Good atmosphere in the house is capablecure brain abnormalities in children

Wed, 30 Jul 2014

The scientists found that the brain of most premature
children reaches the development of their peers closer to adolescence
age The main thing is that the brain of such a child in the first days of life
got no injuries. In this case, the cognitive possibilities
baby will not be broken. Experts say it is important
factor in the development of the child is the situation in the house.

Thus, the developmental lag is not always explained
the fact of prematurity. Specialists examined cognitive
abilities of 145 children (both full-term and premature), whose
age exceeded 12 years. Important for evaluating results
studies were factors such as the state of the atmosphere in the house on
moment of birth and at the time of its holding

It turned out that children born on time had the best
working memory as well as higher common intellectual
abilities. However, in dysfunctional social conditions the brain
such children suffered greatly. At the same time, premature babies,
which, due to various reasons, had weakened brain
communication, successfully restored, thanks to favorable
atmosphere in the family.

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