Features uncovered grapes inMoscow region. Characteristics of the best varieties of uncovered grapes forMoscow region

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Today, grapes can be grown not only in the south
countries, it is successfully bred in the central and northern regions.
Thanks to the selection work, varieties of uncovered appeared
grapes, which in Moscow region gives good

Of course, care for the culture must be appropriate, and
plant the vine needs to be right.

Неукрывные сорта белого винограда для Moscow region

Grapes with white or amber berries refers to the table
to type. Its berry contains many useful components, except
addition, helps reduce pressure, is the best prevention
tumors. But what sort of plant on the site? More about this
in detail.

Good results when grown in a changeable climate
показал сорт «Московский белый». Vine stand
lowering the temperature to -30 ° C, unpretentious in growing.
It is in special demand, as it relates to universal
varieties. The grapes are used to produce juice, wine, and
also fresh consumption. Bushes vigorous, require shaping.
Clusters are large, the weight of one reaches about 500 grams. The fruits are different
round or oval shape, beautiful amber color. Berry weight
up to 4g, the pulp is tender and juicy, in the taste is dominated by nutmeg
notes. The disadvantage of the variety is its weak resistance to
fungal diseases.

Сорт винограда «Кристалл» относится к ранним
hybrids that are highly productive, good
frost resistance. Shrubs withstand temperature drops to -30 ° C.
The fruits ripen about 120 days. A lot of berries about 3 grams, taste
sweet but not cloying. Rounded berries are thin but
dense skin, covered with bloom, which protects them from damage.
The yield of the harvest is good, bears fruit over 90% of the vine. Minus grade
is low disease resistance. Required multiple

Ранний сорт «BUTлеша» или №328 отличается
large clusters of conical shape. The mass of one bunch can
reach 2.5 kg. Berries are oval, large, beautiful amber
shade with a slight touch. About half the crop does not contain
bone. The flesh of the fruit is juicy, crispy and moderately sweet.
Grape table destination. Shrubs can withstand temperatures up to -25
° C, quickly restored after freezing.

What kind of pink uncovered grapes can be grown in
Moscow region

Red and pink table grapes are remarkable not only for
vintage. It is distinguished by delicate taste and unsurpassed
aroma. Useful for people of mental labor, helps to get rid of
from migraine. In addition, there are many varieties that give
high yields even in harsh climates. Popularity among gardeners
won varieties:

• “Transformation”;

• “Arched”;

• “Victor”.

Новый сорт «Преображение» относится к ранним
varieties. The bush can withstand temperatures down to – 28 ° С, it has
good immunity, but often affected by wasps. The appearance of the bunch
very attractive. Weight reaches up to 2 kg, berries are large,
pale pink color. The taste is dominated by sourness. Fruit pulp
dense, juicy. Productivity is consistently high, reaches 18 kg with
bush. However, when the air humidity is high, the berries become shallow.

Виноград «BUTрочный» используют для украшения
arbors. The vine grows quickly, bears fruit in the second year. Bunches
dense, their average weight reaches 500 grams. The berries are good
taste, dense skin. The bush is resistant to diseases, tolerates well

Одним из удачных сортов для Moscow region по праву считается
«Виктор». This is a new, but promising variety, good.
переносит заморозки, восстанавливается и дает стабильные harvests.
The berries ripen by August 20, have a rich taste. Skin
soft, not eaten when eating. Bunches крупные, средний вес достигает
1 kg. When overripe berries are not showered. Yield is
до 6 кг с bush. The vine is disease resistant, the berries are not even peas
in bad weather. The grapes are suitable for the production of raisins,
compotes, juices, fresh consumption.

Темный неукрывной виноград для Moscow region: лучшие сорта

Dark grape varieties relieve fatigue, stress, prevent
infectious diseases, improve the work of the heart and brain,
maintain hemoglobin levels in the blood. The best among them
which can be easily grown in areas of high-risk farming

• “Isabella”;

• Agat Donskoy;

• Alpha.

Старый проверенный годами сорт «Изабелла» часто
used to make wine. The berries have good
taste characteristics, pleasant aftertaste. Yield
average, from one bush can collect up to 2 kg of berries. Bushes
can withstand temperatures as low as -28 ° C; moreover, they have
good immunity. The term of ripening is medium-late.

«BUTгат Донской» или «Витязь»
intended for cultivation in a harsh climate. Culture is good
can withstand a temperature drop, it does not freeze even pi -26 ° C,
steadily fruits in all weather conditions, resistant to
diseases. Fruits are related to versatile, go for recycling and
for summer consumption. Cluster weight reaches 500 grams, yield
bush about 2 kg. The berries are large, round, dark color. Taste
sweetish. The only downside is low
transportation quality of the crop.

Виноград «BUTльфа» подходит для выращивания на
gazebo, quickly growing and successfully tolerates temperatures up to – 40
�WITH. Yield куста высокая, ягоды отличаются кисло-сладким
taste, dark color. More suitable for the production of juices,
wine compotes.

Особенности посадки неукрывных сортов винограда в Moscow region и
care for them

In order not to hurt the taste of berries and their quality, and the vine with success
survived the winter, it is not enough just to choose the appropriate grade. Important
put him right.

In the regions with a cold climate for planting vines, take the most
bright and warm place on the site where the soil warms faster.
The lack of lighting leads to the fact that the fruits ripen longer,
their qualities are declining.

In addition, the bed should be located on a hill, otherwise
in the spring it will be flooded with melting snow, and in the summer the roots will suffer from the rains.
This leads to root rot, which is not easy to treat, bush
die quickly.

It is better to plant vines in trenches that are good before
drain, fill with the soil enriched with mineral substances.
During planting, observe a distance of up to 2 m between plants.

Tip! Experienced gardeners drop in
the roots are plastic bottles without a bottom to water the vine. This is very
effective, especially during the drought period.

To care for the culture you need to competently. Despite the high
winter hardiness of varieties, in the first 3 years after planting the vine is covered
for winter. This technique will allow her to settle down better.

Water the grapes carefully. Adult bushes do not need
additional irrigation, autumn irrigation irrigation is sufficient.
Young seedlings up to two years old are watered regularly. One week before
flowering moisten the soil is stopped, otherwise the flowers will fall off, berries
will be sour.

A variety of frost-resistant varieties allows you to choose suitable
для регионов Moscow region, что раньше было затруднительно. BUT
the right approach to planting will provide high yields even

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