Growing grapes “Buffet”: description.Advantages and disadvantages of grapes “Buffet”, featuresvarieties

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Виноград «Фуршетный» относится к столовым varietiesм,
it is consumed fresh. This is a relatively new variety that
famous for its large and juicy berries.

Growing it is not difficult, just take into account the features

Описание винограда «Фуршетный»: характеристика varieties и его

The grapes were bred in 2008 by a Ukrainian breeder.
Загорулько В. В. В своей работе он использовал varieties «Кубань» и
�”Gift Zaporozhye.” Cross Breeding Vine
different early ripening berries. Harvest ripen already in
early august.

Кусты этого varieties мощные, побегообразование хорошее. One square m
Vineyard gives up to 14 strong shoots. They completely ripen to
the end of the growing season and tolerate frost well to – 22 ° C. Root
система varieties хорошо развита, листовой покров ярко-зеленый. Leaves
large, curly.

Famous grapes “Buffet” for its berries. They are collected in
large clusters up to 1 kg each. Berries are elongated, purple or
синего цвета, с характерным восковым налетоm Weight of one berry up to 12
gr. The skin of grapes is thin, but dense, almost not felt
when eating. The harvest tolerates transportation, the variety is interesting with
commercial point of view.

No less interesting is the taste of berries. It’s a cross between raisins and
mulberry tree The flesh is quite elastic and fragrant, almost not
contains seeds.

Урожайность varieties высокая, при правильном уходе удается собрать
up to 20 kg of grapes from one bush. Due to the wax on the
the skin, the berries do not crack, are resistant to
привычным заболеванияm

Advantages and disadvantages of grapes “Buffet”

The variety has a number of advantages, which makes it popular
the market, but without drawbacks has not done.

Indisputable advantages of grapes are:

– large size of berries;

– unusual taste;

– no pea;

– good crop transportability;

– frost resistance of the vine;

– high yield.

Но при выращивании стоит знать о минусах varieties. There are some of them:
propensity to overload the crop, strong growth, which leads to
thickening of the bush.

Особенности выращивания винограда varieties «Фуршетный»

Experienced gardeners recommend planting this grape variety on
distance of at least 3 m from each other. This is due to the strong

Form the vine on the fan-type, cut into 5-8 eyes. On
one plant leaves up to 50 buds. Also cut out the old ones
shoots, leaving up to 30 young.

Grapes are grown in a well-lit and open area to
berries received a maximum of sunlight and heat. From this taste
будет более насыщенныm

Planting vines in open ground

Grapes grow well on fertile soil. Marsh
участок совершенно не годится для посадки vines. Ground level
Water should be below the root system. If the risk of flooding
exists, the wells drain well.

The soil is prepared in advance. It should be loose and
moisture-absorbing. The plot is cleared of plant debris, well
dig in with the addition of mineral and organic fertilizers.
Then leave until the landing, so that the ground donkey. If a
planting is planned in the fall, then the soil is prepared in the summer
или весной, но не менее чем за месяц до высадки vines.

Сроки посадки этого varieties растянуты, так как саженцы хорошо
carry short-term night frosts. In some areas
It is possible to plant a vine since March. In May, all the landing work
must end.

The grapes can be planted in late autumn, from mid-October to
the end of November. But it depends on the growing region. Do not forget,
that after the autumn planting saplings need to cover for the winter.

On фото представлена схема посадки винограда

How to choose good grape saplings

You can buy seedlings of “Buffet” grapes in
specialized stores or from proven people. Only in this
случае лоза будет отвечать всем сортовым признакаm Give up on
buying seedlings on the market, you can sell low-quality goods,
As a result, the harvest may disappoint.

When buying, pay attention to the condition of the plant:

— Root система должна быть хорошо развитой и «живой». If a
the roots are dry, then they no longer help.

– The vaccination site should not cause concern.

– Leaf cover should be green, with no visible signs.

It is better to buy seedlings in the season of mass trade.

Полноценный уход за виноградом varieties «Фуршетный»

Planting a vine on your site, do not count
на большой урожай, если вы не готовы ухаживать за растениеm
Основной уход за лозой сводится к стандартным процедураm

Watering organization

Grapes – moisture-loving plant, but everything should be in moderation.
Immediately after planting, the saplings are watered abundantly, spending on one
plant up to 20 liters of water. In the future, watering is carried out as
of necessity.

It is usually watered when the ovaries form and
grapes are poured. In the dry summer watered often can
build an automatic irrigation system. It is important that the primer
soaked with moisture to the entire depth of the roots. After watering
the soil is kept loose to ensure inflow
кислорода к корняm

Feeding grapes

The first two years, the seedlings are not fed, if during planting the hole
was filled properly, the soil contains enough

In subsequent years, fertilizing is done several times per season:

– in early spring;

– during the formation of ovaries;

– in the fall.

In early spring before bud break and during formation
ovaries make mineral fertilizers. Apply superphosphate
ammonium sulphate. These dressings provoke the growth of the bush,
increase the yield, make the berries sweeter.

In the autumn it is useful to feed bushes with organic fertilizers. Can
mix them with mineral.

Bush quotation

An integral part of the work is the quotation of the bush. She will allow
get rid of old bark and roots that broke through
the soil.

Old bark is removed manually or with special devices.
This contributes to the formation of a new protective layer, the shoots will be
better breathe. Carry out the procedure must be very careful not to
injure the plant.

Fight against diseases and pests

Grapes “Buffet” differs quite good immunity, but
protective measures will not prevent him. The main problem with
выращивании могут стать грибковые diseases.

In order to prevent the bushes are treated in early spring and as
of necessity. Spraying is carried out before the disclosure of the kidneys, in
some cases are treated by sheet.

List of drugs for spraying:

– “Topaz”;

– “Kvadris”;

– “Delan”;

– “Horus”.

Carefully inspect the leaves with the ovary to avoid damage.
harvest. Spray not only the outside, but also the inside

Sometimes the plant is affected by pests, they are used against
drug “Vermitek” and others.

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