Fluffy Diet – a radical methodslimming

The Fluke Diet is based on a strict diet, mainly
the ingredient of which is barley. Sticking with such
power system within 48 days, you can lose up to 35 kg.

Fluffy Diet - a radical method slimming


  • What is the Fluffy diet?
  • Diet menu
  • Recommendations in compliance with the diet
  • Disadvantages of the Fluff Diet
  • Results of the diet

The ideal figure is the dream of many women. To achieve it
Today there are many different ways, but by
effective and popular is the regulation of the way of nutrition or
diet. Today, there are many power systems, but exploded
Internet diet Fluffy deserves special attention. The fact,
that her creator managed to achieve an incredible result –
minus 35 kg in only 3 months!


What is the Fluffy diet?

Another name is barley diet, since it is this
The croup is in the center of the menu. This method of nutrition was developed
a woman who is not a nutritionist by profession, which causes
fears from doctors. Despite this, the diet remains very
effective and popular among those who want to throw a lot
kilograms in a short time.

At the heart of the diet on pearl barrels lies a number of principles:

  • Отказ от соли. Almost all products
    recommended for use, do not contain salt. Also impossible
    salt them in the cooking process.
  • Большое количество воды. Sure to
    drink pure water or mineral water without gas
    of the day It is advisable to use filtered water.
  • Моно-питание. Diet fluff refers
    to type monodiet. Это значит, что в течение всего курса slimming
    You can eat a limited amount of food. Unlike
    Many similar diets, the ingredients for nutrition here are very
    simple and affordable – white cabbage, nonfat
    kefir, lean fish and pearl barley. Add tea to this
    which is allowed to drink only without sugar.

The average duration of the diet is 48 days, i.e. incomplete 3
of the month. During this time, you can achieve excellent results by dropping
up to 35 kg.

Diet menu

The main dish of the diet Fluffy is pearl barley. Cooking is necessary
in a special recipe:

  1. Soak 100 g of cereal at night. As a result, we get
    about 400 g of barley.
  2. In the morning boil porridge. Typically, cooking takes about
    half an hour. Sugar, salt and seasonings are not used for cooking.
    It is allowed to add a small piece of butter.

The finished dish must be divided into 5 equal portions. It is better
just use for this kitchen scales. Nutritional basis for the whole
day is ready. You will also need one small portion of any
lean fish, a glass of fat-free or 1% kefir, unlimited
the amount of water and raw white cabbage.

Here’s what your approximate Fluffy diet menu will look like.

  • Завтрак. Portion barley porridge with
    a glass of kefir.
  • Второй завтрак. Barley barley
  • Обед. Barley barley каши и рыба в
    boiled or baked.
  • Полдник. Barley barley каши и
    unlimited white cabbage.
  • Ужин. Barley barley porridge.

Drink a glass of black or green once a day.
Tea – best during the afternoon snack or lunch. Special requirements for
diet not, but it is desirable that the difference between meals
was equal and was approximately 3 hours.

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Recommendations in compliance with the diet

Despite the positive results of this type of food, the menu
Fluffy diets are very low in calories and salt free.
This can affect the body extremely negatively. Therefore, to
avoid unpleasant health effects, pay attention
following recommendations:

  • A diet without salt is fraught with dehydration, if not consumed
    enough water. Therefore, all day long
    consume at least 1.5 liters of pure water.
  • Despite a balanced set of products in the menu, the body
    will lack a number of vitamins and minerals. So stock up
    комплексными витаминами на весь курс slimming.
  • Sure to соблюдайте 5-разовый режим питания. In this way,
    manage to minimize hunger and balance the overall
    emotional condition.
  • Maintain your health with sports – sign up for a pool or
    on fitness. This will help the muscles stay in good shape, and you will
    feel much more comfortable.

Diet on pearl barley is an extreme nutritional option, go
which is suddenly extremely difficult for the body. Try
pre (at least one week) gradually reduce the amount
calories consumed per day, so that later there is no “shock”
effect and frustration that adversely affect health and results

Extreme diet is not for everyone, so the best
consult a specialist in advance.

Disadvantages of the Fluff Diet

This diet has several disadvantages, which indicate
nutritionists. Familiarize yourself with these shortcomings.
in advance:

  • The diet is very poor, due to which the body does not receive
    necessary for the normal functioning of nutrients.
    Also because of this dieting is extremely difficult –
    many fail to hold out for more than 1 week, because all this time
    have to eat the same ingredients.
  • During the diet you lose a lot of weight in a short
    time limit This is a tremendous stress for the body, which in the first
    queue can affect hormonal and
    emotional background. Нормой для slimming без ущерба для здоровья
    is 5 kg per month.
  • Shedding a large number of pounds without sports, you get
    unpleasant results in the form of sagging skin and stretch marks. Eliminate
    these flaws in any way other than physical
    loads, it is impossible, so you have to sign up to the gym.
  • Features of our body are such that losing weight due to
    changes in the type of food, first of all, muscle mass is lost,
    not fat. The problem is that fats break down more difficult and
    slower than squirrels. To get rid of fat deposits, you need to
    combine diet with physical exertion.

Diet may not work for you due to any disease.
(for example, diabetes or avitaminosis). Even in the period
common cold diet is not recommended, because it
immunity suppressed by the virus will further weaken.

Results of the diet

Proper diet without interruption will help you achieve
the same results as its creator – that is, reset
порядка 35 кг за 3 of the month. But every body will take a diet
individually and perhaps your result will be less serious.

Those who lost weight with the Fluffy diet, on average, dumped
about 20 kg monthly. And the maximum effect
celebrated in the first week, when you manage to lose up to 1 kg each

Videoblogger talks about his nutrition with barley in the morning:

Keep in mind that after returning to normal mode
nutrition, you risk returning your former mass to excess. therefore
it is best to go out with a diet gradually and be sure to do
in any kind of sport, even at home. Remember when
feeling unwell or any health problems is worth
отказаться от такого радикального метода slimming.

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