How to bring down the temperature of the child at homeconditions: the safest and most effective means. SOS: babytemperate

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Many families, unfortunately, cannot boast that
children good health.

Bad ecology, not natural food, heredity –
factors that sooner or later begin to affect our health

Every mom has to literally nurse her baby in
period of viral infections.

The temperature of the child: possible causes

The temperature of the child, above all, suggests that
there are infections or microorganisms in the body, the amount
which dramatically exceeded the norm. After the infection begins
multiply, there is an inflammatory process at this time
the body’s defensive response is triggered, and immunity leads an active
fight with ailment. The temperature rises at this moment, it’s all
just a side effect.

The most common causes of elevation in children

1. Viral infections.

2. Infection of a bacterial nature.

3. The baby has teeth cutting through and the body reacts to it.
temperature increase.

4. There was an allergy to food or something else.

5. Overheating has occurred.

6. For a long time, the child is experiencing

Now it is necessary to consider each of these reasons.
separately, in order to understand how they are related to temperature


An increase in temperature in the presence of viruses may also
accompanied by cough, runny nose and weakness in the whole body. Everything
These symptoms, as a rule, suggest that the baby has ARVI. If a
the disease takes place, and the temperature remains normal,
This means that the child has a weakened immunity and he does not react to
inflammatory process.

Bacterial infection

When bacteria come into contact with the organs from which
there are painful sensations, the temperature will always rise. TO
such bacteria can be attributed stafilokok, E. coli.


It can be anything. For example, in the room where
there is a child, it is too stuffy, the mother wore the baby too warm,
and the room is already hot. Often enough temperature
rises in the summer when the crumb spent in the sun too
a lot of time. In fact, such a condition of the body as
overheating is dangerous as dehydration can occur


Hardest moms begin to worry when a child
suddenly the temperature rose, but no signs of disease with
this is not observed. Everything дело в том, что недавно малыш перенес
severe stress or fright.

How to bring down the temperature of the child at home условиях:

In cases where the temperature of the baby is high and it is necessary as
knock down as soon as possible, use antipyretic drugs. In each
pharmacy a large selection of drugs, including those that
предназначены специально для children. But almost all of these
medication отличаются друг от друга только лишь этикетками, а
active ingredients in them are always the same. Before giving
medication for your child
consult a pediatrician. The instructions for the drug need
read how much and how long, you need to give
medication. And so, the most effective remedies that best
use in order to bring down the temperature in a child,

1. Парацетамол – это самое безопасное средство
of all. In the event that you slightly exceed the dosage, do not
nothing terrible will happen. And, nevertheless, it is recommended
take it only as directed by the attending physician. In order to
bring the temperature down quickly, it is recommended to give a syrup if
The state of the baby is not critical and there is time, it is better to put
a candle. Paracetamol has analgesic and antipyretic
effect, but unfortunately, anti-inflammatory is absent. is he
effective in viral infections. If a спустя день после
приема medication нет ни каких улучшений, то как можно скорее
call an ambulance.

2. Ибупрофен, Нурофен. Apart from paracetamol,
medication обладают всеми эффектами, в том числе и
anti-inflammatory. You will be able to lower the temperature as
viral as well as with bacterial infections.

3. Анальгин. This drug is well defined.
antipyretic effect. If a вы дали ребенку все medication,
listed above and they did not help, then you can try analgin.
In many countries, this drug is banned because it destroys
certain types of white blood cells and may also reduce
hemoglobin, it will adversely affect the body. That is why
This drug can be used only in the most
extreme cases.

This is not the entire list of drugs that can
применять для снижения высокой температуры у children. Assign
the necessary medicine can only be a doctor, after it has established
accurate diagnosis.

