Fennel: useful properties of the plant forhuman body. What are the contraindications of fennel toto use

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Fennel, whose beneficial properties are not known to everyone, is by
its appearance is very similar to dill, so they are often

However, the application of the plant is much more than
would think

Fennel has very few contraindications; it is in demand.
aromatherapy, pharmaceuticals, alternative and traditional medicine.
In addition, the plant is indispensable in cooking.

Its alluring aroma makes the dishes exquisite, from such delicacies
no one will refuse.


The chemical composition of fennel

The composition of fennel is rich in beneficial trace elements. Thanks
such a “vitamin box”, it has a favorable
impact on the work of all internal systems of the body.


• ash and dietary fiber;

• minerals – iron, sodium, magnesium, selenium, potassium;

• vitamins – group B, A, ascorbic acid.

Fennel contains a lot of protein, and if you consider that the plant
characterized by low calorie, it can be concluded that it
It will be extremely useful for those who watch their figure.

Fennel: useful properties of the “double dill”

Application found not only the leaves of the plant, but its root,
seeds. By incorporating this product into your diet, a person takes care of
your health. And in view of the fact that fennel has contraindications
practically none, its beneficial properties may not be felt
only adults, but also small children.

Fennel: useful properties

1. Has an antibacterial effect and contributes to
strengthen the immune system.

2. Promotes wound healing and stops inflammatory

3. It is an excellent cancer prevention.

4. Normalizes the work of all gastrointestinal organs, allows you to forget about
problems with the chair, improves the intestinal microflora.

5. Strengthens blood vessels and nervous system, fights insomnia and

6. Stabilizes the work of the heart muscle.

7. Normalizes metabolism, which allows you to constantly display
toxins and slags from the body.

8. Increases the body’s resistance to SARS and infectious
diseases, especially recommended fennel to eat in the fall and
in the winter.

9. It nourishes the body with the necessary amount of vitamins and
minerals, which increases human performance, removes

10. Fennel-based decoctions are excellent for fighting

Fennel in alternative medicine

Fennel is a very valuable medicinal plant. In healing
it has been used since ancient times. Plant well by
that it is not difficult to get it, even if bought in dried form
pharmacy, it is inexpensive. But, recipes of traditional medicine on
based on fennel it is sometimes better than any antibiotics to fight some

1. When coughing. Fennel-ground seeds (approximately 5
grams) are poured 200 ml of warm water. All you need to bring to a boil
and remove from heat after 40 minutes. The resulting broth is filtered after
cooling, taken 3 times a day before meals (15 minutes) to 50

2. To strengthen the immune system, fennel can be brewed like tea.
Drugs need to be purchased at a pharmacy and steamed.
boiling water, at the rate of 150 ml of water per 1 spoon of fennel.

3. When urolithiasis. 2 teaspoons seed plants
150 ml of boiling water are poured. Means infused for 1 hour,
then filtered. Take it for a week for 100 ml
3 times a day.

For insomnia at night, it is recommended to drink fennel tea. Same
this drink will be useful for those who want to normalize
metabolism and get rid of excess weight. Need to drink daily
on an empty stomach, 150 ml of tea, required 30 minutes before the main reception

The use of fennel in cooking

Not only fennel leaves are edible, but also its coaches and stalks.
The plant is used in cooking as a spice. Alluring
sweet flavor perfectly complements sauces, meat and vegetable

The flesh of the plant is very tasty, if you fry it in an egg
breading. This side dish will appeal to both adults and
children Fennel cabbages are added to desserts, casseroles.

Vitamin soup with fennel and vegetables

In order to prepare dishes you will need the following

• stalked fennel (2 pieces);

• 150-200 grams of diced potatoes;

• leek – about 100 grams;

• celery root – 100 grams;

• carrots – 100 grams;

• Pepper and salt are added to taste.

Step by step recipe

1. Fennel stalks and leeks diced medium
size, onion, even desirable to cut smaller.

2. Celery and carrots rub on a coarse grater. All vegetables
mixed in a deep pan and stewed in a vegetable
Oil 15-20 minutes under the lid.

3. Diced potatoes poured boiling water,
boiled until ready, then all the rest are added

4. The soup is boiled for another 5 minutes, you can add to the flavor
greenery. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve the dish you need with
sour cream.

Fennel in home cosmetology

Fennel beneficial properties in cosmetology are very much appreciated.
it plant:

• nourishes every skin cell with vitamins and minerals,
smoothes fine lines;

• treats acne and prevents its further

• fights orange peel;

• normalizes collagen synthesis, which prevents
premature aging of the skin.

Beauty Recipes

1. Cologne against acne.

In 50 ml of ethyl alcohol, you need to add tea essential oil
tree and lavender (10 drops) and 5 drops of fennel oil. Everything
mix well, you need to give the cologne a few days
to brew. Received means the person is wiped 2 times a day,
acne will pass very quickly.

2. Means against cellulite

In equal proportion (10 drops) blend essential oils
The following plants – fennel, geranium, juniper. Here also
lemon essential oil (also 10 drops) and jojoba is added
(approximately 100-120 ml). You need to mix everything well and give it a remedy.
Brew for 2-3 days. The resulting massage oil is rubbed into
problem areas 2 times a day for 15 minutes.

3. Face and hand mask

1 large quince is ground in a blender before the formation of a slurry, to
it adds chicken egg yolk, 1 teaspoon fat
cottage cheese and fennel essential oil (3-4 drops). Remedy carefully
mixes and applied on the face with a thin layer, washed off with warm
water after 10 minutes.

Fennel: contraindications to the use of plants in various

Despite the large number of healing properties of fennel, there are
несколько «но» к его to use, которые нужно знать.

Fennel: contraindications and basic “but”

1. Fennel can increase the flow of breast milk, therefore
nursing mothers can use it only at extreme
of necessity.

2. If after using the plant for medicinal purposes a person
felt nauseous and light dizzy, fennel

3. In the presence of individual intolerance to the plant, its
It is forbidden to use for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

Overdose of fennel can lead to indigestion.
Therefore, before proceeding to the treatment, you need
consult with your doctor.

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