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A newborn toddler needs not only sleep, nutrition, and
warm, but also motor activity.

Thanks to his movements (at first not too confident) baby
can learn about the world, grow and develop.

Since all systems of vital activity of the body
rights are closely interrelated (the child’s
physical and mental development, its metabolic processes are constantly
regulated circulation improves), then gymnastics for
newborn babies is a must.

Do we play or play? How to organize gymnastics for
newborn baby

Exercise that mom will apply to her
crumbs should be such that it was interesting and joyful. After all
when the baby is still quite small, he doesn’t need toys especially:
his body is for him the most interesting subject of the game.
Surely parents have repeatedly paid attention to how the prat plays
with handles, then with legs.

Вот и гимнастические упражнения для newborn baby должны
help to ensure that all parts of his body are dull
games have been activated and activated.

While the game lasts, the pooch will alternately touch
different parts of your body, getting to know them, getting about them
some information.

It is best to do this kind of gymnastics during a diaper change:
crumb lies naked and nothing prevents him from doing quite
active movements. That’s right, if the exercise mom will do on
flat surface, for example, on the table (if there is no changing
little table), having enclosed under baby foam rubber or a dense blanket.

Important Gymnastics Requirements for Newborns

Parents must learn: every exercise they want
�”Try” on your baby, must meet certain

They are not so much.

1. Any exercise should be included in the daily
routine karapuza during the first year of his life.

2. It is necessary to do each exercise at least three times.

3. The whole complex of babe exercises should last approximately
quarter of an hour.

4. Mom should accompany any exercise with gentle words in
the child’s address and the smile that makes him positive
reaction to all exercises.

5. Гимнастику для newborn baby надо начинать не раньше, чем
60 minutes after the next feeding and no later than
half an hour before him.

6. Parents must maintain a certain temperature in that
a room where they do gymnastics with a child – 21 ° C.

7. Any exercise must begin and end gentle,
gently stroking palms and fingers without pressing the body
baby, so that his skin is not going to fold.

8. If the crumb has not yet grown physically to some kind of exercise.
(stand, sit turn from back to tummy, actively
crawl), do not force him to do it. Soon the time will come and
the kid himself wants to do it all, even without mom’s

9. In gymnastics there should be a certain scheme, which should be
stick by doing all the exercises. Pens need crumbs
stroke from hand to shoulder, legs from feet to groin area,
tummy – from the sides to the navel, and then – around the navel, moving along

10. And one more important rule: if the baby is tired or a little
got sick, do not force him to go in for gymnastics.

Any physical exercise that mom will do with
your baby is not only directed at improving or
consolidation of the newly acquired skill. First of all, it
provokes the emergence of this skill that will force the baby
develop faster.

Gymnastics for newborns (one month)

At this age, the baby is still too gentle, so exercise
need to choose very carefully. The main principle here
will – do no harm!

Such children (most of them) are still present.
muscle hypertonus, and therefore gymnastics for newborns is directed
for relaxation to happen.

  • The baby lies on the back, mom spreads his hands in different
    side and then crosses over the chest.
  • Mom picks up the baby’s hands alternately up and down
  • Mom spreads the legs to the sides and brings them back to the original
  • You can rotate the thigh of the baby, describing them a semicircle (here it is very
    Carefully, if your baby has dysplasia, then you need to consult with
  • Interesting and useful exercise “book”: the legs of the baby need
    bend at the knees and alternately reduce and dilute them, as usual
    open and close the book.
  • Put the crumbs on the tummy. This simple exercise will be
    to stimulate the baby to raise the head.

For the child will be enough to perform each exercise.
gymnastics for newborns five times. Sharp jerks here will be
committed inappropriate. Charging should end with a light massage in
a neat stroking of the tummy, back, arms and legs.
Moreover, this massage should last as much time
how much and gymnastics.

Gymnastics for newborns (age 4-6 months)

Consider some very simple exercises that are allowed.
perform when the baby is already a little older.

