February 24: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays February 24th.

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Holidays February 24

Lantern Festival in China

February 24 (2013) China celebrates the day of lanterns, this
date falls on the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar. Back in the X century in
China has been common custom, light this night beautiful
lanterns. By tradition, in the center of the city hang a large number
lanterns of various shapes and sizes, which are similar to different
animals, beautiful flowers and juicy fruits. It was taken in
the villages arrange fireworks, interesting processions on stilts,
colorful dragon dances, those present danced the “yanga” and
rode on a swing. Lantern Festival was the end of the holiday
New Year. Only since the eleventh century have this holiday become
celebrate everywhere in China. This holiday is taken
�”Yuanxiao”, they are made from rice and stuffed with candied fruits. This delicacy
sculpt in the shape of a ball that symbolizes the happiness of a reliable
families. By tradition, on February 6, they solve riddles that are written
on flashlights. This lantern festival can be considered a Chinese day.
Saint Valentine’s. People believe that the souls of our dead relatives
on the feast of the new year descend from heaven to earth in order to
Celebrate this day with your loved ones. And on holiday
Soul lanterns are coming back. A huge number of flashlights
shine, illuminating their way home.

Flag Day of Mexico

February 24, Mexico celebrates the national holiday Flag Day.
This day was declared festive in 1937 by President Lazaro.
Cardenas February 24 is also called Independence Day, meaning
independence of the country from Spain in 1820.

February 24 in the national calendar

Vlasiv day

February 24, the people revered by Blasius, a Christian saint. By
legend, Vlasiy had to live next to wild animals, but they did not
attacked him and guarded. Peasants considered St. Blasius
patron of animals. February 24th, the animals were well fed,
performed ceremonies to save cattle from evil spirits:
clayed all the holes in the chimneys. St. Blasius
was supposed to pray for the health of animals. February 24, arranged
cattle bazaars to profitably sell or buy a cow.

Frosts on Blasius were considered the last. The people said so:
�”Blasius, knock down the horn of winter.”

Historical events of February 24

24 февраля 1466 года, первая лотерея в

According to linguists, the lottery means the lot. Pebbles for
casting lots (first dice) found in
ancient Egyptian tombs, and in Europe the first lottery was
draw, which was organized by the widow of Jan Van Eyck, artist. 24
February 1466 she sold tickets, some of which were
winning Fundraising was for the poor.

In order to raise money for the state, lotteries were organized in France,
Italy, Britain, America. George Washington on collected funds
built a road through the mountainous area and the opera house. While
lottery is forbidden, then again allowed. In Russia
The lottery first appeared in the 18th century. With the help of lotteries going
money in favor of needy or sick warriors. In Soviet Union,
Thus, issues of national economy and
cultural and educational issues.

24 февраля 1582 года, переход на григорианский
the calendar

In 1582, on February 24, the Pope issued a decree to move to
григорианский the calendar. Этот астрономический the calendar считался
more true than the previous one, the Julian, which is due to inaccuracies
disagreed with reality. For example, the vernal equinox,
required to calculate the day of Easter, shifted to March 11th.

Новый the calendar изменил правила расчета високосного года и
Christian Easter. Over time, the Gregorian and Julian calendars
will diverge more and more. An indication of the transition to
современный the calendar не сразу было принято всеми странами. First
Catholic countries did this in 1700, then England (1752),
Russia (1918), Yugoslavia, Greece (1925), and the last was Vietnam

24 февраля 1852 года Гоголь сжег второй том
poems “Dead Souls”

Gogol existed for the sake of his creativity, and in the second volume of the poem
he put all his soul. The turning point in the writer’s life
made him commit a very strange thing – to burn the manuscript.
The very next day Gogol himself was surprised at his act, but
the manuscript burned, and it was impossible to return it. Literary scholars
believe that the loss of the second volume can be called a tragedy for
world literature.

24 февраля 1973 года, выход в телеэфир передачи
�”The obvious is unbelievable.”

The host of the program was Sergey Kapitsa, son of Peter Kapitsa,
Nobel laureate. Topical issues were discussed on air.
science and humanity. �”The obvious-the incredible” was so
the popular program that watched it all. In 1980, the cycle
programs was awarded the State Prize, the UNESCO Prize – in
1981, and the Russian Academy of Sciences – in 1995.

Born on February 24

Федор Ушаков (24 февраля 1744 — 14 октября

Fedor Ushakov served in the Navy since 1766 and passed the glorious way
from the commander of the frigate to the admiral of the fleet. He was awarded many
orders for services to the Fatherland. Ushakov, after retirement,
devoted his life to prayers and charity. AT
In 2004, Ushakov was counted among the saints in the face of the righteous. is he
revered as the patron saint of the navy. Ushakov’s Medal and
the orders of his name of two degrees were established in 1943. Name
Admiral wears nuclear cruiser “Admiral Ushakov.” Memory of Fedor
Ushakov is honored in Greece, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

ATильгельм Гримм (24 февраля 1786 — 16 декабря
1859), philologist, storyteller

ATильгельма Гримма в России знают и взрослые, и дети. It’s him
together with his brother Jacob, wrote wonderful children
fairy tales. The first volume of fairy tales was called “Children and family
fairy tales, ”he published in 1812. ATторой том вышел в 1815 году.
The fairy tale tellers were told 200 fairy tales and 10 legends for children.
Byследние семь лет жизни ATильгельм занимался научной работой. is he
founded German studies – the science of German literature and German

Эммануил Казакевич (24 февраля 1913 — 22
September 1962), writer

Kazakevich is known to a wide circle of readers by the story “The Star” about
ATеликой Отечественной войне и романом «ATесна на Одере». For each
work he received the Stalin Prize.

Рикардо Фреда (24 февраля 1909 — 20 декабря
1999), director, producer, actor

Ricardo Fred (Italy) gained particular popularity in connection with
making horror movies. His works are considered the finest.
directorial achievements. Его первый фильм ужасов – «ATампиры»,
which was filmed in 12 days, but was adopted to “cheers” by amateurs
this genre. Ricardo and thrillers succeeded: “Agent Coplan –
superspy ”was considered the best of the best in its genre.

Майя Кристалинская (24 февраля 1932 — 19 июня

Maya Kristalinskaya graduated from the Aviation Institute and worked on
specialty, but the love of the song and the wonderful voice “took their toll”
and in 1957 she becomes the laureate of the Moscow International
festival of youth and students. AT 1966 году Кристалинскую признали
best pop singer of the year. Her career ended in 1970
because of the “propaganda of sadness.” Byследние годы жизни Майя
Kristalinskaya translated “Reflections”, a book by Marlene Dietrich.

Name Day February 24

Гавриил, Дмитрий, Byрфирий, ATсеволод, Георгий, Захар.

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