How bran bread helps to lose weight

One of the products that I recommend to my customers to reduce
weight – this is bread with bran. Yes, yes, it is bread, from one
mentions of which many lose weight in horror shy away.

I’m not talking about white flour loaves, and not about plain wheat.
bread, and healthy bread with bran. Eat it without any
I do not call for restrictions, but include a couple of pieces in my
diet food will be very helpful.

What is the difference between bran and whole grain bread?

It is necessary to distinguish between bread with the addition of bran and wholegrain
bread. Often in stores, sellers confuse them and on the labels of bran
bread write wholegrain. It is not the same.

  1. Whole grain bread is baked from the so-called wallpaper flour,
    which receive “on technology of ancestors” – from the ground up whole

  2. And bran bread is bread made from refined flour, in which dough
    already at the factory added bran. Moreover, several times more than
    they were contained before grinding.

What is the difference between purified flour and wallpaper?

The grain itself consists of the endosperm, the embryo and the membranes. Everything, that
It has nutritional value – vitamins, minerals, healthy
fatty acids, dietary fiber – it is contained in the embryo and
оболочках grains. The endosperm is mainly starch and proteins.
gluten (14%).

Once our ancestors milled whole grains in stone
millstones and got whole grain flour, from which they then baked
bread. But such flour quickly deteriorated – fatty acids went astray, and
enterprising descendants have learned to separate the embryo from the shoulders,
leaving for industrial bakery production only

Purified flour can be stored for years, has a snow-white,
the appetizing color, however, alas, contains only starch (80%) and
gluten (14%), and is practically devoid of vitamins and other beneficial

What make bread with bran

To expand the range and respond to the tastes of such buyers.
as we are with you, the manufacturer part of the usual flour lets on
«полезный» bread. Bran is added to purified flour before baking.
– the very germs and shells that are separated during grinding.

In fact – it is a waste of modern flour production,
which are thus added to the finished product.

Roughly speaking, 80% of all flour goes to loaves, and 20% goes to healthy
bran bread. By its qualities, of course, it compares favorably.
from the usual. But you shouldn’t confuse it with wholegrain.

Whole grain bread can really be bought only from private traders.
A major producer will not bother with his baking.

The nutritional value of bran bread and ordinary

Plain white bread

Bran Bread

Macronutrients and Fiber Content

Calories per 100 grams



Total Carbohydrate:

51 g

48 g

from them fiber

2 g (10%)

4 g (20%)

Sodium (salt)

681 mg

486 mg

Vitamins / trace elements


23.0 mg (6%)

81.0 mg (20%)


0.5 mg (24%)

1.7 mg (83%)


17.3 mcg (25%)

31.0 mcg (44%)

It is easy to see that fiber in bran bread is at least
2 times more. Sometimes such bread consists of a third of bran, which
of course happy. Salt in bran bread is less, which means that
the body will hold less water.

Per 100 g of wheat bran accounts for 40 g of fiber, that is
dietary fiber. They are not digested, but the intestinal microflora
uses them for food, synthesizing in gratitude the body
amino acids and vitamins.

The body needs about 20-25 grams of fiber per day, and bread with
bran – an important source of it.

The benefits of bran bread for weight loss

  1. Bran Bread помогает контролировать аппетит. Glycemic
    the index of such bread is significantly lower than that of the usual (45 against
    85), it means the sugar will rise and fall gradually. After
    consumption of refined carbohydrate food (including
    plain white bread) soon I want to eat again.

    After eating bread with bran, this will not happen. Besides
    Moreover, swelling and increasing in volume, fiber stretches
    intestinal wall, thereby creating a feeling of satiety.

  2. Bran contained in fiber is essential for normal
    digestion. Nutrients from other products are absorbed
    more active and fuller. Fiber also helps beneficial microflora
    to synthesize substances necessary for an organism – amino acids, vitamins.
    All this allows to be content with smaller amounts of food.
  3. Bran cleanse the body. Syndrome “lazy bowel” sign
    very many, but about such a delicate problem for obvious reasons
    do not speak.

    When used, the bran intestine works without interruption, and
    the most improves our health and health. Engage in the hall
    much nicer and more productive when the body does not bother.

    In addition, the bran well absorb all sorts of nastiness –
    alcohol, colorants, flavors, preservatives, pesticides and
    herbicides. Bran bind them and excrete the body naturally.

  4. Bran contains essential fatty acids (omega-3). Our
    the body cannot synthesize them, so we have to get mega
    beneficial omega 3 with food.
  5. Bran Bread богат витаминами группы «В», которые крайне
    useful for the nervous system, which girls are extremely
    unstable. And if you’re also on a diet, then without these vitamins for sure
    not enough. In addition, the B vitamins improve the condition
    skin, hair and nails.
  6. Bran has a lot of magnesium. Magnesium успокаивает нервную систему,
    helps the good work of the heart. When it is not enough – bad
    wounds heal and many processes in the body are disturbed. For women
    it is a very important mineral.
  7. Such bread is incomparably richer in manganese and selenium. To you
    knew, selenium is an important antioxidant, and manganese is needed for good
    hair growth, blood formation and synthesis of female sex hormones.
  8. Due to the high content of carbohydrates, vitamins “B” and magnesium, it
    helps to assimilate the amino acid tryptophan. From it then in the body
    Serotonin is obtained. Serotonin is the “hormone of happiness.” When his
    not enough, our mood starts to deteriorate from every little thing, and
    we rush to cakes, candy and other hazards.

With what and when to eat bread with bran for weight loss?

On the day, you can eat up to 100 grams of bread (250 Kcal). The best thing
put a piece of cheese, fish, lean cooked meat on bread,
slices of vegetables, smear with cottage cheese on top, sprinkle with herbs.

A slice of bran bread with low-fat cottage cheese before exercise
energize you and help your body break down fat more actively,
while you will feel full of energy.

It is advisable to use bread in the morning, since
dinner and evening meals of carbohydrates in it is still a bit too much. BUT
for breakfast and afternoon tea, you can safely eat the “right” sandwich and
lose weight.

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