February 16: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays February 16.

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Holidays February 16


Every year, on February 16, after the Meeting, the peasants stood up very
early and were taken for repair (repair). Since the popular
it was believed that the winter met with the summer, and then it was the turn
do an inspection of the farm and prepare all your inventory for the spring, for
sowing work.

February 16th everyone worked: adults, old people, children. Someone repaired
agricultural equipment, someone repaired buildings, and
someone cleaned the house and went through, reviewed the economic
utensils and things. After completion of the work, an updated harness with
proudly hung in a prominent place, showing that people live here
hardworking people who prepare ahead of time for planting.

There was an opinion that the houseman on February 16 could be disturbing
horses and drive them to death. In reality it is a mistake.
assumption. The brownie is the keeper of the house and all its inhabitants, and
behave like an evil spirit, he can not. It is not in vain
the peasants, leaving the old housing, called with themselves and the brownie: the first
a cat was launched into a new house, a scoop with
in coal.

Day of the Restoration of Lithuania

On February 16, 1918, the Lithuanian Council proclaimed
restoration of an independent Lithuanian state. Day 16 February
celebrated with festive concerts and other events. eleven
March 4, Lithuania celebrates Independence Day when it
first separated from the Soviet Union in 1990.

February 16 in the national calendar

Semyon and Anna (February 16 in the new style)

On February 16, Saints Anna and Simeon (Semyon) the God-bearer met in
The Temple of the Infant Christ and praised him. Anna was pious
widow, and Simeon – a scientist who lived in Jerusalem and translated the book
the prophet Isaiah. Simeon doubted that the Virgin Mary will bring the world
holy baby. Then an angel appeared to the scientist and announced that
Simeon will live until he sees with his own eyes.

Another name for the holiday of February 16 is associated with it.
prophecy and he is called the keeper of babies. On the day of February 16
it is customary to pray for the health of newborns, turning to saints Anne
and Simeon.

People signs on February 16 said: if the snow will go
cereal, the peasants have to wait for a rainy summer.

Historical events February 16

16 февраля 1568 года приговор испанской

The Inquisition is a special court of the Catholic Church created for
curbing the spread of heresy and punishing by burning all
heretics. The Inquisition in the Netherlands was created to combat
Protestant heretics. February 16, the Inquisition issued a decision
уничтожить всех жителей Нидерландов, как heretics. Sentence,
naturally, it was not executed, although during its
Inquisition burned almost 8,800 people at the stake.
Among the victims were outstanding minds of the time, whose teachings
contrary to the laws of the Catholic Church: Giordano Bruno, Jeanne

Приговор inquisition 16 февраля стал причиной нидерландской
revolution, in consequence of which the country fell into two states:
Catholics and Orthodox.

16 февраля 1722 года издание указа «О наследии
the throne “by Peter I

February 16, Peter I issues a new decree “On the heritage of the throne”, in
which states that the heir to the heir may be any
a man chosen by the sovereign. Later decree from 16
February was the cause of palace coups and sowed turmoil in the ranks
ordinary citizens who do not want to “swear to the Antichrist.” Very same
Peter decree did not give anything.

16 февраля 1923 года найден саркофаг

Egypt is a country of healers and stone wonders. In the Valley of the Kings, 16
February, a stone sarcophagus was discovered belonging to the Pharaoh
Tutankhamun. Pharaoh’s tomb reached our times in primeval
the form. The sarcophagus was found by scientist Howard Carter, and in it is a golden coffin with
мумией Tutankhamen. There were so many treasures in the burial that
the classification took as long as five years. The sarcophagus itself was
left in the Valley of the Kings, and the treasures are transported to the Cairo Museum,
where and stored until now.

16 февраля 2005 года – Киотский протокол

The Kyoto Protocol of February 16 is an international document
signed by 159 states. It commits to reduce emissions
Atmosphere of greenhouse gases: methane, carbon dioxide and others
like that cause global warming.

Under the terms of the protocol dated February 16, it is allowed to sell not
spent gas emission allowances. The main thing for the greenhouse
gases – to comply with the standard of emissions into the atmosphere. Substances themselves are not
harm to health, so such trade will not cause damage
only redistribute emissions between
partner countries.

Were born on February 16

Николай Лесков (16 февраля 1831 — 5 марта
1895), famous Russian writer

Nikolai Leskov is a Russian prose writer. His best
the works were Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk and Lefty.
Leskov’s works are simple and colorful, he skillfully describes life
common people, and the nickname of the wizard who shoe a flea, long
has become common noun

Михаил Тухачевский (16 февраля 1893 — eleven июня
1937), Marshal of the Soviet Union

Mikhail Tukhachevsky in 1918 joined the Red Army, and with
1920 became the commander of the Eastern and Southern fronts. It is his
the army defeated Denikin and Kolchak, crushed the rebellion of the sailors in
Krondstate In 1924, Tukhachevsky became chief of staff.
army, and in 1934 – Deputy Commissar of Defense.

The role of Mikhail Tukhachevsky for the army is enormous. He promotes
changes in the structure of troops in the Red Army, their retraining and
rearmament, creates a new kind of troops: Navy, aviation, airborne troops,
promotes the opening of military academies. In 1935 Tukhachevsky
awarded the title of Marshal.

The man of iron will and independent views Mikhail Tukhachevsky
could not get along with the Stalinist regime and in 1937 was shot.
In 1957 he was rehabilitated, posthumously.

Ким Чен Ир (16 февраля 1942 — 17 декабря 20eleven),
head of the DPRK�

According to official sources, little Kim Jong Il was born 16
February 1942, in Korea. At the time of his birth in the sky shone
a bright star and at the same time a double rainbow appeared that
heralded the birth of a special child.

According to the documents, Kim Jong Il was born in 1941, in the USSR, and
called him Yuri. Yuri’s father, Kim Il Sung (the future president of the DPRK),
served in the Red Army and commanded a battalion there.

The political activities of Kim Jong-il began in 1961, and in
1994 he was called the “great leader”.

Vera Менчик (16 февраля 1906 — 27 июня 1944),
Russian chess player

Vera Menchik is a legendary female chess player. She was the first
a champion among women and eight times in her whole life. Vera
Little always won with high results and remained
best until the end of life.

She played with Menchik and with men, although the results showed more
modest, but we must not forget that they were not just men,
and the best chess players. At that time, a chess club was created
Vera Menchik, whose honorary members are men, losers
Menchik on tournaments.

Vera Менчик доказала всему миру, что женщина-шахматистка умеет
play no worse than men.

Nameday February 16

Anna, Ivan, Nikolay, Roman, Adrian, Vladimir, Michael, Pavel

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