Gases in a newborn: causes and symptomspathology. Gases in a newborn – what to do and how to treat?

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At the age of three weeks to three months is extremely
Often babies have gas and colic, with a great cry. Such
pathology is absolutely not dangerous to the health of the baby, but brings
a lot of discomfort.

About the causes of gases in the newborn and methods of treatment can be
find out in the article.

Causes of gas in newborns

It is very simple to make sure that the baby is tortured by gaziki.
But you can only help the child if you identify the cause
pathology. There may be several:

1. • Maternal nutrition is incorrect. When breastfeeding mother
It must be remembered that a number of products contribute to
the formation of gas. Increased gas formation may occur
reason for consuming the following products:

• legumes;

• white cabbage;

• flour products;

• carbonated drinks.

Excessive consumption may contribute to the formation of gases.

2. • Incorrect attachment to the chest. When breastfeeding
It is very important to properly attach the baby to the breast. With the wrong
attaching the child will trap air. Must be paid
attention and pose baby. His head should be above the body.

3. • If the baby is bottle-fed,
It is important to ensure that the nipple is always completely filled with the mixture.
Otherwise, the baby will trap air, which leads to
gas formation.

4. • Other causes of gas. The cause of the pathology is
tight swaddling, too tight gum on diapers, crying

Less common reasons include:

• a difficult emotional atmosphere in the family;

• prematurity;

• lure with a mixture after applying to the chest;

• poor digestibility of lactose;

• excessively dense artificial feeding;

• mixture with unsuitable composition;

• maternal smoking during gestation and lactation.

Parents should consult a doctor to determine the cause
diseases. Only after that the doctor will be able to give recommendations.

Symptoms of gas in the newborn

To determine the gases in a child is not so difficult. Usually
Pathology is accompanied by the following symptoms:

• excessive anxiety of the baby;

• preload legs, which indicates a sharp pain in the stomach or

• the release of gas;

• strong screams for several hours (usually always
appear in the late afternoon);

• the appearance of pallor of the skin;

• anxiety occurs immediately after feeding;

• An important sign is a green stool or constipation.

When colic occurs, the baby squeezes the cams and arches
backrest. When only the first symptoms of gas appear
the newborn must be treated by a doctor.

Gases in a newborn: what to do and how to help the baby?

In order to avoid the occurrence of gas in the newborn,
what to do and how to treat the doctor will tell.

But mom should stick to some

1. • Before each feeding the baby lay on the tummy or to
on your lap. When laying out after applying to the chest do
it’s a couple of hours later.

2. • After each application of the child it is imperative
keep a column. You can keep a child not just a column, but
press to your chest.

3. • Be sure to massage the baby. It includes
stroking the tummy, pulling the legs to the stomach. Hold legs
bent for at least 15 seconds.

If you follow these rules, the baby can be protected from
unpleasant symptoms. In the event of an effective massage
tummy Carry out such procedures by gentle strokes.
Baby belly clockwise. Thanks to this air
moves to the exit, and the spasms subside. No less effective
dill water with colic. It can be replaced with a decoction of chamomile,
fennel tea. Mint tea is a great help in the fight
with increased gas formation.

Other methods of dealing with colic

If the above methods were ineffective in the fight
with pathology, in this case other methods may come to the rescue
treatment. These include:

1. Газоотводная трубка. Sold by
best price at any pharmacy. Tube tip needed
lubricate with baby cream or butter. After that very
осторожно ввести трубочку в задний проход baby Kids to
half a year should lie on the back with legs crossed. More
Adult babies should lie on their left side, pressing the legs to the stomach.
Before carrying out of manipulations it is necessary to spread waterproof
a diaper, since the baby can pass stool during the passage of gas. Have
baby does not arise addiction to the tube. Upon reaching
a three month old child will learn to spontaneous
release of jeep.

2. Клизма. Have новорожденного малыша очень часто
colic accompanied by constipation. If the child is not emptied more
two days and is too concerned, it is possible to help him with
enemas. Such manipulations will help to clean the intestines. In the pharmacy
need to purchase the smallest enema. For
procedures water must be heated to 40 degrees. Warmed up
fluid dial into enema. Tip pre-lubricated with cream
or butter. The tip should be inserted into the anus of the baby and a couple
seconds squeeze the ass. This is necessary in order that the stool masses
managed to soften. This method is an extreme measure that is not
should be abused. Baby’s intestines are very gentle.

3. Грелка. As soon as the baby appeared in the family
It is imperative to purchase a heating pad. She is capable
reduce pain, help gazikam move in the gut. After
that they quietly go out. For процедуры необходимо
type warm water in a heating pad and attach to the tummy. Parents
You must be careful when choosing a heating pad. More эффективными
salted hot-water bottles with cherry pits.

All methods are effective, but before applying any of them
be sure to contact your doctor.

A set of exercises to eliminate colic

If there are gases in the newborn, the causes of which may be
the most diverse, then come to the aid of a set of exercises. Purpose
Such a complex is the establishment of the work of the digestive system.
system. Manipulation is possible only at rest.
baby You can not perform actions at the time of colic. Conduct such
a session is needed a couple of times a day.

1. • Hands rest. The complex begins with the establishment of contact
рук с животиком baby It is necessary to remain calm even in
случае крика и плача baby Touching the baby passes
state of mind mom. Especially sensitive baby feels condition

2. • Bucket or large waves. Iron your baby’s tummy
direction from top to bottom. Such movements are repeated six times. Arm
должна постоянно находиться на животе baby In this case, mom
constantly stays in continuous contact with the baby. One hand
hold down, then replace it with your second hand.

3. • Knees up and down. Baby feet should be joined together.
After поднять их к животику и подержать в таком положении 10
seconds Such a position will help move the gazikam. Next pull out
baby legs and shake them a little. It will contribute to relaxation.

4. • Sun and moon. Left hand on the baby’s tummy around the navel
need to draw a full circle. Be sure to draw necessary
clockwise. For this you need to imagine the sun. Right
hand draw the moon. Such manipulations are repeated 6-7 times. Highly
It is important to maintain physical contact with the newborn.

5.•After проведения таких действий необходимо повторить
exercise with your knees.

6. • Touching the rest. Check out a session worth relaxing
movements. Они заключаются в легком покачивании бедер baby
Such actions will help gas workers to quickly move away and relax.
newborn baby.

This set of exercises greatly facilitates the state
baby After проведения процедур газы с легкостью отходят и
discomfort is eliminated.

When at least one symptom of pathology appears, the parent must
urgently contact a specialist to identify the cause
ailment. Only after this can be appointed competent treatment.
Do not pull with a visit to the doctor, because the child’s condition can
get worse

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