How does Madonna lose weight?

Louise Ciccone, known to the general public under the pseudonym “Madonna”,
experienced ups and downs throughout her variety career.
Only one thing remained unchanged – a beautiful appearance and
the ideal figure over which time is powerless.

�”I never really watched my diet,” –
remembers the singer. – “Especially in youth. The only thing that
was always present in my life – physical exertion, as on
stage and outside it. “

Но, как это ни прискорбно, время постепенно начало брать
his Serious creative and personal crisis that came on the 2000th
year, Madonna remembers as the most difficult period of her life,
which, however, forced her to rethink her attitudes toward many
things. Including myself.

The spiritual renewal, to which the Kabbalah taught her,
had an impact on all areas of the life of Madonna. The beginning of the singer with her
figures, namely with reference to the famous nutritionist Ray Kibartas –
he developed a special macrobiotic diet for her,
based on various combinations of products with low
energy value. The star is forbidden to eat meat, eggs,
milk, spices, tomatoes, potatoes, chocolate and coffee are these products,
according to the personal nutritionist Madonna, have not the best impact on
digestion and metabolism. Main focus on menu compilation
made on cereals and vegetables.

The star ration is constructed as follows:

For breakfast – cereal porridge on the water, without adding sugar and

Lunch consists of vegetable soup.

Evening meal – vegetable salad without adding oil and fish,
cooked in a double boiler.

Snacks are possible between meals – again, vegetables and
brown rice From fruit at any time you can eat apples and
pears, and under no circumstances – grapes, bananas and mangoes.
At the same time, the nutritionist periodically changes the star’s nutrition program,
allowing Madonna a little sweet, because you always sit on one and
the same diet – a huge stress for the nervous system.

Madonna extremely seriously follows all the recommendations of her
a personal nutritionist, and assures that she’s unquenchable energy
draws precisely from the “right food”. Singer on her own
recognition, “began to feel better than in youth”, and
stopped going to restaurants. �”I can not see what they are preparing
all these dishes, ”said Madonna. Her constant companions –
mineral water and honey-lemon tea. Sometimes a singer even
indulge in alcohol – a glass of good red wine or
british porter.

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