For the sixth day of the Paralympics, the Russians won13 medals!

Mon 05 Sep 2016

The sixth day of the Paralympic Games, held in London, replenished
piggy bank of the Russian team for thirteen medals. Seven gold, two
silver and four bronze – such a result gave the Russian

Especially distinguished swimmers Lisenkov Konstantin, who became
Olga Savchenko, the winner of the 100-meter backstroke,
which successfully overcame the 100-meter freestyle. And
also athletes Pautova Elena in the 1 500 m race, Evgeny Shvetsov
400 m race, Trikolich Fedor in the 100 m race

In the shot put, Ashapatov Aleksey stood out, and in the 4×100 relay
meters – women’s team (Svetlana Sergeeva, Anastasia Ovsyannikova,
Margarita Goncharova, Elena Ivanova). It is these athletes
pleased Russia with “gold”.

Silver medals went to swimmers Alexander Nevolin-Svetov
(freestyle 100 meters), Denis Tarasov (distance 100
meters backstroke). �”Bronze” rightfully went to athletes
the freestyle swimming by Alexander Golintovsky (400 m) and Daria
Stukalova (100 m). Replenished “bronze reserve” and Olesya Vladykina
(swimming on the back of 100 m), as well as archer Stepanida

At this stage, the Russian team takes the 3rd place and can
bravely boast their achievements: 23 gold medals, 22
silver, 17 bronze. The first line still belongs
China, which has 132 medals. Immediately after him comes the United Kingdom,
snatched 79 medals.

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