High protein foods

Animal and vegetable foods high in protein

Product Содержание белка на 100 гр
Eggs p5 12 grams of protein In one egg – 6 grams
Cottage cheese p25 12 grams of protein
Chicken breast p6 29 grams of protein
Beef p12 28 grams of protein
Mutton p8 25 gr protein
Cod p11 21 grams of protein
Red fish p10 22 gr protein
Shrimp p14 23 grams of protein
Squids p3 21 gr
Cheese “Russian” p7 23 gr
Mozzarella cheese p21 28 gr
Kefir p1 3 gr In one glass – 6 gr
Milk p2 3 gr
Tofu p17 17 gr
Buckwheat p15 12.6 gr
Chickpea p18 19 gr
Beans p16 6 gr
Lentils p23 25 gr

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