How to clean the nose of a newborn? Is it possible to cleanspout newborn cotton buds: how to do itright

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Cleaning the baby’s nose is one of those unpleasant for him, but
necessary hygienic procedure. Parents should master well
the technique to deliver the baby as little discomfort as possible and not
harm the little baby spout. Relate to the process
cleaning with all responsibility. Let’s understand this
question in stages.

How to clean a newborn’s nose: preparation

It will be more convenient if mommy prepares everything you need in advance.
for the spout cleaning procedure. These include:

• Sterile cotton;

• Vegetable oil, saline or boiled water;

• Sponge;

• Aspirator and pear if necessary.

How to clean the nose of the newborn: master the technique

Rarely does a baby remain calm during hygiene
procedures. Usually the baby cries, bends and twists its head.
Therefore, instead of cotton buds and matches with wound cotton better
use flagella. This will eliminate the risk of injury.
spout baby.

Conveniently, while mother cleans the nose of a newborn,
someone else will distract the baby, for example, using a toy.
If there is no assistant, and you have to do it yourself, find a way to
fix the head of the newborn. This can be made free
hand or overlaid the child with something soft, for example, folded

Use vegetable oil to cleanse the nose. Will fit
regular sunflower, preferably sterilized in advance. it
eliminate the risk of microbial infection of the vulnerable mucosa
the nose.

And, on the contrary, do not try to use it as a liquid for
wetting flagellum breast milk (in our time is still common
such a “useful” people’s council). Breast milk used not
for its intended purpose, will serve as a favorable nutrient medium
for pathogens.

The procedure is usually carried out during the morning toilet baby
or after evening bathing. Remember that your hands should be
clean. As mentioned above, try to prepare everything in advance.
necessary not to be distracted by trifles when in contact with
a child.

Twist several flagella of cotton wool. They should not turn out
too thin, elastic and of sufficient length. Don’t worry with
experience you will have the skill of twisting the perfect turundochek.

Use physiological oil to soften the crusts.
solution or ordinary boiled water. In this case, there is no strict
recommendations. All components gently affect the mucous
little nose. If desired, you can alternate solutions. Sometimes
it is necessary to drip the liquid in the nose. For this convenient
use a pipette. It must be sterilized and dried.
after each use.

A moistened flagellum should be placed in the nostril and executed.
several scrolling movements. Do not reuse flagella.
Wipe the outer surface of the nose if it becomes dirty with
carrying out the procedure.

Do not be zealous and brush your nose several times a day.
If the baby is healthy and there are no manifestations of a cold, enough
carry out the procedure once a day.

How to clean the nose of the newborn: preventive measures

It is very important for the condition of the nasal mucosa that
conditions resides his master. Create a comfortable environment for
your child:

• The apartment should not be too hot. Optimal for
The temperature of the infant will be 24-25 ° C.

• Air must be sufficiently humid. Ideal for these
goals fit a humidifier. But not every family can
incur additional costs for such devices. therefore
there is an alternative way: moisten a clean cut of fabric and
hang it near the heat source. Evaporating water will moisten the air in
the room. Similarly, there is a water tank located near
battery or heater.

• Daily wet cleaning in the room where he lives
child. Wash the floors thoroughly and wipe the dust in the nursery.
the room.

• Ventilate the room, but be careful not to
created drafts that are dangerous for the fragile organism

• Avoid such irritants as dust, perfume, acrid odors,
tobacco smoke.

• Communication with pets is definitely helpful for
child development. But for the period of infancy will have to limit
similar contact. Animal hair is a powerful allergen and
дополнительным раздражителем слизистой the nose.

How to clean the nose of a newborn: baby is sick

Do not try to suck the mucus from the baby’s nose
any devices. The point is not even in non-compliance with elementary
hygiene rules. And in danger mothers get infected from the child. After all
after childbirth, a woman’s body becomes much weaker and more vulnerable
even for low-risk infections.

If your child has a runny nose, you should know how
clean the newborn’s nose with an aspirator.
a specially designed device can be purchased at the pharmacy.
Один конец устройства вводится неглубоко в носик baby The second
nostril necessary to hold. The other end of the tube parent clamps
lips, trying as much as possible to draw in the air. With this in
трубочке создается вакуум, позволяющий удалить содержимое the nose.
The mucus from the nose is collected in a special container located at
�”Nasal” end of the aspirator or in the middle of the tube. itт способ
nose cleaning is hygienic and safe.

Currently, besides mechanical, there are electronic
aspirators Their price is higher, but they are much more convenient in

An alternative method is cleansing with
Pick up a small pear with a soft
tipped. Before each use, be sure to sterilize it.
by boiling. Let the air out of the pear, squeezing it, and enter in
condition shallow in the nostril. Straighten the pear. If done
верно, то содержимое носика должно «всосаться» в полость pears
itт способ требует определенной сноровки. therefore не
be upset if you do not achieve the result the first time.

Congratulations, you have accumulated a baggage of knowledge on how to carry out important
hygienic procedure. Now drop your fears and doubts and
start practicing! Let your baby breathe freely
little clean nose!

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