Fruit diseases: how to identify a scab on a pear.All methods of treating scab: chemical and folk remedies

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Scab is a fungal disease that affects fetuses.
trees In a pear, the defeat extends to flowers, fruits,
shoots and leaves of the plant. It does a lot of damage to the crop to
to cope with the disease, you need to know the first symptoms of her

Signs of the disease – scab on pear

To properly diagnose a disease, you need to know everything.
his symptoms. Scab on a pear is more pronounced than on others
plants and determine it easier.

• One of the signs of the disease – brown spots on the fruit of pear.
They immediately catch the eye, it is impossible not to notice them.

• With the development of the disease appear brown spots with oily
bloom on the surface of pear leaves.

• In the affected tree, the fruits become ugly, stop
develop normally.

• A diseased tree sheds ovaries, flowers, leaves.

• On the affected shoots of young parachas trees
cracking bark and bloating. In these places mycelium develops
fungus that begins to multiply in the spring. Therefore, all
damaged pear shoots must be destroyed.

Photo scab at various stages

Why pears are sick with scab

Scab spores wake up only under favorable conditions
starting to multiply actively.

Wet and cold weather favors the development of the disease.
in the spring. In case of high humidity on summer days, it can also
there is an outbreak of the disease. And on the ambient humidity
environments are influenced not only by the rains, but also by the loss of abundant dew.

The most effective ways to treat scab on a pear

To cure the disease can only complex measures. Scab fast
develops and requires a unique approach to treatment.

Among all the methods highlighted the most

1. Spraying wood. This is one of the effective methods that
used in the fight against scab. Processing is necessary
several times a season.

2. Regular inspection and destruction of affected parts of the tree.
Especially carefully examine the young shoots of the plant.

3. Disposal of infected fruit.

The combination of these methods with preventive measures does not help
only deter, but also prevent the spread of the disease.

How and when to spray pears

Wood processing must be carried out at least five times. how
right to do it?

• The first treatment is carried out in early spring when the swell
the kidneys.

• The second is sprayed with a pear during the period of laying the flower buds,
just before flowering.

• Subsequent processing occurs immediately after
flowering, before the formation of fruit.

• The fourth time the pear is sprayed two weeks after

• Final processing is carried out only for winter varieties.
pears that are designed for long storage. It is carried out in
late summer or early fall.

Important! Treatment preparations needed
change regularly. Spray with the same product.
can not.

Prevention of scab on pear

Scab is common in almost all regions, therefore
prevention of the disease must begin long before planting

1. Place for landing must be chosen according to all the rules. It
should be well lit.

2. When laying the garden you need to observe the density of planting trees.
The less often plants are planted, the better for the gardener. Thickened
planting leads to an increased risk of disease.
Regular pruning helps to quickly blow the crown after

3. Cleaning fallen leaves. Every gardener should know that
the scab pathogen overwinters in the leaves, so a thorough cleaning of the garden
autumn will help avoid outbreaks of the disease. Soil under the trees
digging up.

4. Regular spraying of trees.

5. Proper enrichment of soil nutrients.

It is necessary to begin the fight against the disease in the autumn, when it is removed
the last harvest. During this period, conduct preventive
spraying. If the weather is rainy, then spraying
repeat on drier and more serene days.

Scab on a pear is very dangerous, it covers large areas
in a short time that harms the gardener. From the disease can
perish the whole crop. The combination of therapeutic and prophylactic
methods gives good results in the fight against the disease.

How to spray a pear against scab

It is necessary to begin processing with preventive autumn
spraying. It is carried out after leaf fall. In a liter of water
dissolve 50 grams of urea and spray the garden.

Experienced gardeners advise early spring spraying
copper sulphate. For 1 liter of water use 30 grams of the drug with
adding 40 grams of lime. And in the fall to process a tree iron
vitriol, dissolve 30 grams of the drug in a liter of water.

Also coping well with the scab following

• copper oxychloride;

• polycarbocin;

• polychrome;

• coloid sulfur.

Good signs are noticed at the first signs of damage.
after treatment with zircon.

how использовать системные средства при борьбе с паршой

Quite good results were shown by the drug “Skor”, which is sprayed.
plant no less four times. About 2 ml are dissolved in a bucket of water.

Препарат «Строби» используют для борьбы с
powdery mildew with a scab on a pear and an apple tree. For one vegetative
a period of not more than three treatments with this drug. Interval
Between sprays of at least two weeks. Drug action
lasts up to one month. It is allowed to use Storby mixed with
other fungicides.

«Хорус» — эффективный препарат от парши,
which operates in low temperature conditions, not washed off
the rain. The treatment is carried out before bud break, then it is repeated in
конце flowering Drug action сохраняется до одного
of the month.

how лечить паршу на груше минеральными удобрениями

Experienced gardeners advise equally effective treatments
scab mineral fertilizers. In this case, not only
medicinal spraying, but also foliar fertilizing of the tree, which
have a positive effect on his condition.

Pears are sprayed with the following solutions.

• ammonium nitrate, the concentration of the working solution is not more than

• сульфат аммония, концентрация до ten%;

• potassium chloride, the concentration of the drug from 3 to 8%;

• potassium nitrate, working solution from 5 to 15%;

• potassium salt, solution concentration up to 10%.

Treatments are carried out throughout the season.

For one vegetative период наблюдается до пяти вспышек
diseases. The first to suffer are young plantations that are more
susceptible to fungal diseases. Older plants
resistant to scab. For stable yields compulsory
carrying out all measures to combat the disease.

Experienced gardeners advise growing more resistant to scab
pear varieties that will save labor costs will allow you to get good
harvests. These varieties include:

• Favorite Clapp;

• Study;

• Tavria;

• Trembita;

• Margarita Marilla;

• Bere Gardy.

Important! Scab hits pears as well
apple trees. But it does not move from one tree to another, since
pathogens are different fungi. However, the methods of struggle
with scab are the same on all fruit trees.

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