Gestosis during pregnancy

Gestosis during pregnancy
Wed, Mar 23, 2016

Gestosis during pregnancy: что это такое

Gestosis during pregnancy обычно обнаруживается в 25-28 недель,
sometimes a little earlier. The exact reasons for its appearance are not completely
identified, there are several theories of its occurrence. With
gestosis, the placenta begins to produce special substances that
lead to the formation of micropores in the blood vessels of the pregnant.
Through these pores, protein enters the soft tissue from the blood and
fluid is leaking, leading to edema. Initially, swelling can
to be hidden because first of all, the organs located are swollen
inside the body, and the placenta including, which can lead to
fetal hypoxia. Suspected the appearance of edema can be overweight,
which recruited a pregnant woman. Although it is up to a certain time
may feel quite healthy: not feel discomfort,
nausea, dizziness, although changes in the body have already begun
take place. Micropores affected all blood vessels.
pregnant, including those that are in the kidneys, therefore in the urine
can detect protein. The more such openings, the more
fluid and protein is lost, and gestosis during pregnancy takes
more severe form. This disease occurs only in pregnant women.
We can say that gestosis without pregnancy does not exist. Everything
symptoms disappear a few days after delivery. This disease in
varying degrees of severity, occurs in about thirty percent
pregnant women. You should not treat her lightly, because she is
занимает одно из первых мест среди причин смертности pregnant women. AT
severe cases of preeclampsia during pregnancy is accompanied by convulsions,
so-called convulsive seizure, which can cause
death and women and unborn child. ATо время приступа может
happen a stroke, heart attack, pulmonary edema, brain occur
retinal detachment, placenta, hepatic or renal development
failure. Sometimes an approaching seizure
(scientifically eclampsia) may indicate certain
symptoms precursors (pre-eclampsia): vomiting, headache,
drowsiness, flickering points before your eyes. Although not necessary
an attack can begin without them.

Gestosis during pregnancy: как его распознать

Once this disease is insidious enough, it is necessary to recognize it as
possible before. What signs and symptoms may indicate that
began to develop preeclampsia during pregnancy? There are several
characteristic changes that suggest that in the body
Trouble started. Pregnant should be alerted that she has: –
late toxicosis appeared: nausea, dizziness, vomiting. Withчем
vomiting worries not only in the morning, but during the day, and is accompanied by
abundant saliva; – protein found in the urine. therefore
pregnant women often do a general urine test as early as possible.
notice this or that ailment; – swelling appeared. Can brush swell
hands, feet, ankles, calves. With отеках ограничивают потребление
salts and liquids up to one and a half or even liters per day (given the liquid
and drinking water, and tea, and first courses, and juicy fruits); –
there is a sharp weight gain. Optimal weight gain in the third
trimester should be 300-400g, maximum – 500g. During the period
pregnancy, a woman should add no more than 10-12kg; – increased
arterial pressure. Since from the blood vessels constantly
fluid seeps in, the blood thickens and becomes small. To
promote it through the vessels, the body has to increase
pressure. All the symptoms do not have to be present to
understand that preeclampsia began during pregnancy, sometimes
two or three is enough. If pregnant significantly added
weight, and external edema is not observed, the doctor can her
recommend to test the MKO (Maclura-Aldrich) in order to
make sure that there is no internal edema. This procedure is simple:
A special solution is injected under the skin. At the injection site is formed
slight bloating nodule. If it resolves in 35 minutes or
faster, it means there are hidden edemas in the body.

Gestosis during pregnancy: кто в группе риска

Especially you need to be attentive to your health in order to avoid
gestosis during pregnancy for women who: – have crossed the age
a threshold of 35 years; – expect a child for the first time, i.e. primiparous; –
pregnant women are twins or triplets; – are carriers of infections,
sexually transmitted: ureaplasma, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis; –
have chronic diseases: diabetes, hypertension,
obesity, vascular dystonia, pyelonephritis. If a doctor
confirm preeclampsia during pregnancy, do not give up
госпитализации в стациshe isр. ATо-первых, женщина будет находиться под
control, and, in emergency situations, she will always have an ambulance
on-site assistance. ATо-вторых, беременной будет назначено лечение,
which should alleviate her condition and bring her health back to normal.
Namely, certain drugs are injected (mostly do
droppers) that make up for the loss of protein, fluid in
blood vessels, and also remove excess fluid from the tissues. With
severe preeclampsia, if after three days of therapy, treatment
proved ineffective to save the mother with the baby, spend
cesarean section.

Gestosis during pregnancy: как ему противостоять

From the first months of pregnancy, you need to monitor nutrition and
its weight. To не набирать лишние килограммы, не стоит налегать
on sweets, pastries, flour. It should be remembered that the unborn child
needs a protein that is necessary for the formation of new
organic cells. therefore следует позаботиться, чтобы с пищей
it did enough. AT рационе должны ежедневно присутствовать
protein foods such as cottage cheese, eggs, lean meat (beef,
veal, chicken), fish. Should not get carried away with pickles and
herring, but fruits and vegetables should be eaten more. If a
a woman has a tendency to swelling, you can drink kidney teas,
cranberry juice, dogrose, bearberry, leaves

ATрач дополнительно может прописать курантил, магне AT6, липоевую
acid, vitamin E, which contribute to the prevention of preeclampsia.
Drugs must be taken only with the approval of your doctor.
Effective prevention of such a disease as preeclampsia with
pregnancy, moderate exercise and active
Lifestyle. If a есть возможность, можно посещать бассейн, занятия
yoga, pilates, or perform daily half an hour pedestrian


Aliska99 03/28/2016 Article full of useful information. I want to
believe that they are not useful and my long-awaited pregnancy
will bring only positive emotions without experiences. Metelewa
28.03.2016 AT понедельник ложусь в роддом в отделение патологии. To me
put pre-gestosis. Very afraid. But supervised
definitely calmer. ATерю, надеюсь, молюсь… Vesna 28.03.2016 Have меня
there were swelling in late periods. My doctor wrote me a whole list.
drugs listed in the article. Said to drink strictly necessarily. Have
I was born a wonderful baby! Follow the doctor’s instructions!
Аленка 28.03.2016 If a ранний токсикоз – это норма, то поздний, как
typically signals problems. My friend because of toxemia on
7-ом месяце положили в стациshe isр. Now supervised. Lika
03/28/2016 I did not know what is preeclampsia and did not even hear about it.
Stumbled across, and actually I’m at risk. To me уже 38. Буду
on the alert, although the term “old age” so all doctors

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