Fruit Diet – Detailed Description and Helpfultips. Reviews of fruit diet and sample recipes.

Sun, Sep 04, 2016

Fruit diet – description and general principles

Fruity diet is called tasty weight loss, and it is absolutely
That’s right, because in such a useful way you can lose 5-7 kg of weight and
it is fun to smile, sharing a good mood, and not
grumble in depression, like forever hungry aunt. We all know for a long time
that fruit is a source of vitamins, besides in any form
contains a whole bunch of trace elements, including those that contribute
the production of endorphins – hormones of joy.

It is the fruit diet that many nutritionists advise to start,
if you need to throw a large number of kilograms, as well as just
unload and clean the body. Its essence is quite simple: in
for some time consume a large amount of fruit,
replacing them with all other products. Fruit is removed from the body
toxins, the body consumes fewer calories even than
fruit juice, while deeply cleansed. Exchange
substances does not slow down, as during a total failure of food, not
metabolism decreases. Fruit diet is not designed for long
period, but each cell has time to be filled with antioxidants,
vitamins and minerals. As a result, significant weight loss
lightness is added throughout the body, skin is radiant with health and
high energy.

Fruit diet has many advantages over others.

The body does not suffer from a lack of vitamins and minerals, therefore
he is not threatened by brittle nails and dry skin, a large amount
cellulose helps to destroy cellulite and improve color
faces. In this case, you can eat fruit at any time of the day or night.
Free up time from cooking can be spent on
physical exercise. Among the disadvantages of this diet can be called
some side effects: weakness, diarrhea and white patina
language. The fruit diet cannot be kept for a long period, since
muscles begin to weaken as a result of lack of protein and other
the nutrients that are present in bread, meat and cereals

Some fruits are not able to burn body fat, but
on the contrary, forcing the body to put off fats even more.
Glycogen, which is formed from a huge amount of fructose,
may promote fat formation. Therefore, there are several
rules and recommendations for compliance with this diet, which does not violate
recommended. The main rule concerns prohibited products –
with strong hunger can not be tolerated, you need to switch to fruit
dessert, such as jelly or frozen fruit, fruit salad,
Light yogurt with sliced ​​fruit.

Fruit Diet – What Foods to Eat?

The feeling of hunger should not get too close, otherwise you
can slip to overeating. Always in front of your eyes you need to have
vase with prunes, dried apricots, pear, and then the moment of lunch or
dinner will not give the stomach stressful moments. Fruit need
replace endless fastfood ready-made foods – hot dogs,
pizza, as well as chips and lemonade. There are also designs
mono-diet, the essence of which is that during the day
only fruits of one type are used. The most common:
pineapple, peach, apple and banana diets. During
mono-diet can be included in the diet a small amount of low-fat
dairy products – milk or kefir.

What are some fruits rich in?

Papaya: this exotic fruit is increasingly attracting girls in
Our country, it is rich in fiber and minerals, it is rich
source of antioxidants.

Apples: they contain a large amount of vitamins, they
reduce the risk of cancer and inflammation of the prostate.

Mango: contains potassium and antioxidants.

Bananas: Vitamins and potassium, as well as the largest number
carbohydrates among fruits, is an excellent source of energy.

Oranges: rich in vitamin C, help digestion and cleanse
organism from toxins.

Pineapple: Contains vitamins and calcium, removes toxins.

Useful tips: how to approach the diet

– Starting a diet is very difficult, the first few days to keep
hard, so you can eat as much fruit as you need
organism for saturation. Food restrictions for the first three
there is no day.

– Starting the day is worth with more high-calorie fruits, such as
mangoes or bananas. Also considered high-calorie grapes. Launching
the whole day metabolic process, the body will be provided

Fruit Diet – What Foods You Cannot Eat

The name of the diet itself suggests that when we follow it
must abandon many foods, such as fatty meats, lard,
cereals, butter, buns and other confectionery.

