How to choose a nanny and a governess for yourbaby?

Mon, Mar 10, 2014

Modern life is very dynamic and women often occupy
active position, spending less time at home. Not each of
we have the opportunity to spend with the baby the first years of his life
inseparable. How to choose the right assistant, who will be caring
a baby hen and a tutor for older children?

Nanny to the baby

Such a specialist is different from the usual nanny – working with
babies require special knowledge and skills. One kindness and
hard work here, alas, is not enough. If maternal instinct
able to work wonders, prompting the mother what is wrong with her
baby, then a stranger does not have such a gift, which means
must have either extensive experience or medical education.

Nanny-pediatrician – ideal, because most of these
Doctors have magic hands in which every kid calms down,
besides, they know everything about babies. She can be trusted
the most expensive, but it should be borne in mind that the services of such a specialist
always paid more expensive.

How to check a future nanny?

The nanny’s responsibility is so great that not a single one
the specialist will not object to the most thorough questions and
additional checks. In addition to letters of recommendation from past
employers, diplomas and certificates, the future nanny should be
ready to provide all information about yourself and contact numbers
previous employer parents. Do not be lazy to talk with
two-three families to get their opinion.

Great if the nanny helps take care of the baby in
presence of parents. However, this is not always possible.
Passing the baby into caring hands will have to be gradual – at least
a few days mom should be nearby. It will not only help
make sure the professionalism of the nanny, but also gives the opportunity to leave
she has clearer child care instructions.

Совет: не пытайтесь найти уникального специалиста,
ready to combine housework with baby care. Despite
for the apparent benefit of such a proposal, it is too complicated and
responsible work to combine it with other matters. Much
depends on the nature of the child – calm baby does not tie hands
and leaves time for small, uncomplicated tasks, while
other children do not allow to sit down for a minute. However, from that
that the nanny can have a little respite while the baby is sleeping,
Ultimately, everyone wins.

Where to look for a babysitter?

The best specialists are worth their weight in gold, and, as a rule, their
pass from hand to hand. Therefore, the first step in finding such
employee will be a survey of their friends, and the second – the appeal to
special service. But independent searches are most likely
will take away both time and nerves – after all, it responds to such announcements
a lot of unskilled and untested workers.


Fortunately, modern technology allows you to keep track of all that
happens in your absence. Do not forget that the crumb is not
able to protect yourself and complain to your parents, so your
duty – to ensure full control. The question is correct
whether hidden cameras remain open. Still, our task is not
catch the nanny red handed and warn the situation in which
unpleasant moments are generally possible. Therefore, the camera is necessary, and
here it is not necessary to hide it.

Nanny to child 2-5 years

If knowledge of various training and development techniques
It turns out to be insignificant for those who want to work with infants
then for a nanny to older children it becomes big
advantage. Perfect fit qualified educator
kindergartens or specialist, ready not only to follow
health and safety, but also for the development of the baby.

When choosing your Mary Poppins, you have the right to ask how
she will spend time with her ward
she prefers to work with techniques, and how successful her
previous activity. After all, those moms who have a happy
the opportunity to stay at home with children, have to spend a lot of time
on classes and games – and therefore, to impose such requirements on the nurse
completely natural.


When selecting a governess for schoolchildren, it will be important
education. The responsibilities of the governess include at least
assistance in preparing homework as a maximum – visiting
theaters and exhibitions and creative activities. Cost for services
governess will depend on the requirements. Specialist,
ready to offer additional classes – music, drawing or
foreign languages ​​can qualify for maximum

How to check the governess?

Although the child has grown up and no longer seems so fragile, it is very important
how his character and worldview will be shaped. Not
feel free to offer a special interview to the future governess,
to test her level of knowledge, manners and professional

Remember that a professional can find an approach to the heart.
pupil pretty quickly. Therefore, if a common language is not found,
the child is not happy, but the governess suggests wait “yet
a bit, ”most likely, this is not your option.

Text: Vera Guler

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