Home kindergarten: the pros and cons

Fri, 02 May 2014

With an acute shortage of free places in kindergartens now
time, home use has become increasingly popular.
kindergartens. These gardens are organized at the base of the apartment or in
removable room. Home kindergartens in our country exist
semi-legal, because the legislation has not yet been drawn up. Due
with this, along with the pluses, there are a number of minuses. Before
give the baby in such a garden, parents should carefully weigh
all the pros and cons.

To enter the home kindergarten do not have to wait long
queues here take children of any age. The number of children in
home garden children should not exceed five to six people (in
depending on the size of the occupied room, preferably not less
three rooms). Every baby should have a personal sleeping place and
area for games. Special attention should be paid to the organization
leisure in children’s institutions of this type: does it exist
special program and approach to the education and training of babies,
it is desirable that creative development classes be held
abilities. Children should not spend leisure time, just for
watching cartoons. It is also worth clarifying qualifications
staff working with children.

Due с тем, что в домашних садах небольшое количество детей,
Every child is provided with attention and an individual approach.
Adaptation to such a kindergarten in a child will be much easier than to
municipal preschool since it reigns
homely atmosphere, and the kids are not so much. Kids are less common here
are sick The menu is dominated by homemade dishes that can
adjust in the interests of children requiring a special diet. But worth
remember that home kindergarten is unregistered
the establishment and control of the quality of food is not exercised here,
so for the poisoning and the occurrence of intestinal diseases no one
not responsible.

Home gardens are also very convenient due to the fact that the work schedule with each
specific child can be adjusted. Parents
independently determine what time they bring and when they take
your baby.

The disadvantages include the fact that often at home
kindergartens there is no area for walks and most
time children spend indoors. Due с этим, при выборе
home garden, should pay attention to whether there is next to it

The cost of payment in kindergartens can be enough

In any case, the choice remains with the parents. The most important thing,
so that the baby is comfortable and safe.

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