Four year old kid hijacked his carmothers

Wed, Sep 28, 2016

In Sweden, there was a unique story in which a long time could not
believe neither the police nor the ordinary citizens who heard about her from
the press. A four-year-old boy managed to steal a car from
own mother and drive it half a kilometer.

It may seem the situation was provoked by the mother herself,
who left the keys in the ignition and went to the store
leaving the baby in the car, but everything turned out to be much
more difficult.

Woman and child were in the house. When mother fell asleep,
a four-year-old boy took the keys to the car, went outside, sat down
in the car, started it and went to travel around
roads, admiring the already familiar scenery from the window of transport

The uniqueness of the situation was that the baby not only drove
half a kilometer by car, but also quite professionally managed
make three turns. Stopped the car a little driver
only after a collision with a truck. In the accident provoked
a young offender, fortunately, no one was hurt.

Guards order arrived at the scene and could not believe
into reality of what is happening. The kid was taken home, where they told
mother about the exploits of her four-year racer. Woman at first
thought she was being played out, so unbelievable for a sober
crazy was the story of vehicle theft
kid.The police decided not to punish the mother of the child, only
pointed out to her that the baby should be more careful,
he became too clever in his four years.

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