Honey diet

Slimming with a honey diet can be carried out on various
techniques. If honey is pollen – a natural source
Phytosterols that inhibit the absorption of cholesterol from food – effect
will be even more.

Honey diet

Очищающая медовая диета, состоит из
daily double intake (in the morning and in the evening) of the honey drink,
which is prepared from 1 tablespoon of honey per cup of warm
water, in the finished drink you need to add a little lemon juice.
After taking the drink, a walk is recommended. • Медовая
диета для снижения веса
за сравнительно короткий срок (до
15 days) provides for the inclusion in the diet of dairy
products and cooked vegetables containing a minimum of starch. Weight
vegetables should not be more than 200 g. The only condition of such a diet
– this is what you need to take in the morning, afternoon and evening
spoon of honey. Water can be drunk in any quantity.

Honey massage

Another method of applying honey for weight loss is to apply on
body of the patient during honey massage procedures. Subcutaneous tissue
at the same time, heals substantially, it accelerates the exchange
processes and from it excess fats and water leave.

Honey treatments

For quick and effective weight loss in the bath, with temperature
water close to the temperature of the human body, add 200 g of honey
and 5 drops of fragrant oil. This bathroom increases the speed
lipid breakdown in problem areas of the body, cleanses the body and well
helps with cellulite.

As you know, honey refers to the products most often
causing allergic reactions. They are possible even for quite
a healthy person – it is recommended to eat no more than 60-100 a day
grams divided into equal portions. Therefore before
practice such a course of weight loss, be sure to consult
with a doctor.

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