Growing strawberries on the balcony – technologygetting good yields. How to grow strawberries on the balcony?

Чт, 04 авг 2016 Автор: Ксения Пушкина

Many lovers of this delicious berry would not mind eating it
all year round.

If you do not be lazy and be able to properly care for the plant, then
You can grow large and juicy fruits at home, even in winter.

Growing strawberries on the balcony: choose a grade

With stores or on the market you can offer a special
strawberry seedlings that are specifically designed to grow in
home conditions. It’s all a sham, you can put the most in the apartment
common varieties. When choosing, it is worth considering whether the plant is stable to
diseases and pests, what fruits and how much.

Strawberries can be of three types:

• ripens once – in the spring;

• berries appear in spring and autumn;

• remontant – fruits several times a year.

If properly care for the plants, you can achieve
excellent results. Note that one grade
can give the first berries immediately after planting, and the other – only
in a couple of years. Therefore, by carelessness do not throw out strawberries,
if it does not bear fruit in the first year.

�”Roxana”, “Festival”, “Queen Elizabeth”, “Zagornaya” –
Here are some varieties that can be safely planted in conditions

How to grow strawberries on the balcony? Choosing a pot and composition

Not so important in what you will plant the plants. It can be
pots, plastic containers or special bags. The main thing,
that the container was spacious enough (diameter – 20 cm, length
– 200 cm).

But the ground will have to prepare a good, if you want to get
large and sweet berries. Strawberry loves loamy soil.
The perfect combination would be: 10 pieces of black soil, peat and
humus; 3 parts of sawdust and 1 part of sand. What are they

• Peat holds water well. For better effect you can
mix it with ash.

• Humus makes the substrate fertile.

• Sawdust loosen a kidney. Proper preparation: first dunk in
urea for several hours, then add a glass of chalk and
mix. 10 kg of sawdust – 2 tbsp. spoons of urea and a liter of water.

• Sand should be without clay.

When filling the selected containers with earth, spill it.
solution from a mullein glass, half a teaspoon of copper
vitriol and 3 liters of water.

Growing strawberries on the balcony of seeds

If you do not want to buy ready-made seedlings, you can get them
independently from seed. In order not to bother with the “mustache” and have
the ability to harvest all season, purchase seeds
remontant strawberries. However, you can choose varieties of ordinary
strawberries most unpretentious in the care.

Sowing begins in late March or early April. But at the same time
the first year of the berries you will not see. If you want a strawberry
fruited, plant seeds in February.

The soil should be loose, light and at the same time well-fertilized.
Stock up on a large plastic container at the bottom of which
make holes. Do not put the soil to the brim of the container, leave
2-3 cm. The soil should not be too tamped. After
leveling it needs to be watered carefully.

Plant the seeds evenly, close the container with a lid and place
in the fridge or clean in the underground. After создания «зимних» условий
sprouts will appear in 2 weeks, but it all depends on the specific
varieties. After 2 weeks, put the seed container on the balcony,
Avoid abundant and frequent watering, wait for seedlings.

When sprouts appear in the lid of the container you need to do
holes for the soil to breathe. Sometimes open the container for
airing, make sure the ground is always enough

If the seedlings come out too often, the extra need to be removed. how
just grow real leaves, starting from the fourth, make
picking Do not apply any fertilizer until plants are planted.
into the main pots.

Growing strawberries on the balcony: proper planting

Plants need to be either in early spring or late
in the fall. We don’t put them deep in the ground, but we shouldn’t allow them
to get the roots out. After посадки аккуратно рыхлим верхний
слой soil. Seedlings will not grow in the soil where they were already
other plants, so be sure to prepare fresh ground.

Do not plant strawberries in the shade, because they love the light, and in
pots hanging behind the balcony, because the wind plants are contraindicated.
If you bought seedlings, cut the roots before planting. It’s bad for them
be on the air, can die out.

Proper care of strawberries growing on the balcony

It’s not so difficult to grow strawberries, you just need to take care of
quality watering, put daily lamps to daily
light seedlings for 14 hours. Better if you post
strawberry containers on the south side. Since bees, bumblebees and
other insects will not be in your apartment, will have to pollinate
plants yourself using a fan or draft. Two
once a month it is necessary to apply mineral fertilizers to the soil,
slurry, pre-dilute it with water in the ratio

Optimum temperature for normal growth and development
plants: afternoon – 25, at night – 17 degrees. If it is below 14,
that flowering and fruit formation ceases. Above 35 allow
also not, immunity is weakened.

If you planted a variety whose “whiskers” are formed – organs
vegetative propagation, they need to be cut off in time. If this
do not, they take root and fill the entire container. When
there will be the first flower stalks, they also need to nip off, so that later
began to grow large and strong flowers.

Do not forget to spray the seedlings with clean water every day in order to
the berries were juicy and sweet. So that the soil is not soured, and the roots are not
rotted, it is desirable to make drainage and holes in pots.

In the winter to clean the strawberries in the apartment is in the event that
temperature drops below 5 degrees. If the balcony is glazed,
plants only sprinkled with sawdust. In the cold season watered
strawberries are very rare that roots are not frozen or rotted.

How to grow strawberries on the balcony? Pest protection

If properly care for the seedlings, they acquire
immunity and are not subject to invasion of pests and diseases.
To prevent the development of powdery mildew, seedlings must
treated with sulfur. You will not notice on the bushes gray or red
rot, if you do not over-water the strawberries. During
pick berries so they don’t start to go bad right on
the plant.

Many are interested in the question of how often you need to change the bushes. AT
mostly, in the fourth year, it is advised to plant new plants. If a
regular strawberries with a “mustache” should choose those that are better
just rooted. Do not make the mistake of many people who
simply divide the bush and plant the halves. So you are nothing
good will not achieve. You can grow strawberries with seeds or
Buy ready-made seedlings in specialized stores.

Strawberries are not only a delicious dessert that children love as well.
and adults. It is the basis of many homemade preparations: jams,
compotes. Has a positive effect on health: contains
beauty vitamins (A and E), fiber, carotene, useful elements. we
We hope that you will be able to grow a rich harvest, and from now on
growing strawberries on the balcony will be your serious

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