How does Julia Roberts eat

Julia Roberts is not only the highest paid, but also the most
�”Young” actress of Hollywood. Viewer polls show twenty
years on the screen almost did not affect her appearance.

The star of the movie “Pretty Woman” still amazes fans and
youth and slimness of his figure.

All the cares of keeping your ideal star shape
laid on the famous American dermatologist Nicholas
Perricon, the creator of the popular anti-aging diet. Diet,
which confesses Perricon – multipurpose, it is not only
supports the shape, but also has a positive effect on the state
facial skin. The name speaks for itself – “face lift diet” (“diet
for tightening the skin of the face “).

For skin

Diet, разработанный доктором Перриконом, состоит из
two main parts. The first is designed to maintain
skin elasticity. The basis of this diet – essential fatty acids

Their highest content is in salmon and other fish rich
useful fat. Its molecules tend to maintain water balance.
in the skin, which gives the skin freshness, makes it more youthful.

Eating salmon once or twice a day is enough.
The main thing – do not fry fish, while losing all its useful
properties. Best is to steam or bake salmon.

For slimness

On the advice of Dr. Perricon, Julia Roberts completely ruled out
from your diet products containing starch. It may not be
only bread and pasta, but also bananas with potatoes.

Cereals and cereals should be used sparingly, and only on water.
Roberts refused and sweet. As for the rest
nutritional recommendations, they are well known to everyone

Tomatoes, greens, berries, citrus and other fruits are recommended.
to use in unlimited quantities. You can drink everything except
sugary drinks. Mineral water is best suited without gas and
green tea. Alcohol is excluded completely.

By combining in its menu products for skin nutrition and maintenance
Slim, Julia Roberts was able to keep her shape even after
the birth of three children.

Julia Roberts day menu

– After awakening: 350 ml of mineral water without gas;

– For breakfast: 100 gr. boiled for a couple of salmon, a little
oatmeal on water, apple, 350 ml of mineral water.

– Day snack: 250 g salmon, green salad or Beijing
cabbage with olive oil, lemon juice and tomatoes
�Cherry, 350 ml of mineral water.

– Lunch: a portion of boiled chicken breast, some nuts,
mineral water without gas.

– Dinner: salmon, vegetable salad (cucumber, tomato, olive oil,
lettuce leaves).

Before bedtime snack is quite allowed. As a snack
Perfect low-fat yogurt and some hazelnuts, or
green apple.

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