February 28: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays February 28th.

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Holidays February 28

Day of Andalusia (Andalusian)

Andalusia is an autonomous community in southern Spain with an administrative
center in Seville. Autonomy status, with the right to self-government,
Andalusia received in February 1980, according to the results of
referendum. February 28, which is officially considered a weekend
in the afternoon, residents of the autonomous community hang flags on their balconies
Andalusia, decorate buildings and houses with garlands in white and green tones,
repeating flag colors. Elegantly dressed Andalusian Spaniards, often in
national costumes, take to the streets of cities to
feel the holiday atmosphere. There is music everywhere,
concerts, celebrations, in small towns,
municipality account, free treats are offered – portion
paella, slices of jamon and a glass of red wine. Some schools in
provinces of autonomy are closed for White week, or how else
called the week “cultural.” It has become a tradition that on Friday,
on the eve of the holiday, school children are served a typical free
Andalusian breakfast consisting of a glass of orange juice and
slices of bread that are thinly moistened with olive oil.

February 28 in the national calendar

Onisim Sheepdog

Saint Onesim was worshiped by the peasants as the patron of sheep, therefore
he was called Sheepdog or Sheepdog. To give good sheep
Offspring, on this day it was necessary to conduct a special ritual –
�”Hail” the stars in the sky. Shepherds led her. how
it will be dark and the sky will be stellar, the shepherd will go to the edge of the village and
with prayers weighed three bows on all four sides. Then
became a fleece and uttered a spell (hail). Was considered
a good sign, if the sky on this day was strewn with bright stars.
After the ritual, the host invited the sheep dog to the house, generously his
treated and presented with gifts. Even the peasants had one tradition –
peel on Onisima hemp oil. It was mixed with snow,
put in a warm place or under the sun. Melted snow absorbed from the oil
impurities. Then емкость оставляли на морозе. Per night
the muddy and muddy aqueous fluid settled on the bottom and turned into
ice, leaving clear clarified oil on top.

28th of February 1732 года открылся первый Кадетский
Corps in RussiaFirst Cadet Corps was opened in the city
Petersburg, on the initiative of the President of the Military College Minikh and
cabinet minister Yaguzhinsky. He existed until 1918. It was
military school to prepare young men for military service.
Additionally, the cadets were trained in dance, literacy and other sciences.
The cadets were in full board, were provided with military
by form. Priority in enrollment enjoyed the children of officers
nobles and officials. February 28, 1996 Princess
Diana agreed to give her spouse a divorce. Beautiful, and truly
royal wedding of the crown prince of crown and enchanting
Diane Spencer, held in July 1981. But family life is not
brought them happiness. The skeletons hidden by Charles were to blame
in the closet, which they ruined this marriage. how оказалось потом, он был
devotedly and passionately in love with another woman. But marry her by
certain reasons could not. This news was for Diana not
just a blow, it brought her to a suicide attempt. Spouses have become
living separately, and marriage existed only formally. In December 1995
Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth II, wrote a letter to her son,
which outlined the need for his divorce from Diana. In February
1996 Diana agreed to divorce. Six months later a couple
officially lit. And exactly one year later, in August 1997. Princess
died in a car accident. 28th of February
popular actor Nikolai Karachentsov got in
car accident, after which he could not return to full
жизниТрагедия произошла в ночь с 27 на 28th of February. On the eve of Nikolai
Karachentsov, who is in the country, received the tragic news of death
mother-in-law, and immediately gathered in Moscow to support his spouse. Behind the wheel
Volkswagen Passat was the actor himself, who in the confusion forgot
fasten your seat belt. On the icy stretch of road,
on Michurinsky Avenue, the car skidded and it crashed into a pole.
The artist received serious injuries and was taken to hospital in
able to coma. For unknown reasons, in the car, from the side
driver, the airbag did not work. Passenger sitting
near the front seat, escaped with a slight concussion.
28th of February 2010г. in Vancouver ended XXI
Winter Olympics The last Olympics did not bring Russian
good luck to athletes. They won only 3 gold, 5 medals
silver and 7 bronze, a total of 15 awards. Worst results
Russians only achieved at the Winter Olympics in 2002, receiving 13
medals. In informal competitions between countries,
the number of gold awards received in Vancouver, Russia stood on
11th place. The first three places were taken by Canada, Germany and the USA. On
The closing ceremony Canada officially handed the baton to Russia as
host the next Olympic Winter Games.

The Vancouver Olympiad was overshadowed by the death case
occurred with the Georgian sleigh. Nodar Kumaritashvili, performing
training slope, at the turn flew out of the icy slopes,
and hit the metal support that came his way. Speed
the sled movement was more than 140 km / h, so the chances of surviving
the athlete almost did not remain.

28th of February родились

Вилле Хаапасало (род. 1972г.), финский,
Russian actorVille Haapasalo – Finn, who received an acting
education in Russia. Onверно преподавателям удалось разглядеть в
skinny boy future star, since he was able to enter
Russian theater theater, not knowing a word in Russian. Studied it
being a student. Popularity came to Ville in 1995 when he left
film “Features of the national hunt.” Russian viewer
I liked the picture itself and the charismatic Finnish lad. Later
were already “Cuckoo”, and “Features of national fishing, and
�”Love in the big city” and many other films in which
filmed Ville Haapasalo. It is more correct to call him not just a Finn,
and Russian Finn, because in Russia it is more popular than in the homeland.
In addition to filming the movie, Ville enjoys working on television. is he
was the co-host of many entertainment programs, was a participant
project “Ice Age”, was shot in advertising. Onиболее
His interesting work is an advertisement for the Lada Kalina car, for
which he starred in 2008. Onталья Водянова
(born in 1982), Russian modelOne of the few Russian
models, which managed to become not only famous, but also enter
world top. It was the face of L’Oreal Calvin Klein,
worked with many famous mod houses – Gucci, Chanel, Christian
Dior, Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent and others. Currently leads
active social life is a co-host and guest of honor
music and other competitions, participating in charitable
events. In 2004 established its own Foundation, which called
�”Naked hearts.” On собранные Фондом средства в России было
built about a hundred outdoor playgrounds for children.

Именины 28th of February

Именины в этот день празднуют: Афанасий,
Алексей, Иван, Арсений, Николай, Михаил, is heисим, Петр, Евфросинья,

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