Fractional slimming

drobnoe-pitanie-dlya-pohudeniyaWhen it comes to losing
weight, the difference between calories consumed and consumed –
This is the most important indicator, which first need
draw your attention.

And if this difference is positive, then your body,
implicitly, will store excess calories in the form of fat.

Fractional slimming является концепцией, которая
includes food intake 5-6 times a day. it
completely natural approach and the worst thing with you
happen – you lose a few pounds of excess weight.

Daily calorie intake of five or six small
meals will help you maintain the proper level of energy
increase metabolism and your ability to lose weight. BUT
pairing a healthy, balanced and fractional diet, along with
with physical activity, will allow you as long as possible in
further maintain your ideal weight.

Fundamentals of fractional nutrition for weight loss


Your metabolism is essentially the engine of your body,
working on fuel in the form of calories eaten during the day

When calorie intake decreases, all are synchronously slowed down.
your metabolic processes, which makes the system itself sluggish and
unproductive. Providing your body with enough
high-quality fuel with small meals you
enable the metabolism to work more efficiently and
effectively, thereby allowing you to speed up your weight loss.

Besides, when you eat two or three times a day, you have
there is less opportunity to get enough from food
the amount of vitamins and nutrients needed to
optimal body functioning than when using
fractional nutrition. For an example, take fiber – according to
female researchers should receive 20-25 grams. fiber per day as well
men – 30-35. Using small portions, you can easily
get your fiber rate gradually throughout the day, without
the need to consume it in large quantities in one
sit down.

Other benefits of fractional power include
regulation of blood sugar and reduction of heartburn caused
excess acid in the stomach.


Rate the number and composition of your daily servings from the point
view of nutrient balance and diversity, perceiving this
as constructive changes in your lifestyle, not as

The main products should include lean meat (chicken, turkey
or fish), complex carbohydrates (whole grains, fruits and vegetables) and
healthy fats (nuts, seeds and olive oil). Fully
discard fried foods, fast food, white flour products
and confectionery.


The program of fractional nutrition for weight loss

1. Within an hour after waking up, eat a light breakfast
low-fat complex carbohydrate-based foods to
boost your metabolism in the morning.

Various options include oatmeal or buckwheat porridge with
fruit and nuts, granola or hard boiled eggs with vegetables. If in the morning
have no appetite yet, try something very light – fruit,
a glass of kefir, applesauce or toast with tomato.

Breakfast that is high in fiber and low in content.
calories will help you feel longer after eating and support
high your energy level. For example, 1/2 cup whole grains,
Oatmeal and 1/2 cup blueberries has a total of 175 calories, 6.5 grams.
fiber and 5 grams. squirrel.

2. After 2 – 3 hours after breakfast, arrange a small lunch.
Consuming light foods every few hours keeps
constant your blood sugar helping to prevent
unhealthy cravings for food.

Eat the salad or soup that you made at home and brought with
yourself to work. For example, try spinach salad with roasted
grilled pork fillet, which has only 170 calories, or soup with
Macaroni and bacon – 215 calories. If you are very hungry,
Choose lean meats such as chicken and legumes. 3
After another 3 hours, go for a small lunch, calorie
which should not exceed 300 – 400 calories. If you go to
lunch at a restaurant, select the one in the menu which is listed calorie
cooked meals, or take food from home.

4. The next meal after work or 3 hours after
lunch time In the afternoon try pizza with tomatoes and goat cheese
milk for 242 calories or white mushrooms with parmesan for 209

5. Build a dinner on food that will provide you with fiber,
proteins and healthy fats. A good option: a portion of pasta with
vegetables and olive oil, plus chicken fillet or fish. Finish
eating a healthy dessert such as fresh fruit salad and berries
with cream or ricotta dipped in cheese.

6. Snack a light meal for three hours before you go to bed.
bed. Choose easily digestible foods to avoid
upset stomach at night. For example, vegetable or chicken
soup, and if you crave something sweet, eat the rich
fiber fruits or berries such as dried apricots or figs.

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