off those extra pounds for a quick
term, she must adhere to the individual daily rate
(base consumption). For example, 1200 Kcal per day. Knowing this number you
pick up the daily ration, based on this amount. Make a menu on
day / week will help you table calorie foods.

How to distribute a day?

Optimally break the entire daily diet for 4-5 meals.
There are every 2-3 hours. It will relieve the feeling of hunger and so will
It is easier to stick to the diet for the first few days.
Лучше всего завести дневник, чтобы четко соблюдать
the scheme.

Distribute daily calories:

  • Если взять день за 100%, то на завтрак лучше
    allocate 25% of all Kcal.
  • At the second breakfast and dinner – 10%.
  • For lunch – 30%.
  • For lunch – 25%.

Do not forget to make the menu for the next 3-4 days, so will
easier to monitor the fullness of the refrigerator.

Calorie Calculator Online

In order for the diet to produce the expected effect, you need to know how
правильно считать калории, чтобы lose weight

Your age


Для женщинВаш вес в кг.Ваша физическая активность

Calorie counting calculator allows you to identify daily
. It determines the amount of calories that
you need to get the body throughout the day (depending on
age category weight, height and degree of physical

Also, the calculator gives information about the number of calories
which are necessary for weight loss.

Is it possible to lose weight, not counting the calories?

If you don’t have time to do calorie counting, but
losing weight requires immediate action, there are other

To lose weight and not count calories,
ужно придерживаться некоторых

  • reduce the amount of vegetable fat in the diet, especially
    animal origin;
  • reduce simple carbohydrates from the diet;
  • consume more dietary fiber (fresh vegetables, fruits,
    cereals, bran bread);
  • eat fractional;
  • reduce portions;
  • include protein shakes in the diet;
  • increase physical activity;
  • reduce the amount of stress.

Effective 1200 calorie diet

According to nutritionists, a 1200 calorie diet is effective and
safe, unlike many low-calorie diets, where the lower
the bar goes below 1000 kcal.

При выборе такой диеты нужно учитывать соотношение
белков, жиров и углеводов
15%, 30% и 55%

  • It is necessary to give preference to complex carbohydrates.
  • Eat foods rich in vegetable fats (only 3%

But this diet is not for everyone. It is contraindicated in children and
pregnant women. For people leading an intense lifestyle,
1200 calories will also be enough.

Sample menu for 3 days for

1 day

  1. Breakfast: porridge in the water and 1 egg;
  2. Snack: 1 banana;
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled buckwheat and one steak;
  4. Lunch: kefir 0%;
  5. Dinner: salad of raw vegetables (1 liter of olive oil).

2 day

  1. Breakfast: a slice of hard cheese and an omelet from 2 eggs (on
    a couple);
  2. Snack: 1 cottage cheese (1-2%);
  3. Обед: овощи и нежирная рыба (на a couple);
  4. Safe,: 2 baked apples;
  5. Dinner: 150 grams of low-fat cottage cheese.

3 day

  1. Breakfast: yogurt with cereals and dried fruit;
  2. Snack: 1 durum toaster with cheese;
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled rice and 120 g of boiled bacon;
  4. Lunch: kefir 1%;
  5. Dinner: fresh vegetable salad.

A 1200-calorie diet should last 5-10 days,
otherwise slimming can harm the body.

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