How to bring up the personality does not suppressbaby

Sat, Feb 15, 2014

Воспитание baby — дело ответственное. It requires maximum
patience and minimum ambitions of parents. The child must be directed and
interest, not force, stifling his freedom of choice.

Many parents are guided by the principle: “We are adults – to us
see better. ” Partly this statement is true, however, by what methods
at the same time enjoy is of great importance. Often parent
�“Need” is a hidden “want” and there is no manifestation of care in it. How do
воспитывать baby, не подавляя его личность?


  • Give your child the freedom to choose. From an early age he must
    understand what personal opinion is. If he wants to decorate
    painted man or tree in blue, so be it.
    Do not interfere with your chad to dream. Over time, the world around us
    he will show him the true colors.
  • Even harder when parents seek to raise a talented
    prodigy. Therefore, since childhood, they give their child to all possible
    educational circles. Parental desire is understandable, but for starters
    you should look at your child, understand his abilities,
    ask about his desires. Be guided by what is comfortable and
    полезно для baby, а не для вас!
  • No authoritarianism! Communication with the child should be based on
    the principle of dialogue. Do not interrupt him, be calm, not
    заканчивайте за baby предложения. Give him freedom in expression
    thoughts. And remember, seven imperative phrases are already a lecture!
  • When educating the conversation look the child in the eye, try
    views to be on par. Avoid the position
    �”Chief-subordinate.” Talk to your child as an adult.
    equal person. He will remember this and will respect his
    parent-companion in the future.
  • Не наказывайте baby за плохие оценки в школе. On the contrary
    make it clear that he can study better, offer your help in
    mastering the school subject. Excessive rigor and demands
    develop an inferiority complex. And you should have priority
    быть психологическое здоровье baby, а не оценки.
  • Do not skimp on the praise, if your child does at least
    minor gains. Motivate him for more victories and

Целью воспитания baby является формирование и развитие
healthy harmonious personality. Parents need to arrange
priorities and not to give will to personal ambitions and emotions. Parent and
the child is, above all, companions, where adult wisdom and
children’s desires must find a profitable compromise.

Text: Katerina Pchelnikova


Diana 02.15.2016 Good relationships are built on understanding
parents. More often wisdom is not enough for young moms, I have one time
there was no understanding with the child until I asked what he wanted and in
What kind of mugs to go. At first we did not notice the addiction to
рисованию, но потом поняли, что пора развивать талант у baby,
the more son draws very well. I took it for development
close, send to all contests and today even took part
in the competition from Google on the topic: my journey into space. Did not have
nothing complicated to draw a new logo for Google, then we
sent the work to the contest website We are waiting now
results, until the end of February there is still time to take part in

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