Grape diet: advantages, disadvantages,menu

vinogradnaya-dietaFor the first time a diet based on grapes began
actively apply in medical institutions for natural
purification of the gastrointestinal tract on the eve of operational
interventions. And only then did the people with
the problem of overweight!

And this is not surprising, because with this diet you can not only
achieve healthy and safe weight loss, but also, thanks
unique antioxidant features of grapes,
count on the process of cleansing the blood from the presence of free

Like many other fruit diets, grape also
must be used solely for the purpose of losing weight all over
a couple of extra pounds before any responsible
for example, a summer holiday on the beach or a wedding
by the ceremony.


Useful properties of a diet on grapes

Among the main features of the diet (in addition to the process of loss
weight) is to provide a positive preventive effect on
health of the respiratory system, reducing the risk of developing cancer
neoplasms (mainly in the lungs), which makes this look
nutrition is simply vital for active smokers.

As for nutritional value, the grapes are famous
impressive content of vitamins (A, C, D, E, F) and many important
for the human body trace elements (iron, cobalt, magnesium,
phosphorus, potassium, calcium). It also contains polyphenols,
which are able to enhance fat metabolism.

Using the grape diet due to its laxative properties
well cleans the digestive tract from the final products
vital activity, has a sedative effect on the central
nervous system, improves brain mental functions,
strengthens bone and muscle tissue, increases absorption of food
useful components.

The optimal duration is 4 days with a break.
for one month, and allows you to safely rely on weight loss
on 2 – 3 kilograms. In addition, the grapes are relatively high in calories,
therefore, the diet itself will be given to you easily and without obsessive
feeling of hunger.

4-х дневное menu виноградной диеты:

1 day

Breakfast: 100 – 150 gr. grapes (advantage of dark varieties),
100 gr. wheat bran and orange.

Lunch: 100 – 150 gr. grapes, 200 gr. тыквы, 100 gr. salad dressing
leaf, a slice of oven-baked low-fat beef and
a handful of nuts.

Dinner: cook a salad of 150 grams. grape (advantage
светлым сортам), 100 gr. pineapple and gooseberry with the addition of 1 tbsp.
spoons of lemon juice. Take it all down with a glass of purified water. Also
If desired, you can eat a small slice of white meat chicken.

Daily caloric content – no more than 900 units.

Day 2

Breakfast: natural homemade yogurt (or purchased low-fat
option) with the addition of 1 tbsp. spoons of lemon juice plus 100 – 150
gr. dark grapes.

Lunch: half a cup of cooked cooked rice with the addition of
оливкового масла, несколько тигровых креветок и 100 – 150 gr.
white grapes.

Ужин: 100 gr. grape (advantage темным сортам) и
oven-baked potatoes with vegetables.

Daily calories – no more than 800 units. Day 3

Завтрак: 100 gr. low fat cottage cheese, whole grain slice
хлеба и 50 gr. grape (advantage темным varieties).

Обед: 100 gr. белого винограда, 150 gr. stewed cabbage and 200
gr. lean fish cooked in the oven.

Dinner: make grape jelly; why prepare a glass
виноградного сока, 75 gr. grapes and gelatin. We breed
last in warm water, add juice, set on fire. After
add the grapes and put in the refrigerator (approximately
for an hour and a half).

Daily caloric content – not more than 700 units.

Day 4

Завтрак: 100 gr. low fat cottage cheese, whole grain slice
хлеба грубого помола и 100 gr. grape (advantage темным

Lunch: grape pancakes; ингредиенты: 100 gr. water, 100 – 150
gr. white grapes, chicken egg and a couple of tablespoons of flour
top grade.

Ужин: положите в кастрюлю 100 gr. моркови, 100 gr. chicken
филе, 50 gr. Mushrooms and simmer before cooking. After украсьте
dish of grapes and season with low-fat sour cream.

Daily caloric content – no more than 900 units.

Предостережение: Отдельных слов заслуживает виноградная
skin that has a hard texture and very bad
digested. As a result, after 4 days diets may occur.
certain problems in the form of constipation. Prevention of this
incident can be considered the use of thin-skinned varieties

Also данная программа питания не рекомендована при различных
diseases of the heart and blood vessels, hypertension and diabetes
or should be observed under the strict supervision of the doctor.

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