George Clooney overlooked Michelle Pfeiffer $ 100thousand

Wed, 07 May 2014

George Clooney made a proposal to his girlfriend Amal Amaluddin,
which, according to rumors, is in pleasant anticipation of the firstborn. True,
there is an alternative to such information: it is reported that
Amal’s conservative parents are strongly against civilians.

However, no matter what they say in society, one thing is clear – the wedding is not for
by the mountains. For Clooney it will be serious financial spending, because besides
payment of the wedding and everything connected with it, George will be forced
выложить круглую сумму в $100 thousand Мишель Пфайффер, с которой он
argued a few years ago. The subject of the dispute was that
Clooney promised not to marry until the end of his days.

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