1) The baby lies on the back. Mom takes both shins with one hand.
baby straightens his legs and very gently turns him over
first on the side then on the tummy and back on the back. These coups
should alternate – in one direction, then – in another. To baby
increased his interest in such an action, any bright
a toy that will lie on the side to turn

2) The baby lies on the back. Karapuz legs to make circular
movements in the hip joints. Take the legs in hands
baby, gently bend them at the knees, bring the hips to the tummy and
to part the bent legs in different directions. At the end of the exercise mom
straightens baby’s legs and joins them together.

3) Mom turns the baby on the tummy. Before him is better
put some bright object that would draw attention
crumbs. It can be a favorite musical toy. Need to
the kid tried to crawl over to her. Mom should slowly push back
the toy is farther away so that the little tot will stretch to it as much as possible
actively. The first time not to let him get to the toy and take it.
in hand. And after the exercise, be sure to praise

Такая гимнастика для newborn baby будет ему не только полезна,
but also interesting, because it will take place in the form of a game. Which one then
does the baby refuse to play, and even with his mother?

Learning to do gymnastics for a newborn on a fitball

Perhaps all parents are familiar with the fitball – great
gymnastic ball. Usually it is used by mummies, seeking
pull up your figure a little “floated” after the birth of the child.
It turns out with the help of this ball you can develop a baby.

When a baby is under one year old, he is extremely
It is useful to do gymnastics on this ball:

– any exercise will deliver to the child and mother only
positive emotions;

– classes will relax the intestinal muscles of the baby and
reduce its tone, which will be an excellent prevention of colic;

– during the movements of the crumbs on the ball, many important organs of the child
will be stimulated;

– the vestibular apparatus of the baby will develop well.

There are some rules that must be followed when making
baby exercise on fitball:

– the diameter of the ball should be in the range of 60 to 75 cm;

– in order not to provoke dislocation in a child, it is impossible to pull with force
his hands and feet;

– a large range of movements is not needed, because there is a small
the likelihood that the crumbs can be trivially dropped;

– best if each lesson is accompanied by
reciting nursery rhymes, singing or beautiful music;

– during each lesson, the baby should be gently held
for the tummy, back, buttocks or forearms;

– if the baby suddenly didn’t like something, the class should be immediately
stop it;

– if the baby feels bad, upset about something or
until the umbilical wound has healed, it is categorically to engage in fitball
is prohibited.

Observing exactly these simple rules, you can not only
ускорить развитие baby But just to enjoy
communicate with him.

Exercises for newborns on fitball

For the tiniest family member who has not yet celebrated
their first birthday will be very useful a few
Exercises that will require a fitball.

1) Baby sit on this ball and a little “jump” by choosing
the smallest amplitude of movements.

2) Baby put a tummy on the ball and roll it
back and forth, then in a circle. This exercise can be quite
replace the tummy massage.

3) Put the baby on fitball sideways and roll it. Through
a couple of minutes turn on the other side and also
to ride.

4) Put the crumb on the ball with the back and observing the limit
accuracy roll it back and forth, not forgetting to hold
for legs and tummy. During this exercise you need to
closely monitor how the baby behaves because there is
kids who are afraid to go to fitball backrest.

5) On the ball is the chest of the toddler, and he seems to be holding
yourself palms. His legs are on weight – their mother keeps them. So
Thus, you can ride the child in one direction or another. Usually
children like this exercise: they can simultaneously
consider everything around them, they are interested and they are engaged in such
children’s sports.

With the help of such exercises, which are included in the gymnastics complex
for newborns, several goals will be achieved at once – baby
develops physically, he has a good mood, performing exercises
massage of his tummy is done and that is also important – communication with

It does not matter that, after deliberation, Mommy will choose for her child –
classical, familiar gymnastics or more modern, with
using the ball. Absolutely any motor activity
will turn into a “plus” for the baby.

The main thing parents should remember is three
principle of gymnastics – accuracy, regularity and pleasure
child himself.

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