How to clean the ears of the child, what and howoften? We clean the karapuz ears carefully, without causing pain and harm

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When a young mommy starts caring for her baby, she has
instantly there is a mass of questions.

And this is absolutely normal, because every woman is not only
wants to take care of her baby, but not harm her.

That is why the question of how
clean your baby ears and how to do it as correctly as possible.

Simple process or vice versa? Can or can not be cleaned

It may seem that in the usual cleaning of the ears there is nothing
intricate. Indeed, it is enough just to buy in
store or pharmacy packaging of ear sticks, moisten them with warm
water or hydrogen peroxide, insert the stick in the child’s ear and
twist there. As it turns out, this approach is absolutely
wrong and even dangerous.

Doctors forbid to clean the ears to the child. Allow to clean everything
just an auricle, but under no circumstances climb inside
ear. Parents, remember! It should be cleaned only ear
the sink!

It is impossible to clean the ears of the baby in this way.
following reasons:

– walls of the ear canal are very easily injured

– The baby’s eardrum can be injured with rods;

– every movement of a cotton swab is not so much conducive
to extract from the ear of the toddler sulfur, how much it pushes it deeper and
deeper; Sulfur is compressed over time
there is a traffic jam that makes hearing difficult and does not cause the child
pleasant sensations.

How to clean the ears of a child? From sulfur to sulfur
traffic jams

There is another reason why it is better not to clean the ears of the child.
cotton buds. Sulfur is a natural lubricant that
necessary for the proper functioning of the hearing organs of the baby (and
Not only). Lack of it in the ear canal should somehow
compensated. And when mother carefully removes it from the ear
crumbs, so it creates a certain lack of the necessary secret.

The result will be more active work of sulfur glands. That is, what
the more often the secret is removed from the child’s ears, the better it will be

But if all the same it happened so that the sulfur plug is still
in any case, it is not necessary to remove it yourself, in home
conditions! There is a great likelihood that these actions
You can prevent injury to the child’s ear. Must show
baby doctor – otolaryngologist, and do not take any
independent action.

How to clean the ears of a child? Self-cleaning ears

It turns out that nature has conceived so that our ears can
self-cleaning The glands – sebaceous and sulfuric – which are located in
ear, skillfully allocate a special secret that protects against damage
an ear. In the ear, the epithelium cells are constantly updated from
eardrum outward.

In addition, for the self-cleaning of the ears, “I laid a hand” and
temporomandibular joint, its structure. During normal
talking, coughing, sneezing, laughing, or eating
there is, during any movement of the jaw, sulfur accumulated in the ear and
dead epithelial cells are expelled from the ear.

How to clean the ears of a child? When and what?

How should parents do the process?
правильного очищения ушек их чадears? From the above it is already possible
to conclude that you should not “climb” with a q-tip inside
organ of hearing. On the contrary, the auricle, in which there is congestion
released sulfur, needs cleaning.

Лучше всего это делать вечерами, во время купания baby. Here
two simple reasons. According to the first, the pussy is active all day
sucked her mother’s breast, which gave the opportunity to secret out of the depths
his ears. And according to the second – due to the effects of warm water
sulfur is always softened and much easier to remove. Enough
just rinse with your fingers the ears of the crumbs with the most ordinary water, not
applying additional funds. After you can wipe diaper
or a soft towel.

During the week you can clean up once or twice.
ушные раковины baby кусочком марлечки, скрученной в тоненький

It would be better to slightly moisten gauze with ordinary boiled water.
or oil. Some parents use cotton wool for the same purpose.
Also a good choice. But sometimes it can break down into fibers and
взрослые «забудут» ее частичку у baby в ушке, тем самым причиняя
him some inconvenience.

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