Fruit diet – menu examples

Green smoothie

All America and Europe are crazy about the new product – green
smoothies. With the advent of modern appliances for the kitchen –
combines, mixers, blenders, juicers, cooking has become
much easier. You can mix any ingredients, green smoothies
you can replace breakfast or dinner if you add a little to it
muesli or flakes. The lightweight version can be used to
fruit diet: Ingredients: large green apple, kiwi, grapes
(1 bunch, green seedless seedless will do), ginger root
fresh, green tea, honey (1 tbsp). Method of preparation: We cut
peeled apple in small cubes, clean the kiwi from hairy
peel and cut into pieces, grate the ginger. All whipped in
blender – we get great vitamin and energy

Orange soup

Ingredients: sweet citrus fruits (orange or 2 tangerines), honey
(2 tablespoons), white wine (2 tablespoons spoons), cream (2 tablespoons),
a little starch, 250 grams of water. Method of preparation: Peel from
finely chop the orange, fill with water and boil for a few minutes,
we add sugar, wine, starch to broth. Orange slices scalded
and add to the soup. Decorate a portion of orange soup with cream.

Pink salad

Lemon, orange, grapefruit (4 pieces each), zest of lemon and orange
(1/4), cinnamon, cloves, honey (2 tablespoons), water 150
grams. Method of preparation: stir in water, add cinnamon,
fruit zest, cloves, cook for 15 minutes, leave for half an hour.
Prepare and cut pieces of fruit – pineapple, orange,
grapefruit. Boil fruit in syrup for 3 minutes, remove seasoning,
serve warm.

Five Day Fruit Diet

Breakfast: during the first, second day breakfast is required
eat only two ripe large bananas, on the third day a banana
replaced by mango. The fourth day – a bunch of red grapes, the fifth
mango day again.

The second breakfast: on the first day we divide an apple in half, and eat
only one half, the second day – grapes. The third day –
Orange, the last two days – pear or guava fruit.

Lunch: an apple, the first day, an orange on the second day,
the next day a grapefruit, a mango on the fourth day and a banana in
the last day.

Lunch: distribute by day orange, guava, pear conference,
banana and grapes.

Dinner: the first day you can eat a watermelon, in the second papaya, then
carrots, pineapple, papaya.

If you feel strong hunger at bedtime, you can eat at night.
fruits, such as kiwi, strawberries, or a fruit salad with honey.
Be sure to drink 1.5-2 liters of water during the day;
by adding lemon juice.

Fruit diet – useful tips and reviews

This diet is not suitable for some people. Contraindications may
to treat patients with increased acidity of the digestive tract or ulcerative
gastric disease, gastritis. Such patients may partially
use only banana diet. When overeating fruits can
manifest diathesis in allergic people, so that they
you need to take care of yourself after eating strawberries, citrus
or grapes. Those who followed the fruit diet advise
use food in the form of heat, as from the warm dishes the body
saturates much faster. If the diet is continued for more than 5 days
little or no meat or fish must be added to the diet.

A little bit about the flavor combinations:

Beef and red currant, pork and
pineapples, poultry and peaches. Yummy diet and enjoyable
losing weight!


Zest 03/21/2016 I love fruits! I can only eat them. Honey,
I really don’t eat, I’m allergic to it. Therefore, all submitted
I will make recipes without it. Green smoothie – just heavenly
pleasure, now I eat it directly)) And I absorb the dried fruits, excellent
replace sweets. Marina 03/21/2016 This diet is not for everyone
fits It can cause diarrhea. And some fruits – heaviness in
the stomach. So, to get involved in the fruit diet is not worth it. Other
deal, slightly relieve the body. And fruits should be familiar
for your body. All sorts of exotic fellows may not
digest. Elena 03/21/2016 I usually eat a couple of times a week
only fruit, or vegetables with a small amount of black bread and
garlic. Garlic, by the way, also helps very well with splitting
fat From the fruit I love peaches. In them, in my opinion, about 30-35
kilocalories, and a day more than 4 pieces is still not want,
therefore, it is advantageous to sit on peaches. Ksyusha 03/21/2016 I read the other day
about the fruit diet, supposedly you can not eat fruit in the morning and after taking
food. И что фрукты могут забродить в the stomach. Madhouse some!
When do you have them then ?! And with what they suddenly begin to wander, I
inside ?! It seems like they should be digested … In general, different opinions
on that score. I believe that within reasonable limits (terms), you can
sit on any diet. Irina 03/21/2016 The most delicious diet. But
the feeling of hunger still does not leave, if even without a stop there is
fruits. I want something substantial. My neighbor decided
lose weight, podnelegla berries mostly. The result is an allergy.
on the red berries appeared, although there was not before. And I sat on
banana, love them and they are very nutritious. Were not pretty
bad results.

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