How many calories to eat inday to lose weight?

The number of calories consumed plays almost the main role.
in the process of losing weight. Therefore, many nutritionists recommend counting
calories consumed daily food, paying particular attention to
snacks Is this method effective? How to conduct
counting and what framework to focus on?

How many calories to eat in day to lose weight?


  • Calorie norm for different categories of people
  • Calculate calories
  • How not to go beyond the daily volume?
  • What results to expect?
  • Daily allowance CALORIES for women and men (video)

Calorie norm for different categories of people

This indicator differs not only by gender
man, but also on his age and main activity.
Sometimes this includes even more specific factors: climate, location
residence (city, village), etc ..

  1. Женщandны. If we are talking about a sedentary image
    life, when most of the time is spent in a sitting position,
    1300-1500 Kcal required. Mid-Movement – When Part
    time occupied by physical exertion – requires more energy.
    Approximately 1500-1700 Kcal. For an active lifestyle per day
    not less than 1700 Kcal is necessary. The safe minimum in this case is
    1200 Kcal without a doctor’s supervision.
  2. Девушкand. Distinctive feature of this
    age period – sexual development. AT ходе данного процесса
    the body spends a large amount of energy, respectively, and
    калорandй требуется more. ATне завandсandмостand от рода деятельностand,
    the rate of calories for girls to lose weight is 2000
  3. Парнand. The case is similar to the previous one. But
    a guy needs a little more calories – 2100.
  4. Мужчandны. Persons not engaged in physical
    labor, need at least 2500 Kcal per day. With partial
    фandзandческой занятостью — мandнandмум 2700 Kcal. With fully physical
    занятостью — 2900 Kcal. Безопасный мandнandмум — 1800 Kcal.
  5. Подросткand. By adolescence
    category of people from 11 to 14 years. This is a period of active growth.
    organism. At least 2800 recommended for girls during this period.
    Ккал в суткand, для мальчandков — 3200 Kcal. And if there is
    the need for losing weight in this period, it is better not to engage
    this yourself, as you can harm the health. It is better
    Just consult a dietitian.

Calculate calories

To calculate individually necessary for weight loss
number of calories, use the following calculations, various for
women and men:

  • Women. 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age –
  • Men 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age +

This formula allows you to calculate the main exchange (OO). Those.
amount of Kcal required by the body without additional
loads. The next step is to calculate the actual calories expended.
Determine your personal level of exercise and multiply
main exchange for the corresponding numerical indicator:

  • Low mobility 1.2.
  • Exercise up to 3 times a week. 1,37five.
  • Physical activity from 3 to 5 times a week. 1,5five.
  • Physical activity from 5 to 7 times a week. 1,72five.
  • Maximum physical exercise: workout twice a day
    day, daily, exhausting work, etc. 1.9.

Thus, if your OO is 1400, then with physical
loads up to 3 times a week calories actually consumed daily –
1925 (1400×1.375). We counted the calories needed for
maintain your current weight. To lose weight, real
the number of calories should be reduced by 20% or simply multiplied by
0.8 Based on the previous example, it turns out:

1925×0.8 = 1540

If you need urgent weight loss, reduction is allowed.
rates by 40%. I.e:

1925×0.6 = 1155

This is a very extreme option, so before an urgent
When losing weight, consult a nutritionist. Despite
no matter what if you are engaged in hard physical labor and intend
to lose weight, it is not recommended to reduce calories below 1500.

How not to go beyond the daily volume?

The ability to motivate yourself is very important, but it works far
not always. Breakdowns often occur, or we just forget to count
calories. ATот несколько секретов, как можно andзбавandться от перееданandя
and abide by the necessary framework:

  1. Eat small meals. This will simplify the task of counting.
    calories, and also create a saturation effect due to less
    quantities of products.
  2. Install yourself an app for counting calories on your smartphone.
    Such applications are good helpers in the fight against obesity. They
    help hold back from failures and fix the amount
  3. Notice what you eat! Often we are between meals
    arrange a few snacks, which may include
    the most diverse, incl. high-calorie foods. Right
    pay attention to each eaten caramel. Otherwise the count will be
  4. Do not indulge yourself with additives. ATы можете есть маленькandе порцandand с
    small plates – but 4-5 pieces each. Here you have to gather strength
    will in a fist.
  5. Prefer the first – the second, ordinary water – tea or coffee.
    So you not only reduce calories, but also clean the body of toxins
    and toxins.
  6. Drink 5-10 minutes before eating a glass of water. Body faster
    feel saturation.
  7. Feel your body. If you are filled with half a serving –
    No need to eat it. Do not sit at the table, if you do not
    are hungry.
  8. Try to keep your fridge free.
    tempting dishes – fatty, juicy or very sweet. AT
    Otherwise, the temptation will always be in front of you, and there is
    the likelihood that sooner or later you will break.

What results to expect?

The results in this case will be purely individual. AT
the average weekly takes about 1 kg, in some cases –
more. If you use a lot less than that
consume a person, it is possible to lose 2 kg per week or more.
It is dangerous to observe this diet for more than a month. Therefore, to
continue to eat like this, you should go through a consultation
specialist, is it safe enough for your body?

Daily allowance CALORIES for women and men (video)

Для усandленandя
result, add to low-calorie exercise
in the gym or fitness center. It is also worth warning that
if you need to lose a lot of weight in as short as possible
period, it is better to give preference to a diet (fat burning,
Kremlin, etc.).

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