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    • 1.1 Basic principles
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For the famous bun movie, Renee Zellweger had to score
about 13 kg, to quickly get in shape
took advantage of the Hollywood diet. Michael Douglas Katherine’s Wife
Zeta-Jones after three births is not delayed with losing weight and was able to
regain your former settings again using this
wonderful way.

Рацион для быстрого сброса веса не содержит в себе
fantastic foods or gourmet dishes. Any
the average woman can resort to this recipe
losing weight, showing willpower and a little patience.

Hollywood Diet for 14 days

Many wondered how the stars manage to constantly
keep yourself in shape regardless of age and predisposition
to completeness. The issue of losing weight has become one of the most important in our era
worship of slender bodies. Of course, celebrities have great results.
is the result of the coordinated work of stylists, cosmetologists,
nutritionists and individual trainers. But foremost always
it turns out hard work on yourself and nurturing willpower. If you
yourself do not seek to lose weight, then no one will succeed you to this
to force. Here we are no different from celebrities.

Once the press leaked information about the secret method
losing weight many stars resort to in case
needing to lose a lot of pounds for as short as possible
time limit This method of body shaping was called: “Hollywood Diet
for weight loss.

Its main principle is to reduce the amount of consumed
calories, due to the rejection of carbohydrates and fats. In food consumed
foods that contain high amounts of protein and fiber. From here and
there is a dietary effect of the Hollywood diet. Via
cellulose, harmful substances in a short time leave the body and do not
accumulate further. The menu of the Hollywood diet is very simple,
and all products are available, so the process of losing weight will not require
extra cash costs.

Basic principles

In addition to strict compliance with the prescribed diet, Hollywood
The diet has a number of rules and principles that, together with a two-week
menus and are a complex method of fast weight loss
as soon as possible.

The most important principle of the Hollywood diet for weight loss
считается обязательное употребление суточной нормы
For an adult, this rate is
2,5 литра. In rare cases when losing water
can be replaced or combined with green tea, be sure to
natural and without additives.

Every day all two weeks of the Hollywood diet will have to sacrifice
morning meal. Occasionally, when such tough measures
observe unbearable, an early meal can make fragrant tea
or half of any citrus. For the sake of losing weight delicacies
bakery products will have to be reduced to zero.

For cooking, it is advisable to use a steamer or
eat foods raw. Besides complying with all
The above rules for fixing the result of losing weight from
Hollywood diets are encouraged to actively burn fat with
physical exercises (running, walking, cycling, etc.).

Among the advantages of the Hollywood diet should be
довольно ощутимую потерю веса за сравнительно
короткий time limit The number of kilograms gone varies from seven
up to ten-eleven. In this case, a big role is played
physical exercise. Eliminating the use of alcohol, which
known not only for its high calorie content, but also for its ability
cause a feeling of hunger, you can not only lose weight, but also
improve your body. Rejection of salt in any form causes
a sharp weight loss in the first days due to fluid loss. After all
salt, as you know, retains fluid in the body, often
causing puffiness.

Можно дополнительно употреблять комплекс витаминов
while losing weight. The diet of the Hollywood diet is balanced, but
extra portion of vitamins does not hurt. Magic grapefruit,
consumption of which is provided almost every day, will help
cause a feeling of saturation and normalize blood circulation,
nervous and immune systems.

Continuous consumption of coffee, which implies a Hollywood
diet raises a number of questions. For people not accustomed to the bitter
drink, coffee can be replaced by any type of tea, because coffee can
provoke drastic changes in blood pressure, small
dizziness and disorientation. Lack of carbohydrates can be
the cause of a light morning weakness, but with this minus hollywood
diets can be put up for quick weight loss.

Menu for 14 days

In the Hollywood diet, be prepared for tough measures and heavy
test your willpower. Acute feeling of malnutrition in no way
In the event of a snack, you cannot suppress any snacks during the day.
main meals. The only thing you can pamper yourself
– Citrus or fresh apple. Stimulate your willpower with
using the figurative result of losing weight, which is waiting for you
after these two hard weeks.

Express weight loss with the Hollywood diet menu at 14

Day 1 of the Hollywood Diet:

  • обед: 2 яйца перепелов, половина свежего
    grapefruit, a glass of mineral water;
  • ужин: салат из пекинской капусты с огурцом,
    grapefruit, a cup of green tea.

2-ой день:

  • 1 boiled chicken egg, a cup of coffee;
  • 150 gr. boiled beef, a cup of green tea.

3-ий день:

  • 150 gr. boiled fish fillet with greens, a glass of grapefruit
  • 100 gr. low-fat cottage cheese, a cup of green tea.

4-ый день голливудской диеты:

  • 150 gr. boiled chicken breast, cucumber, glass
    mineral water;
  • boiled soybeans, 1 chicken egg, a cup of weak coffee.

5-ый день:

  • salad of apple, grapefruit and pineapple, a glass of freshly squeezed
    апельсинового juice;
  • 200 gr. boiled fish fillet, medium-sized tomato,
    стакан минеральной water.

6-ой день:

  • 2 quail eggs, a cup of green tea;
  • свежий грейпфрут, 100 gr. low-fat cottage cheese glass
    минеральной water.

7-ой день голливудской диеты:

  • 200 gr. boiled lean beef, fresh cucumber, cup
    weak coffee;
  • white cabbage salad with tomato and cucumber, a cup
    green tea.

8-ой день голливудской диеты:

  • 2 quail eggs, half a grapefruit, a glass of mineral
  • apple and grapefruit fruit salad, a glass of orange

9-ый день:

  • boiled green beans, a cup of green tea;
  • 150 gr. boiled chicken meat, citrus juice.

10-ый день:

  • tomato and cucumber salad; weak coffee;
  • 200 gr. boiled fish fillet, cucumber, green

11-ый день:

  • 1 chicken egg, fresh tomato, mineral water;
  • Fresh apple, orange, grapefruit, mint drink.

12-ый день:

  • salad of radish and lettuce with greens, a cup of coffee;
  • 150 gr. low-fat cottage cheese glass морковного juice.

13-ый день:

  • boiled chicken fillet, cucumber, a cup of ginger tea;
  • 2 перепелиных яйца, стакан минеральной water.

14-ый день голливудской диеты:

  • 150 gr. boiled beef, fresh tomato, a glass of mineral
  • grapefruit, a cup of green tea.

In general, the Hollywood diet is known for perhaps excessive rigor
and uncompromising, but other methods of accelerated results in
weight loss will not be achieved. From reviews of people who have tried
to achieve a slim body with her, we can conclude that she
truly effective.

Probably the most difficult part of this slimming practice is
consolidation of the result. You can not pounce on harmful pounds
food as soon as the second week ends. Portions can
increase, but within reasonable limits, physical activity can not
stop so that the muscles do not lose their tone and the body does not return to
to where it all began. With a positive attitude on
a positive result of losing weight, even such a strict diet as
Hollywood is not a duty, but an interesting way to
perfect body.

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