High levels of pollen are dangerous for pregnant womenof women

Fri, 08 Jan 2016

Winter is in full swing, however, spring is just around the corner, but who
warned, he is armed.

Specialists from Umeå University, after conducting a study
found an increased risk of asthma in children whose mothers regularly
exposed to high levels of pollen in the last three
month of pregnancy. According to the findings of scientists, such an impact on
female organism increases the susceptibility of the fetus to the disease in
an average of 35%.

The experts involved in the study information more than 110
Thousands of pregnancies and correlated the findings with the results
analysis of the level of pollen in the central part of Stockholm. Pollen
comes from grass, trees and flowers, and its level is highest in
period from late spring to early autumn.

For each child, pollen exposure was estimated at
during the first and last 12 weeks of his stay in the womb
mothers, as well as in the first 12 weeks of the infant’s life.

Summing up, the scientists also took into account a number of other factors,
can affect the development of asthma in children, such as gender
the child, the mother’s bad habits (smoking, drinking
alcohol), allergies, gestational age and the season of its termination.

По результатам работы, специалисты сообщили: для of women, ведущих
healthy lifestyle and non-allergic, excessive levels
pollen in the last 12 weeks of gestation is risky to increase
asthma in the unborn child to 35%.

But in the presence of allergic diseases or bad habits,
The consequences of this can also be pregnancy complications,
preterm birth and intrauterine changes, which can cause
abnormalities in the development of the fetus.

Dr. Adrian Love, who led the study, said:
«Беременные of womenы особенно чувствительны к пыльце, поскольку их
the body is in a state somewhat different from the usual.
Perhaps that is why children born in winter have fewer

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