How not to gain weight in the winter season

Mon, Dec 12, 2016

None of us wants to get a second chin over the winter and
fat deposits on the waist. At the same time, we understand that
winter time the body tends to accumulate fat

And if we add to this more high-calorie food, which we
use, reduced physical activity and slow
metabolic processes, then, from this the conclusion suggests itself that
the arrival of extra pounds is inevitable.

Using proven methods, we can survive the winter cold
with minimal consequences for the figure, and spring to meet in
fully armed.

In the winter, try to drink more fluid, because
deficiency can lead to insomnia, wrinkles, and
general poor health. But such a disease as insomnia,
by itself can cause overweight. If not drink
want to, then replace the water with fruits and vegetables, which also
contains enough liquid.

It is advisable to eat at the same time, although this advice and
is classic. Eat “right”, that is, small
fractional portions, as nutritionists advise us, often we just
does not allow schedule.

Therefore, you should plan your diet in such a way that
had the opportunity to eat fully three times a day. If you
at the same time you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner, then
proper metabolism and good functioning of the body you
will be guaranteed.

For a good sleep and responsible wakefulness is responsible, as
known hormone melatonin. So, we can gain extra
kilograms we can, even without overeating and not reducing physical

A rich source of vitamins will be vegetables, without
eating which can cause problems with digestive
tract. Therefore, be sure to include vegetables in your daily
dietary intake Vegetable soups are very healthy and tasty.
Polish, German and Scandinavian cuisine.

There are a lot of recipes for soups today, so choose
a dish that you like will be pretty easy. No way
you should not overeat if you have hunger,
even though they ate not so long ago, then please your body with an apple or
a glass of fresh juice.

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