Honeysuckle: useful properties, scope of application.What are the contraindications for honeysuckle, to whom it is not recommended

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Honeysuckle is a shrub covered with juicy bright berries with
rich aroma and taste.

Rich vitamin and mineral composition makes the plant very
valuable in traditional medicine.

Honeysuckle has many beneficial properties; it has a favorable effect.
at work all body systems.

In addition, the berries have found application in other areas –
cooking, cosmetology. Do not forget that, like any
medicinal plant, honeysuckle also has contraindications. These “but”
to use it is necessary to know to avoid unpleasant


The chemical composition of fragrant fruit

In folk medicine, honeysuckle is used to combat many
ills for a long time. The value of the fruits lies in their composition, where
contains really valuable substances and trace elements.

The structure includes:

• ascorbic acid, and it is no less than in

• other vitamins – A, P, group B;

• glucose and fructose;

• acids of organic origin;

• aluminum, potassium, iodine, calcium, manganese and other mineral

Важно отметить, что на состав плодов будет
influence exactly where the plant grew. In the event that
honeysuckle grows in hot and dry climates, the berries will taste
bitterish, the content of sugars and tannins will increase.
Under wet conditions, the amount of
vitamin C. In a temperate climate will also be more
monosaccharides and ascorbic acid.

Honeysuckle: the beneficial properties of the fruit

As already mentioned, honeysuckle has on the body
beneficial effect. However, many do not realize that
it is the berries that give and how much is useful in them.

Honeysuckle: useful properties

1. Normalizes the liver and gallbladder.

2. It has a tonic effect, increases
body resistance to all kinds of infections.

3. Relieves headache.

4. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

5. Improves digestion, normalizes the work of the digestive tract.

6. Removes heavy metal salts, toxins and slags and

7. Strengthens memory.

8. It has diuretic properties; it is prescribed during the formation of
kidney stones.

9. Characterized by anti-inflammatory and antiseptic

10. Improves eyesight.

11. Contributes to the normalization of blood pressure.

Per 100 grams of berries account for only 30 Kcal, so the fruits
helpful to those who stick to a diet. Honeysuckle adjusts performance
Gastrointestinal tract, increases the secretion of gastric juice. Man will lose
kilos, while not feeling weakness and ailments. Despite
there are practically no contraindications for honeysuckle, sometimes
take a break in its use.

Honeysuckle in folk medicine

The healing properties of the fruit were noticed a long time ago. Worth
note that not only honeysuckle berries are beneficial for the body, but
and other parts of the plant.

Honeysuckle: useful properties в рецептах альтернативной

1. With a sore throat. 5-6 fresh leaves of a plant are necessary
steam with boiling water (about 150 ml). After 15 minutes means
put on the fire, brought to a boil, then immediately removed from
plate, filtered. The resulting liquid must be rinsed.
throat 3-4 times a day (in the form of heat).

2. With a headache. Dry fruits (200 grams) are shifted to
thermos, there is added 200 ml of boiling water. Drink need to brew
no less than 4 hours. It is necessary to drink it 3 times a day, 50 ml,
preferably before meals.

3. To strengthen memory. Dried berries (approximately 2 tablespoons
spoons) steamed 250 ml of boiling water. The tool must be kept 15
minutes in a water bath, then insist 2 hours, cool and strain.
The resulting amount of the drink is divided into 2 equal portions, one
drink in the morning, another before bedtime.

Application in home cosmetology

Honeysuckle useful properties can be used in recipes
beauty. The rich nutrient composition of the plant strengthens the hair,
improves skin condition and even prevents the appearance of the first
signs of aging. In addition, anti-inflammatory properties
fruits are used in the fight against lichen on the epidermis.

Beauty Recipes

1. Nourishing face mask. 20 fruits of honeysuckle need
grind well with a wooden spoon to make a mushy
weight. It adds a few drops of rosemary oil and 15
grams of yeast (dry). Everything is thoroughly mixed. Received
mask is applied to the neck and face, after 20 minutes the skin
rinsed with warm water. This cosmetic procedure cleans
pores, increases the elasticity of the dermis and preserves the elasticity

2. Hair rinse. Honeysuckle and chamomile leaves
(2 to 1 ratio) steamed with boiling water so that the water is slightly
covered herbal collection. Means infused during the day,
Then it is well filtered through cheesecloth. The resulting liquid
It is recommended to rinse the hair after washing the head 2 times a
a week Curls will become stronger and stronger, will get healthy radiant

Honeysuckle in cooking

Fruit Honeysuckle is rich in nutrients.
trace elements. It has been proven that after heat treatment
vitamins are not lost. In cooking, berries are used most often for
cooking desserts. From such sweets will not delight
only a child, but also an adult.

Fragrant Vitamin Mousse

The following ingredients are prepared:

• sugar (about 100 grams);

• semolina (3 tablespoons);

• honeysuckle berries (250 grams);

• boiled water (500 ml).

Step by step recipe

1. Berries must be thoroughly crushed, squeezed juice and pour into
separate glass

2. The remaining cake is filled with water and boiled for 5 minutes on
medium heat, decoction necessarily filtered.

3. In the remaining liquid is added semolina, sugar, cooked.
thick porridge.

4. When the porridge is ready, you need to add the juice of berries and whip it all.
mixer until a homogeneous mass. Mousse is ready.

Tasty jam


• water (200 ml);

• sugar (800-900 grams);

• honeysuckle – 1 kg of washed berries.

Step by step recipe

1. First syrup is done. Water is brought to a boil, then
there is added sugar and boiled until completely

2. While the syrup is boiling, you need to add the fruits of honeysuckle.

3. After boiling, boil the jam for another 5 minutes – you can
spill on the banks.

Honeysuckle: contraindications to use

Before you use berries in any form, you need to know
a few simple rules and precautions.

Honeysuckle: contraindications

1. Little children aged 7 years do not eat berries.

2. For women during lactation and pregnancy, it is desirable to temporarily
give up honeysuckle because the reaction of the child’s body
impossible to foresee.

3. In the presence of individual intolerance to the fruits
it is forbidden to use them inside (for treatment, in desserts),
and outwardly (for wounds, burns).

Honeysuckle has really a lot of useful properties. Despite
on this, overdoing with the use of berries can not. Need to
remember that the most valuable product can cause ailments if
eat more laid.

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