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Mon, Feb 24, 2014

The organization of a children’s holiday at home requires detailed
preparation. After all, the quick-witted children involved in the game are pulling on
adventures and little pranks. And so that their attention is not
scattered or the kids are not bored, the holiday should be rich
for fun. In this game and fun should not be imposed
to babies. Therefore, it is very important to think over the holiday scenario.

  • Party superheroes. Cartoons for modern
    Kids are far from crocodile Gena and Leopold the Cat. American heroes
    comics – that’s what your kids admire. So give them this
    a fairy tale! Create maximum space, buy the necessary
    props, you can think about themed costumes. Do not forget
    treat for little superheroes: about space pizza and magic
  • Art Party: draw and dance. This holiday is better
    spend on the street, otherwise small artists will turn your home into
    gallery Spread large carpets or bedspreads on a green lawn.
    Top bed improvised canvas. Let the children draw
    loosely brushes or hands. Turn on the fun music.
    Periodically distract them to food, dance or contests.
  • Funny clowns. This idea “immigrated” to us from the USA.
    On such holidays a lot of balloons, sports games,
    shooting water pistols and speeches of clowns or others
    circus artists: strongmen, jugglers, jugglers or acrobats.
    True, such attractions are not free.
  • Морской бой. In summer, in the courtyard you can
    install a large inflatable pool and arrange a real marine
    the battle. According to the scenario, you can choose captains, a team and even play
    pirates and treasure hunt.
  • Алиса в стране чудес. This holiday is more suitable for
    girls. But the boys will like this idea if
    fairytale atmosphere to bring in a bit of adventure. Tea drinking, contests,
    Gifts are a must-have holiday kit. But well, if
    The intrigue will begin even before the event. For example, in the invitation to
    the children’s party, you can put the keys from the magic chests with
    treasures or map pieces leading to a magical land
    looking glass.

Children’s holidays require a lot of patience from parents
imagination. Ideas can be the craziest. It all depends on
desires and hobbies of your child. The main thing is that space and
the atmosphere of your home allowed to swing the holiday. Because
children are very mobile, and if there are a lot of them, then it is worth being
on guard Remember, the purpose of the holiday – fun kids, not gloomy
and angry views of parents.

Text: Katerina Pchelnikova

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