How to bring down the temperature of the child at home условиях: народные

If a вы вдруг обнаружили, что у вашего чада высокая температура,
then of course you need to try to ease his condition. But not in
In no case should you force down the temperature. If a отметка на
The thermometer exceeds 38, so the baby’s body cannot
cope with the disease yourself. That’s it in this case.
and you need to lower the temperature. TOонечно, вы можете дать малышу
drugs, but still safe are considered exactly
народные facilities. TO тому же нужного аптечного препарата может
just not be at home. Therefore, the question of how to remove the temperature
child at home, you can offer many effective
and safe folk methods.

If a у ребенка повысилась температура, в первую очередь его
you need to undress, leave only light clothes on your body. Thanks
this, the heat can freely go outside. Temperature in
the room where your baby is, should not be more than 20ºС.
If a у вас маленький ребенок, то желательно снять с него подгузник.
TOогда температура сопровождается сильным ознобом, ни в коем случае
Do not use cold compresses and rubbing. In this case
on the contrary, it is necessary to wrap the child and give him warm tea. Sure to
remember that in a shivering state, the temperature will only
to rise. TOак только вы почувствуете, что малыш вспотел, снимите
put on these clothes and wear dry clothes.

More drinking

TOаждый взрослый наверняка знает, что высокая температура чревата
large loss of fluid in the body. That is why ребенка нужно
in the literal sense of the word unsolder. This will allow toxins
quickly leave the body. Try to give as often as possible.
baby water and apply to the chest.

Older children can cook special
healthy drink. A decoction of currant and viburnum, juice
from cranberries. You can also give your child a drink of dried fruit. After all, in
such compote a sufficient amount of potassium, which will
support the heart of the baby during the period of illness.

In order to температура быстрее спала, ребенок должен как
should sweat. And cranberry juice is a good diaphoretic.
Currant juice also helps to bring down the temperature. Before bedtime
It is desirable to give the tincture on the basis of wild rose.

Vinegar against heat

Do not use vinegar in its pure form. Before
apply it, dilute. To do this, you need to take one liter.
slightly warm water and add one tablespoon of vinegar.
The prepared solution is well suited as a wipe. First
wipe the baby’s chest and back, and then hands and feet.
Sure to следите за тем, чтобы ничего не попало на слизистые
shell. After the wipe procedure is completed, leave
lie down without clothes, or in swimming trunks, after a few minutes
wrapped up

If a вы чувствуете, что у ребенка горячие руки и ноги, то
do not worry. Much more dangerous when they become
cold. In this case, take 1/4 pill no-shpy and give
have a baby drink


The most effective folk remedy to combat high
temperature is an enema. At the time of extreme heat, children can
observe strong absorption of toxins from the lower intestine.
In order to заранее предотвратить интоксикацию, нужно освободить
baby’s intestines. And do the usual enema with water is not necessary,
because water will speed up the process of absorption of harmful

Самые хорошие facilities, которые рекомендуется использовать для
enemas are soda and salt. Take one glass of liquid and add
There one spoonful of ingredients (salt or soda). Sure to нужно
take into account the age of the child. If a малыш старше года, то можно брать
100 ml, if less, then a maximum of 30 ml.

Cabbage leaves

How to bring down the temperature of the child at home условиях, спрашивают
many moms. And few of them know that you can use
ordinary cabbage leaves. Tear off a few leaves and put them
for a few seconds in boiling water. Then take the kitchen hammer and
discourage them slightly, this is done in order to get the juice. After
take the leaves and attach them to the head of the child, as well as to
to the body. But be sure to exclude the heart area.

How to bring down the temperature of the child at home условиях: советы
the doctor

After того как вы дали своему ребенку жаропонижающее средство,
you need to check its effectiveness after a certain time. TOак
typically, the heat should fall off after about twenty
– Thirty minutes. If a она действительно спала, забывать о ней не
worth it. Measure it once every half hour. Because
the likelihood that it will rise again is high.

If a все предпринятые действия не дают ни какого результата,
it is necessary to call an ambulance. After all, the state, with
which increases the temperature in a child is not a disease, but only
just a symptom of some disease. It must be identified,
and the sooner it is done, the better. While the problem is not
will be eliminated, the temperature will continue to rise and

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