Feminine opinion: Grandparents are the bestbabysitters

Tues, 06 Dec 2016

No doubt, the birth of a child is a great happiness for everyone.
moms. But after the appearance in the family of a little man familiar
the way of life is changing dramatically and all the energy and time is spent on the daily
care for the baby. Nowadays, unfortunately, not all moms can
allow yourself to devote yourself entirely to the child: lack of money,
the need to continue studying, health problems and much
another. And it happens that just do not have enough strength. It all makes
молодых родителей задуматься о появлении в семье babysitters. Portal
�”Women’s opinion” decided to conduct a survey on the topic: “Does the child need
nanny? “and find out how many modern women from Russia are ready
resort to the services of a governess.

The survey results showed that 47.8% of women surveyed
prefer to involve grandparents in the process of education
baby They believe that, as a grandmother, there will be no child
watch no one under any circumstances these women do not want
прибегать к помощи babysitters. And the prospect of getting back
spoiled child, they are not afraid.

Grandparents, it is good, but what if there are none
near or for some other reason they cannot devote time
grandchildren? Cope herself and trust your child to anyone except
29.3% of Russians want themselves. �”This is my long-awaited child and only
I know how to educate him properly “, express these opinions
the respondent. Lack of money, the gap in their careers do not care,
the main thing is to fully devote yourself to the child. In their opinion, this is the best
contribution to the future of the whole family.

22,9% опрошенных уверены, что прибегать к услугам babysitters в
The modern world of rampant fuss is simply necessary. Have these
women do not have enough time and energy to cope with the child because of
busy schedule at work, study or banal fatigue. More
Moreover, these Russians, they believe that the nanny is much better than the grandmother.
�”The nanny will not criticize your parenting methods, do things
in its own way, too pamper or seek to replace parents,
because it is well aware that it is very easy to be left without
work, ”they sure. A communication of grandparents, they prefer
dispense, so as not to spoil your favorite child.

More recently, the issue of nannies was not even addressed.
parents. Traditionally, the husband earned money, the wife engaged
a child, and grandparents provided all possible assistance. Time
change, but as shown by the survey results – and today
most parents prefer to involve grandparents
instead of strangers to the difficult process of raising children.

1160 women from 92 cities of Russia took part in the survey.
age from 20 to 45 years.


Irina 11/21/2016 I, too, am a babysitter, adjoin 22.9%! When earlier to
grandmother’s daughter drove away for a couple of days, so after that another week
retrained, so to speak, put in place, because it was just
do not calm down. It became spoiled in a matter of days! Nanny,
on the contrary, he does not lisp with her, does not allow to arrange tantrums and
whims. Of course, we go to our grandmother and love her, but only for dinner or
a holiday, and we are engaged in upbringing with the husband, asking for help
to a specialist. And by the way, when I hired a person in Bon, the manager
said that demand is huge for nannies now. Apparently, we have more
than 22.9%)

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