Health Recipes for our little ones

Tue, Feb 10, 2015

Most parents do not follow outbreaks

Often this is due to the fact that protect the child from viruses
moms does not seem possible: learning about the flu epidemic
you will isolate the child from society. Agree to hide from
viruses can not be, but you can work on strengthening the immune system to
viruses did not take root in the body of the baby.

We offer several recipes for healthy and tasty dishes,
increase the immunity of the child.

Sweet and sour delicacy

Approximately in equal parts mince:

dried apricots,



red grape raisins

unrefined lemon

Add honey to the mixture.

Take 1 tsp. on an empty stomach By the way, it’s very tasty, so
if you wish, you can eat more often. Store in a glass jar in
the fridge.

Useful dessert “you will lick”

1 tbsp. walnuts,

0.5 kg of mashed cranberries,

2-3 finely chopped green apples,

0.5 kg of sugar

0.5 cups of water.

Cook over low heat until boiling. Store in a glass jar.
To increase immunity enough to eat 1 tablespoon in
day. Can be used with tea, as a dessert.

�”Magic” infusion

2 cups of lingonberries,

3 cups nettle leaves,

3 cups hips.

Grind, mix well, brew a glass of boiling water.
Insist 3-4 hours, then strain. Drink give the child a glass
2-3 times a day for a month, then pause a month and
again start giving take infusion.

Chamomile tea

Brew 1 tsp. in a glass of water. Allow to cool and add a spoon.

Chamomile actives are derived exclusively from flowers and
contain essential oils, mucus and flavonoids.

Кстати, препарат Тонзилгон® Н содержит
chamomile flower extracts that have anti-inflammatory
and antimicrobial action, as well as increase the immune defense in
combination with other medicinal plants that are part of

To learn more:

* По данным опроса, проведенного в группе
VKontakte “Alone at home”.

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