Hollywood Diet

gollivudskaya-dietaEverything related to the “factory of dreams” –
Hollywood is very popular not only in
States, but across the globe.

Perhaps this was exactly what the creator of the new diet was counting on.
Judy Mazel, when she made public the results of her research in
field of nutrition in 1981.

And her hopes were justified – the Hollywood diet immediately got
widely known. It is worth noting that Mazel did not stop at
achieved, and recently released her “New Hollywood Diet,”
however, not too different from its predecessor.

It is noteworthy that professional nutritionists believe: views
on nutrition, which formed the basis of these diets, are nothing
confirmed. For example, one of the prerequisites is the opinion of
volume, fruits allegedly contain special enzymes. And what’s the splitting
fruit in the stomach can interfere with the breakdown of other foods.

And as a result, the food is not digested, and turns into fat.
A similar opinion causes only a smile among specialists: no
the product cannot transform into fat until it is
learned And no digestive enzymes enter the body.
together with food: they are produced by the most digestive
by the system.

What is the main meaning of the Hollywood diet?

The main principle is a careful combination of products. And the basis
its make up fruit. On certain days of the diet it is assumed that
the diet is formed exclusively from fruits – for example, it is allowed
eating more than 2 kg. grapes. On other days, there is only need
vegetables, or proteins and starchy carbohydrates.

The range of products that are allowed to eat is enough
limited, and the rules for their admission are very complex. Daily rate
calorie intake is limited to 800. Under this program you can
lose 35 days to 6-7 kg. To get an idea of
what will have to face, going on a diet, we give
примерное  меню на один день. Breakfast is offered to eat
225 (!) C. plums, for lunch strawberries in any quantity. For dinner
will have to be limited to one baked potato. During the day
You can drink water, coffee or tea.

Since the technique involves significant limitations,
usually in the first days there is a significant effect. However he
associated not with the loss of fat, but with the loss of water.

The obvious disadvantage is that such restrictions in
течение долгого времени выдержать не может практически  никто.
Yes, and the harm to health can be significant. To achieve
long-term effect, the author suggests during one meal
Do not mix different types of proteins or carbohydrates. And certain
meals should contain the same type of nutrients,
to reduce overall calorie intake.

Such a diet, as can be seen from the example above, is not
most convenient for everyday use. After all, certain
products will have to be weighed, and some products in our conditions
generally difficult to find.

By following this diet, about dinner at a cafe in the company of close friends
or visiting a banquet will have to forget what might interfere
full life. The disadvantage of it, in relation to our conditions,
is the presence of mandatory expensive products.

Who can this nutrition program be suitable for? First of all,
who cannot imagine life without enough fruit
and vegetables. But, at the same time, the need to periodically 
limit your diet to only one product, can cause
significant difficulties. After all, many of the products offered
far from so tasty and attractive.

Useful articles: “Chinese diet.”

Even considering that some days it is allowed to eat without
restrictions, meaning, as a rule, the use of one

Practice shows that even a favorite product to eat a lot
is impossible. And if the product is also high glycemic
index, inevitable significant fluctuations in blood sugar levels.
In addition, the body suffers from a deficiency of the whole
a number of substances necessary for it – proteins, minerals, fats.

Sometimes a side effect of a diet is gain
psychological craving for food. A low calorie count leads to
constant lack of energy, lethargy, weakness. Those who are not
used to consume so much fruit
experience very unpleasant symptoms: bloating, flatulence,
diarrhea, impairment of well-being.

In general, it is worth noting that the restrictions imposed by this diet,
both physically and psychologically are quite complex. AND
withstand them, especially for a long time, can only
really healthy person.

Can I lose weight with the Hollywood diet? Yes, since
calorie intake is very limited. But those are “scientific”
The prerequisites that formed its basis are only
speculative fabrications of a person not familiar with the elementary
basics of human physiology.

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