How Britney Spears Has Lost Weight

How Britney Spears Has Lost Weight

�“How I returned my body” – the interview under this title was
published recently in the world-famous magazine “OK”.
Britney Spears, the former
princess of the scene, and now a celebrity whose name is more connected
with mental disorders, lawsuits,
drug addiction, licentiousness and unclear prospects.

Having left the scene, having given birth to two children, having gone through painful
Divorce and addiction treatment, Britney Spears lost its former
attractiveness, lost its shape. Detractors chore prophesied
her soon oblivion and even death. And now on the cover of “Okey”
a smiling, slender Britney appeared. In an interview with the singer
said that she had lost weight in just a couple of months thanks to protein

�”Now I am in the best physical shape than ever, –
told Spears. – И все благодаря моей волшебной diet it
low carb diet. I absolutely refused fast food,
potatoes, sugar and many fruits, as they also contain
sugar. My menu consists of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, rice, avocado. I
I try not to exceed 1200 calories per day. It seems that
to follow this diet is a snap, but for me it was
real torture, because I love sweets, hamburgers, fries and
Coke! “

In addition to the diet, Britney is intensely engaged in jogging and fitness.
and attends a gym five times a week. According to the star,
diet must be combined with regular workouts, because
a suddenly thinner body can become flabby and lose elasticity,
especially in problem areas such as the abdomen and thighs.

According to the tabloids, the desire to take care of yourself is connected with a breakthrough in
the personal life of the singer. Now the girl is experiencing a new novel – she
meets with billionaire George Maloof. The photo
transformed britney made during the holidays that couple
spent together.

We thank the magazine Ok and the newspaper

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