Growing apples in a harsh climate: whatvarieties to choose? Popular apple varieties for the Urals and Siberia(a photo)

Ср, 28 июн 2017 Автор: Юлия Кривенко

The climate in Siberia and the Urals is pretty harsh, so lay
apple orchard is quite difficult. Trees must be especially
hardy and hardy. Thanks to modern breeding appeared
varieties of apple trees that not only meet all needs, but also
bring a good harvest.

How to choose an apple tree for the Urals and Siberia

When choosing a variety, consider its winter hardiness. There are varieties
with varying degrees of winter hardiness. For cultivation in a harsh climate
seedlings with high winter hardiness are suitable, they easily carry
frost down to -50 C, not demanding to sunlight and watering.

The second selection criterion should be the yield of the tree. It is better
total select varieties with high yields, which
bear fruit several years after vaccination.

Take into account the time of ripening. For cultivation in the northern
regions are better suited to early and middle varieties that ripen
early summer and autumn. Winter varieties in the Urals is better not to grow,
because at the end of August there is a risk of night frost, the fruits
spoil, will be poorly stored.

Summarizing, we can say that in the northern regions to grow
Apples are possible, but you need to choose proven varieties that are rarely
suffer and are affected by pests, tolerate frost well and give
bountiful harvest.

Early apple varieties for the Urals and Siberia with photos

Early varieties are designed for summer consumption, they have low
keeping quality Fruits begin to collect in July until August.

Among the popular varieties selected the most productive and

• Melba. Popular variety among gardeners, fruit medium
magnitude. Harvest storage period – 60 days. Fruiting tree later
five years after landing.

• White filling. Sweet-tasting variety, enters fruiting
after five years of cultivation. Fruits are poorly stored, so they are often
allowed for recycling. Productivity is high, the term of ripening of fruits
– the beginning of August.

• Gorny. Apple tree with small fruits. Fruits are suitable for
processing and summer consumption. Fruiting is stable, every
year you can get good yields. Fruiting tree later 4 года,
the peak of fruiting comes to 8 years.

• Ligol. Large-fruited apples with good yields.
Fruits a few years after planting. Harvest stored
long that especially pleases gardeners.

• Belarusian sweet. Apple tree gives a bountiful harvest, especially on
5 year cultivation. The weight of apples is 200 grams. The fruits deteriorate quickly,
therefore, it is better to recycle.

These varieties are well proven, in harsh conditions give
stable yields, rarely get sick and are affected by pests.

Autumn apples for the Urals and Siberia with a photo

To create a good garden, it is better to choose apples of different terms
ripening. The climate in the Urals is very unpredictable and late frosts
can destroy the flowering of early varieties, so the garden must
посадите яблони со средним сроком ripening. Such fruits are good
stored until new crop, ripening during storage. Popular
varieties of winter apples for regions with a harsh climate:

• Autumn striped. Large-fruited apple variety. High yields
with good care, you can collect up to 70 kg from one tree.
The peculiarity of the apple is that fruiting comes in a year.
The first time the crop is harvested at the age of 7-8 years.

• Ural bulk. Skoroplodny grade, first harvest sapling
gives already in the second year of cultivation. Peak yield
4-5 year. Fruits are yellow, not large, well kept, fit
for recycling.

• Beauty of Sverdlovsk. Red juicy apples reach a weight of 250
gr. The variety is rarely affected by pests, does not peel off and does not get sick.
Fruiting occurs 4 years after vaccination. Peak yield
on the 8th year. Apples are well kept until next season.

• Bryansk pink. Large-fruited variety bears fruits tasty and
juicy apples. It tolerates frosts, long stored.
Ripens in storage.

• Florin. Sort with purple apples of unusual shape. Fruit
covered with bloom, which allows them to be stored until spring. AT
плодоношение вступает на 5 year cultivation. Yield is stable
high, from one tree can collect up to 10 kg of apples.

• Jonagold. American apple variety that bears fruit on 3
cultivation year. Commodity volumes of fruits harvested after 6 years.
The yield is high – up to 15 kg per tree.

Do not rush to choose a variety, think about it well and choose the most
suitable for your garden.

Colonoid apple trees: varieties for the Urals and Siberia

If there is not enough space in the garden, then the columnar trees are what
need to. A feature of the columnar apple is their yield.
The first 5 years it is growing, and then installed on one
level ATысота дерева позволяет укрывать его полностью, что
will provide additional safety in the winter.

Breeders bred several varieties that successfully
can be grown in the harsh northern climate.

• The president. Late variety, large fruits with good taste.

• ATасюган. Autumn apple tree fruiting comes early.
It has a high yield and good winter hardiness. Fruit
large with good taste.

• Iksha. Summer variety with good frost resistance.

• Medoc. Fruit обладают медовым ароматом и привкусом. Good
tolerates temperature extremes. Maturing period – mid-July.

• Arbat. Late variety with fruits of excellent quality. Harvest
well kept until next season.

Despite the good winter hardiness of these varieties, for the winter from the tree
remove all the leaves and cover with snow or tied with spruce branches.

Features of growing apples in the northern regions

Planting apple trees and caring for trees in a harsh climate
has its own characteristics.

Apple trees are planted in late autumn, when they are established
frost so that the tree does not move in growth. You can plant seedlings
in early spring, as soon as the snow melts. Plot choose low
groundwater abounding with fertile soil rich in nitrogen.

In severe frosts, the soil deeply freezes, even the root
winter hardy system may be damaged. To avoid this,
tree trunk circle is mulched with a thick layer of humus or
peat The thickness of the mulch is at least 10 cm. The top is additionally covered
dry leaves or snow.

Water the apple tree only after planting. AT последующие годы
enough natural rainfall. AT засушливый период допускается
rare watering.

For good seedling development and high yield make
top dressing. Apply nitrogen and phosphorus-potassium fertilizers.

Formative pruning is carried out a year after planting. Further
carry out only preventive pruning. ATесной ветви яблонь
cut to the maximum, which stimulates their growth and increases
harvest In columnar varieties, the central conductor is not cut off.

As you can see, growing apples in Siberia and the Urals
troublesome. But with the right approach, yields will be stable and
high. ATыбирайте только зимостойкие сорта, не забывайте об уходе
и правилах top dressing.

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